Tuesday, September 1, 2020

sept 1 2020 vac


apparently the puppy hasn't spit up much at all just one little bit in the past 48 hours....she's getting super care and when I went to get my coffee this morning she was the one to come out and sit at my feet and say you're gonna feed Me?    so she's doing great .  I have emailed The Bailey chairpeople yesterday and I haven't heard back from them yet but I expect to get one as soon as possible     it looks perfect .
Meanwhile may has gone home with Megan and I don't know whether she left the puppy here or not...   there was some discussion about having the pups stay to have somebody to play with which is fine as long as she doesn't do any socializations when they're out of here .
now on the topic of vaccines .. keeping in mind I have 0 medical education but that never stops ME... as I understand The instructions printed on the vaccine container ... The actual wording
A recommended vaccination schedule should start at six weeks of age ... the presence of a maternal antibody is known to interfere with the development of active immunity...  puppies should be revaccinated every two or three weeks until at least 12 weeks of age .all dogs over 12 weeks should initially get one dose and a second dose two or three weeks later ..
 the C5 shot which we have just given to the six week old puppie-----what you're basically trying to do is to give that shot just after the natural immunity from the mother runs out apparently ...  mother's natural immunity is definitely gone by 12 weeks .
it's also covering the situation of perhaps the mother's immunity ran out at 4 weeks .. Since the package suggest vaccinating every two weeks it seems they are implying that the that the vaccine you just gave at six weeks could be ineffective because of the mother's natural immunity from the colostrum .  
From where I sit.. The small percentage oh bad things which could be caused by vaccination don't compare to the 99% of bad things which could be caused by no vaccination .   We're going to try for six weeks ,9  weeks and 12 weeks ...
now all you people with veterinary or any medical knowledge correct all that .
Playing the odds is not only for Las Vegas but life in general .
Anybody want the quote that “medicine is an art , and  not a science”    ????
I  Don't know where that leaves politics ...So I'll just leave that out 
Carpenters----- having survived a specific paucity of carpenters,  we are now blessed with 2 possibilities ...One man with his two children or three maybe is coming tomorrow to bang out 10 dog tunnels to keep the rain off the backs of the kennel dogs as they exit to use the facilities ...hopefully .  the other is an offer to copy the Bailey chair as are mega safaga's pub grows at the usually alarming rate I'm a Great Dane. so far she doing beautifully .
In an effort to keep the number of people in the house down to a minimum I have caused my own hair to be shortened with a pair of scissors they are   pretty sharp they came out of union hospitals surgical room . and so far I have not used them to cut wire .
I know this will upset Jill who is the very Nice woman who comes and cuts my hair In the office .She does that for fear that I'll start cutting my own ...but With this COV I have had to take extreme measures .
--The daily schedule is then AC-5 shot for the mega pump
hook up the trailer and go get 15 sheets of plywood and a bunch of two by fours
then meet with anne about 11 for grant writing
followed by a nap
fact.... the nap is not Because I'm old ..  I would have majored In physics in college but I could not Cope with a 2:00 o'clock lab . mathematics was a morning thing .