Wednesday, September 16, 2020

sept 16 2020 redwood tree

 You've heard clutter will accumulate to fill available space ... So will puppies if you get enough of them ..  I complained about the clean sunroom which was lovely and cleaned well the puppies are stuffed in the kitchen totally forgetting that the backroom or condo is it's often called can be made puppy proof with very little effort we needed to put fencing so they wouldn't slide off the ramps or fall out of the lofts which are 36 inches off the ground with not too much effort yesterday  all is it 15 puppies are now running up and down the Rams and off and on to the back deck and there are times when no one's in the kitchen this is a wonderful thing I can go make coffee without a lot of confusion .

Our Old David--- he's going to love that one ---redesigned that backroom totally on his own and did a wonderful job of ramps and sleeping lofts and things like that-----  easily accommodates 15 puppies without any problem .... also without a camera at the moment   I'm pretty sure is just a case of moving it which I like to try and do ---no that's a lie ---I'd like to try and get Bud to do next time is here---  they are comical to watch as they run around that condo area .
in addition to moving them all away from my coffee pot------  that puppy bus to take them down to the area by my swing set and the puppy Hill camera area , will do wonderful things to enrich their lives and “de-enrich “ the kitchen .. the fact that they are all black and white with different markings makes them a super joy to watch .. 
I bought that puppy bus when a sizable zoo in New Hampshire went out of business  ?1980?   the same day I bid on an elephant so I could at least say I done that ..
now this is a strange “thought loop”
I also bid on a very strange chunk of Redwood tree that was made into an apartment or house trailer .. I wonder if that's still around because I'd bid on it maybe 40 years ago ...because I also remember it being parked outside my high school at about 1959 .   It was perhaps , the start of my fascination with what does it take to live in to stay basically warm and dry doesn't take much ..     (  I personally know of several friends who owned houses that could easily keep 20 people warm and dry and they live in one room usually a large kitchen .....and the rest of the house stays heated so the five bathrooms don't freeze up .)
--moving on...
Yesterday we received a load of a pallets of dry dog food from purina which is absolutely wonderful and saves us $68,000 a year in trying to feed this tribe ... it was a little unexpected Probably do til cov  irregularities---- not complaining but we have to figure out how to store it .
When purina first offered to donate 8 pallets of dog food ...  I very quickly said of course we could take it and after I hung up I had to figure out how where we would  store it and feed the dogs and not the rats .. we had already been through storing dog food in an old ambulance which worked well for awhile until the rats found us .... 
it was one of those situations where you sit down drink coffee and say to yourself “  now what do I do “  ... Tractor trailers came to mind quickly ...but had very little class if any ... Moving slightly upstream was a shipping container .. so I bought 1 obviously used   $2500 and it's been wonderful .. FYI .. if it lands in the wrong place and you want it moved they charge $150 to come and move it ...which is why ours is now behind the G tent . 
As Haley and I stood there serveying the massive pile of of dog food and trying to figure out what to do with it we decided that if we move what we have to the left hand wall we would have enough room to move in the current 8 pallets while giving us an alleyway tored the previous load as we work as we work through it ..  that left hand collection has to be scientifically organized to include bags of puppy food and adult food at a ratio about 6:00 to 1:00 .. now we need some weight lifters to organize that.... although anyone who works here or volunteers here is well it used  to lifting 37 pound dog food bags .. a couple  tons????
Today Through Friday   if there is any weight lifting person looking for some exercise please come and visit us   24 bags per pallet  x  37  pounds per bag  x 8 pallets  is 3.5 tons I can't believe some of these gyms actually charge people to lift weights.  I'm on the wrong end of something there .  now consider... mix that 3.5 tons with water.. run it thru  “dane food preocessor” and you easily have 7 tons of  “used food” in the dumpster... hence my admiration of the relaiability of the dumpster guy...
All this caused haley  to say “ you coiuld live in one of these containers-that is true  you could
And my mind  looped  to the redwood  house trailer.... 

all that also looped to teh musical Sweet thursday... aka pipe dream -- john steinbeck?? and teh naughty lady who lived in an oil drum... for  another daily doggie...   ??? pipe dream  did have a third name??????
Thus endith the lesson for the day...