Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 Not that I'm anti cleanliness but there are times when priorities have to be considered .

someone was thrilled to tell Me they finally got the sunroom clean and the puppies out of there .. well one of my major goals in life is not to have a clean sunroom but rather to raise a bunch of useful puppies ..

so all of the puppies rammed into the kitchen which at one point required four people to be there besides which is definitely against my instructions----whatever ---- there no room to walk too crowded .


the problem being I can blame everything on COV … but that does have some effect because I rarely go anywhere except my room and out the front door so I'm not hanging around the c

coffee pot talking to people  and watching things….    .. I'm on my golf cart .


Having now been made aware of the mess in the kitchen I can see it's time to split the group and put one group outside in what we call the used car lot … and the other one on the back porch in the condo /deck  that would free up the coffee pot for Me which would be very nice .


Plus….I have now made a thing to drag behind the golf cart which means we can pile all the puppies down to the area by the swing set let him run around a little and get them out moving and doing things besides peeing in the kitchen ..-----which brings to mind the spoon feeding bit is to be done only by trainers or people with my specific permission----- it is not a way to feed the dogs a quick meal which is what I find is been happening there again because I wasn't watching closely enough .. there's so many things to look for.     The most dangerous is the concept of “it's easier.” . and therefore miss the point of the purpose of the exercise in the first place .   I live in fear of the person who decides by themselves that it would be easier to get rid of the rats in the barn by putting out rat poison … you’d  get rid of the rats  plus any of the dogs who happened to play with a dead rat ..,  and I don't know whether any of you know how attractive a dead rat would be but they’d  love it ..  Decision making can be a problem around here … ..I can't wait for iynne come And deal with a lot of this stuff .. Nothing is ever one layered there's always complicated reasons for everything .


So back to moving puppies …   couple things have to happen ..  I have the puppy proof the condo and block the ramps to the sleeping lofts at least for the moment until they learn not to fall off things or I rig some fencing I also have to make sure that stuff isn't balanced in preparation for having it fall on some pup .

it's strange that people don't see something balanced or leaning up against something as a potential disaster ..   it's the gravity thing ..  with puppies and small children the good Lord likes to see  large objects Firmly on the ground … because that's where they're gonna land . 

Then I would move the older pups and one week does make  them “older” pups    a difference at this age the older pups go out to the used car lot which has in-n-out to the  nut house .Two things have to happen there one is to move a bunch of fluffies to make the nuthouse comfortable so someone--- preferably a small person ---can crawl in and out the door and get the puppies used to going in and out ..  At the same time it is nice to have some person in what we call the used car lot because these puppies are still of a size that could be carried off by Hawk or eagle .. This is why we have all the colorful streamers over that area to deflect hungry birds .. makes the place look strange… whatever works…  


Camera controls???? I think that condo is set up for swapping the cqmera back and forth to the sunroom……budddddddddd????????


The dangling of a carrot in front of a donkey….. Which by the way does work .. at least with donkeys … setting up dogfest I'm asking all are volunteers and staff to make an appearance sometime between 11:00 AM and three oh and present themselves to the interview area which will be in the donkey stall where there is both camera and mic ..   this would earn you a dogfest tee shirt !!!    -------there also maybe a few other things in the donkey stall like turkeys goats and donkeys but that's the best we can do and so that's what will happen ..


I think the cp’s  would  like meeting everybody and hearing the impossible things that we do on a daily basis … other than that I am the proud operator of a cell phone which I can make print the questions from the comment column of our web … this is an amazing achievement easily done by any 12 year old and now Me.


The other wait for CPS to communicate in would be our  wireless land telephone which just about reaches the barn so I cannot guarantee that the 978 356 0666 would be a way to ask questions on camera .. we should be able to read the comment column so get ready .


Details details…

On this cov bit.. and the vaccine  which “they” ae saying might be ready by the end of the year….  I have a few hang ups… that  bother me…  somewhere I heard it has to be kept at minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit .. now when you want to ship a bunch Of vaccines from Ohio 2 Connecticut you don't just call U-Haul it for a truck that  they can guarantee they keep the temperature at minus 70 degrees …  And it was mentioned that these trucks would be equipped with that thing that tells 'em if the temperature is above minus 70 degrees . 

And every town Hall with their health Department will have to have provision for maintaining this vaccine at minus 70 degrees …  I know one person in the health Department in a town around here and she had said they don't have provision to keep ice cream cold .. which I'm told commercially is about at minus 10 .  

There is a whole industry yet to be developed 2 get this vaccine where it needs to go . I do hope somebody's worried about that besides Me.


Good morning Carlene
Every time I read a letter from the recipients of one of your wonderful Danes, it makes me 
smile and think, these SDP people are miracle workers!! I hope you all feel that and that feeling
doesn’t get lost in all you endless everyday activities.
Best to you all, 
Hi Carlene,
Thanks so much for the "tune up" and training tips. Abby is amazing and I love having her in my life. Just a little rough patch to work through.... Please convey my thanks to Judy, too.
I'd be happy to come next Saturday for the interviews or to help out in any other way.
Best,    Mary