Saturday, September 12, 2020

sept 12 2020

 the more things change, the more they stay the same... 

just take a look, were living proof
 you're still you and i'm still me.-------i forget the rest.. 
Along with the poem  on our mirrors weekly ---    for a dollar---   the BIG   poem in the hallway was  ”IF”  by Rudyard Kiplin g ..  hung opposite the bathroom -- Where I spent a lot of time waiting for my sisters to get out of there ---- if we could recite it perfectly would get us $10 . of course I saw easy money and I memorized it and got the $10 .   the interesting part if there  is that I kept that $10 in my Bureau drawers and one day my father in a slight panic came in and asked to borrow the $10 be'cause they were taking another couple to dinner and he hadn't cashed a check so we needed the $10 to take four people to dinner ..(??really???)  

the story goes on   the I charged him $0.10 a day to borrow  the $10 and sometimes his memory would go three or four days before he remembered to pay me back .   He would complain loudly that my rate of $0.10 a day was outrageous but he'd have to pay it because he needed the $10 .  I was selling convenience I would tell him….

this is my introduction to banking . easy money if you had it you could make it work for you especially if you knew somebody who didn't have any and needed it .

my opinion of banking hasn't changed much over the past 80 years . specially when I see the interest being charged and charge cards if you're one day late and compare that to the interest banks are now paying  you for just holding your money for you --- the word  usury comes to mind .  ?Is that right out of the Bible?    see they even had problem with bankers back then .


Just to put the $10 in the proper perspective I remember the local spaghetti joint “Tony’s” a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs was a dollar ..  I remember cigarettes costing $0.18 a pack and if you got them out of a machine there were two pennies in the cellophane of the pack and you save those pennies because they had some value ..   old gold? now at your local convenience store they have a little dish of pennies to which they Ad and subtract them to keep the cash register happy but the pennies themselves have little to no meeting .


next thing I remember there's a hell of a gap between these two ..  delivering the want advertiser magazine I was flabbergasted when stores started having that little dish of pennies so you could make your own change if you happen to want it ----otherwise they got to the closest nickel and you were on your own ..

that process was probably the 1970s-- now no one knows how to "make change." anyway..-----

life is different now you take all the pennies and hope they have some copper in him and sell him to the junkyard .

lesson of the day…..

So now with  this COV  ..   We certainly have more time on our hands then I had waiting for my sisters to get out of the bathroom … we could all stand to learn  “IF”  ---

It's a pretty good poem specially about losing your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you .. lots of concepts until you get to the last line about “and which is more you'll be a man my son “   … so forgive  the son part---- it's an old poem .


 Now everyone.. without fail…  there is no excuse…. “WHEN I GET TIME I AM GOING TO CLEAN OUT THAT CLOSET.”  Probably some of you in the damn fool Department actually said I wish I had time to clean the garage … well now you do and is the garage any cleaner ?  it's far easier just to complain and not do anything about it . the reason I know all about this is I'm extremely guilty of this concept . my worst offense is summed up with clutter will accumulate to fill available space .  and even though I now have only one room and a  bathroom ..I hide my things in here ----  so I have a pretty complete tool shop of  saws and drills , a monkey fist production Department on the bed to be used when I have insomnia , and the shipping Department of the little plastic tubs with corresponding Cardboard boxes .. along with several past projects either finished or given  it up .. most notably davinci's bridge .. in model form . that is a bridge which will hold a person and it's put together by balancing wedge s .. that can be googled and it's interesting .

the other thing I cannot talk about is the three rifles I have in the corner here mostly be'cause one is probably valuable and the other two are too complicated to get rid of ..the valuable one still has that rod where you poke down all the powder or whatever and some knowledgeable person did see it once and very knowingly said  you could sell this for a lot of money …since no ones offered a lot of money whatever that is the leaving up in the corner of the room .

There are a couple things around here which in a normal situation would probably be valuable enough for that antique show …   most notably the surveyors chain which is draped all around the kitchen and living room and can be seen during Mail call if you look closely enough it's with all the links and loops … unfortunately it's very sturdy and you can hang amazing things from it so it's hard to find .

one other interesting thing I think is the little metal and wooden box about 10 inches cubed .in it there's a little metal tray .. object being to put some fireplace coals in that little tray and put it in the bottom of your carriage so you could put your feet on it and cover them with a blanket .

every time I look at it I I wonder how I dare complained about the fact that my car can't keep the heat at about 80 degrees .

There is also an element here -- in the good old days simple mistakes were inclined to kill you without benefit of legal representation .

Makes me wonder  what did The Pioneers do about a simple toothache . and then I remember something about George Washington having wooden teeth ? keep that in mind when you long for the good old days .

there we go