Wednesday, September 9, 2020

sept 9 2020 venting


Venting------------ I don't do Facebook ----right ! 

there's 185 people out there who don't do dog training----- I have not quieted down yet . This whole thing started yesterday .. when there was a report on one of our dogs On Facebook and I could not access it and I got so frustrated….and sat back and thought I have 185 dogs I have donated to various people absolutely free of charge…. and the only thing I have asked for as they go out the door is that they stay in touch and give Me ammunition to put in the daily doggy b ecause all these people who have spent $10 a month to help raise these dogs =----they have a vested interest in hearing about them too …


I am sure most of the 185   … being younger --figure if  they put their stories “out there” on facebook… that they have let me  know… not true..  it doen’t matter that  many of our  cp’s have reported they don’t do facebook either…. I specifically ask .... as you leave  … send me a regular email and tell me how you are doing….  

I get nothing. well   ----- there are a few exceptions... may be 12 out  of 185....


 I went so far as to check with Linda who is very nice and doesn't let me get off the handle too many times .she did not think that was an unreasonable request and I certainly don't think it is either ----I helped   185 people out  with  getting their dog trained/certified  ……now… it's not unreasonable to ask them to help me out with avoiding Facebook ---  I don't do it and I don't want to do , and I should not have to…. all I ask is that they copy and paste a story a week or two about some happy project they've been able to do with their dog .. I went for a walk on the beach with my wonderful service dog . copy and paste it doesn't take too much .


but to go down the driveway and disappear until you need a new leash or you want me to sign your certification again ----   I'm having a problem with that .


“What you should do is get someone in charge and then remind people to ………”  Wait a minute ----- why should I have to get someone to keep track of how often they send a report about their dog and the wonderful things the dog is doing for them . give me a break .

there are about 2000 people who don't always have $10 a month to buy a chicken brick they like to hear about these dogs too.


There are some dogs that have gone down the driveway and that's been the last I've seen of them until they need   something… like to have their certification renewed ----there's one particularly dog in Louisville Ky but I have not heard from at all ----except I was told the dog ended up in the Clinton White House I would have liked to have known that .

then there are the recipients ----a bunch of them ----that tell  linda, or the trainers they need a new leash….. And I make it for them by the dozens .. and cp’s provide me with new…. Expensive stainless steel collars to give   them..  … … yet I have nothing to put in the daily doggy about how wonderful their dog is  . there's something wrong with this picture ..

AND…….  I am not done yet .. there are many people to whom we've given pets who say “thank you very much “  and disappear .. that's also not the way it's supposed to be ---- to each of those people I have said I want to hear from you about something positive you're doing with this dog and I want you to stay in touch I also imply that it would be nice to have them push for friends to buy chicken breaks but I don't check up on that at all  ..


Words like “paying it forward “    ----giving something back to somebody ---anybody --- We have 100 volunteers who willingly give their time doing bizarre chores  for hundreds of hours to put together these dogs and I try and place them where they will do some good it help other people,, these are not  adopted out of sub dawg pound .  if for any reason you can't keep one it is to come back here .

for the most part that's working we have taken back a couple dogs that needed to be re homed .

but there are several---- more than a few who are gone .. particularly annoying is the harlekin female we gave to someone who was supposed to stay in touch with us about breeding the dog . and they just won't .


These Dogs are raised not by me alone ----There's a whole community that make these dogs possible ---.and if you're lucky enough to get a dog from us you have a responsibility to stay in touch .. and to give back to the world  in general…. when possible.