Saturday, September 5, 2020

sept 5 2020

The puppies are doing fantastically..   I am going to try and get the puppies mixed… and then  into the yard today so that may be tomorrow we can go around the house outside .. .


I am trying to get organized for some puppy marches on camera by dogfest … I am not sure what sizzle is going to think of this ….   May  may is home with Megan …..  I would never attempt this with the two mothers




Case in point the bottom part of the barn is very tired the texture 111 has deteriorated badly because of the snow and the number of kitten holes we have had to cut .   long ago when I had barn cats they often had kittens in the hayloft way over on the edge and very often a kitten would fall down between the studs in the wall and we would hear it meowing it then became a problem to figure out how to cut the hole in the wall without hurting the kitten so we have lots of holes in the barn in various states of repair .   about two months ago somebody got the idea oh buying the texture 111 to replace the bottom 4 feet of the wall and it got delivered .  but that  was too long in the G tent so the people began to use parts of it however thanks to a volunteer who got inspired he apparently had thought  to cut off the bottom 2 feet of the barn and replaced the damage texture 111 with what we had left .


The other case in point is this room and the various systems it is responsible for supporting .

Like the small  monkey fists ..  with string and marbles and brass snaps and then there are all these phones with the Chargers with the orange markers and no markers and yellow markers with all their corresponding charging stations and the charging station for my electric drill …  plus the dog food dish project with the brand new cartones yet to be unfolded ,,, not to mention a Great Dane dog who really wants to sleep at the end of my bed on a big mattress plus a lot of other things I can't figure out at .   you get the picture …any rate my room needs some attention ..


The entire crazy acres stablishment has a terrible problem with clutter will accumulate to fill available space .. any horizontal surface is subject two invasion .

I struggle one area at a time and yesterday it was socket wrenches ..  mostly be'cause a socket wrench would help in this production of new rain tunnels .

FYI --- most socket wrenches are built to take the Bolt end of a nut and Bolt .. this is sticky so pay attention … if you try and screw on the nut and as the Bolt screws through you lose control of the nut .. so if it's necessary to do that , you need what's known as a deep socket  TO MOVE THE NUT DOWN THE BOLT…Most of these are relatively available Home Depot Home Depot type … And they fit very nicely on the ratchet handle that's normal but I wanted one to go on my drill .  bless Amazon who did show the attachment to make my drill a ratchet type with what is really a very tiny little piece of metal .  …. Amazon  will now send this $8.00 item to Me in a brand new Amazon van and it will be in a box which would hold a large watermelon ….and it will do that within 24 hours .


this business of Amazon charging  $79 to be part of the prime 24 HOUR delivery system .. is a very interesting concept ..  because if they didn't deliver within 24 hours where would they store all these huge boxes waiting for delivery ..  Their volume is so hi that if they didn't get them out  right away....  they would need a mammoth storage facility just to hold them for two days …so to get Me to pay $79 .. for prime service is just a case of.... I wasn't looking ..

Along with CLV encouraging people to work from home which is going to make many big office buildings obsolete … Amazon with its delivery vans is going to make so many small stores obsolete ..  my prime example is the battery store in Danvers .. which for the last 10 years has been able to provide any battery from my hearing aids to the special battery which is the backup for the electric gate .   and I am guilty of finding it's easier to have Amazon delivered it .

So what are we going to do with these big office buildings and malls?  The only need which is growing at the same rate  as Obsoletisum-   is the homeless …That is a wild stretch but many cities are developing a very active Skid Row …which apparently is the official name of an area in LA . ( but it gets cold and snows in boston) 

The part that bothers Me Is the relationship between renter ---landlord--- and the bank .....  a monetary food chain

if the Federal government decides  renter does not have to pay rent  what is there for the landlord’s Protection from the bank  ? ?

 I know full well that Banks do not pick the strawberries or milk the cows for my strawberry shortcakes …  They just milk the system..  and As part of that system I get very annoyed .