Wednesday, September 2, 2020

sept 2 2020

 from george (dvm) oficial "take " on  vaccines  

Good morning ...
Puppy vaccines start at 6-8 weeks of age and should be done every 3-4 with the last vaccine at 16 weeks of age or older. Repeat with a single vaccine and then every 3 years. I personally recommend stopping at 10 years of age as I have never seen a dog well vaccinated get distemper or parvovirus late in life. The manufacturer recommended protocol is yearly but most vets use the protocols use. 16 weeks has been shown to be critical especially if the mom is well vaccinated --- geo...

now as fo my massive problem of the day..... 

this is no laughing matter …you all have read this daily doggy or many of you for at least eight years and when I was typing you began to accept the fact that I had a faulty left hand pinky finger which inadvertently activated the caps lock …doesn't sound like much ….however

I had occasion to write a letter 2 our official accountant with regard to the payment of payroll for small businesses which by the way amounted to $87,000 for us .. however in the process my errant left pinky hit the caps lock at random per usual but he didn't know that and he thought I was screaming at him … he was offended....  

The care and feeding of accountants is a delicate one Especially in the early April time. They are all overwhelmed by the April 15th deadline and it was at this time he thought I screamed at him .when all I was trying to do was type Hey simple question .    so now Linda is also afraid to talk to him because I insulted him …  We really need to check up on that payroll plan loan we were given to make sure and we're doing the right thing so that they the feds….consider it not a loan.

The whole problem was caused by a cranky pinky---- Aand now as of yesterday the darn thing has decided  act like  full blown arthritic----  i can imagine the problems I'm gonna have now that it really is defined as arthritic .

This is really only day of a sore left pinky … so it could be I injured it  yesterday and don't remember  … we can only hope .


I did get 16 sheets of plywood And a bunch of two by fours  in preparation for the arrival of this actual Carpenter who is going to bang together the'se 10   doggy tunnels …. he apparently plans to be here at noon today .  in preparation I have located our skill saw the most reliable one ,  a chopsaw and new blades for each.


I also cleaned out my daily kit---and reduced it to  the probably needed which incudes small  Bandaids.

Per adi,  We must have first aid kids in every building and we do ..  however …. the most frequently used simple band-aids are gone leaving behind in the first aid kit the equipment to set a broken leg .

that reminds Me…

We had occasion to call 911 because someone had fallen in the barn and as the ambulance came up the driveway they noticed legs sticking out from under the tractor and quickly assumed somebody had been run over by the tractor when in fact that was Dolores ---our mannequin--- who comes in two pieces one being a set of legs which constantly gets put in very strange places .


As crazy acres went on the person who had fallen was Annie who was eventually hospitalised and then joined our friends at the Rainbow Bridge leaving behind her very reliable car …

the car is still here behind the arena been there over a year so the squirrels have probably eaten all the wires but it was a very functional car it might still be , since it's been there a year I think it qualifies as deserted …so I keep offering it too young males who should be able to put it back together or eventually it will go to the cars for kids program .

our driveway looks Like it has the measles thousands a white dots 1/4 of an inch to half an inch in size   Not any bigger ----evenly spaced to give a white speckled appearance to the driveway .  it took me a few minutes to realize it's only under the two huge pine trees right beside the driveway ..  It must be the SAP that people don't want to park under but I don't ever remember seeing such a display on my car or the driveway .  just another oddball weather nature that we can blame on climate change I'm sure .like hurricanes ..

it Is supposed to rain today but instead of a nice quiet rain it has caused a great flurry of activity to locate the extra tarps but I've managed to accumulate …. Be'cause buying them by the dozen from The Internet is about the same price as buying one at Lowe's or Home Depot plus  I think it's that has tarbs up to 350 feet long

today the  reason for the need for tarbs tarps   is that Meredith farm apparently cut hay into round bales and Janine spoke up quickly for several of them which need to quickly cover them before it rains .. those things are huge wing several 100 pounds -- so with bales of hay being $12.00 for a 40 pounder she was frantic to come up with tarps and ropes and pallets to set aside some of those monster round things .I don't think we can cope with them here .. if we could get thim up on the Hill that would be fine but I don't think we can ---- so we'll stay with the bails   and let her deal with those between those two big Estates . she will figure out something .


If I could get them up on the Hill it would mean that the  used hey (aka manure) would end up up on the Hill and nature and gravity would cause the used hey 2 coat the Hill which would then raise grass this would be a good thing but if they put the hay bales at the bottom of the Hill only makes for about 18 inches of good black mud At the bottom .

 so much for the farming lesson of the day .


dogfest plans are emerging  --and we need photos-- or something we can  turn into q a display of spirit sticks.... 

for all those who wish to be here in spirit !!!!!  i thought we woudll have at least 100.. we aren't there yet....