Friday, September 4, 2020

sept 4 2020

 2020  9 4

Updates and vomit rreports

Nala report…  fine---    but stay off the whipped cream….  The fat content is a problem…. And here we were increasing her fat to make it more appea;ing…   that is why you go to vet school…  or pay someone who did…..

The bailey chair is on it’s way  .. it is “nearly new”  which doesn’t soundfd good… like it didn’t workl????   But the concept is worth a try….   I also want to be sure the pup sits very squarely on folded back legs, and not allowed so slosh sideways as I have seen in sevral ads for the bailey chair…   it is worth a try…   there is that ad with 2 adult great danes… so it must work at least sometimes…

Vomit report.. I got a lot of eails about a pup vomiting and others eating it./  this is A semi normal occurrence ..  I think the wild philosophy is let's not waste the food and this is how a mommy dog or Wolf brings the food home to feed the children so for the rest of their lives if a dog hears another one gagging they will run over to see what is gonna come out and if they want to eat it….. I have been known to collect it ..And throw it over the fence for the chickens Who will eat anything including each other.

The little doggie houses are beautiful… and standardized……  so I am attempting to make gthe white floppy  “door”  standard so when the dogs chew one up. The kennel people can just grab another without involving denis, bud, or skip…..


Dictation is not working well today So we have some typed .. you can tell

Now about the dogfight ----  It was not a huge dog fight.. only involving jiminey and stgitch… who both wanted a plastic dog food congtainer.. which neither one really wanted anyway..   boy does that sound human…???  

I didn’t see the actual fight, but red blood shows upo really well on a white  dog.   Stitch  had a bit..   I came along after.. but seeing the blood I knew something had happened.. so I watgched….  Stitch ran to me … for protection.. and jiminey circled widely  and stayed away…

He did n’t get near me until Bentley came along and decided sgtitch really needed a lesson…and pinned him down… jiminey.. being the opportunist… thought he could really do damage with bentley’s help.. until I got about 5 feet away.. when Bentley backed off.. stitch ran for my side… and jimi ney grinned and said “I was only watching… I didn’t do anything…”… but stayed away from me… hiding in the bushes .   so stitch did not have a ”hurt  bloody foot” .. what he had was a slow drip off his lip which landed on the white paw..

 To those people who thognth I shold be watching them every minute… 2 things…

#1 if I kept them in a crate they would be very safe..

#2  I taught my children to ride bikes in traffic at a very early age… but insisted they wear a helmet.

I  try noit ti operate on fear alone.

Someone told me they heard hiow a jugglar got torn in a dog fight…..   and killed a dog… I am suer that has happened…. Somewhere…  the fear I  know about is  2 of my dogs  brothers in florida  roughhousing and one broke the other’s neck…  things do happen….  .   but that leaves 449  dogs who roughhoused and did not kill each other..  I  gotta go with the odds.


Something about a glass half full.. depending on where you sit.

Hello Carlene,
Take a guess at what is the most interesting animal at the Denver, CO Zoo .....apparently it is Riz! People stared at her, the penguins  stared at her, the the monkeys swung closer to stare at her, and the cheetahs paced and stared at her, evaluating her for a possible snack, but Riz ignored everyone and everything and did her job as always...she is such a good dog!
I am experiencing another precious life moment with my grandchildren thanks to SDP and Riz.  Thank you!