Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 OCT 1Q3 2020



2020 10 13
This is topic of draft horses tends more to animal behavior then training although something makes them very usable ..yesterday Beatrice stood looking at me from across the fence and didn't move and I noticed a few minutes later she was still in the same spot so I would hold over it To tell her that she really had to go through the gate to get back to into the stall and I know tist then she had one front foot stuck in the wire fence which had bent over so she was standing comfortably but she knew 1 foot was stuck
now if that was a normal riding horse with a front foot stuck in the fence they would have jumped backwards taking the fence and their leg with them or without them and dragged it all over until they exhausted themselves this basically is the concept a horse being chased by Wolves .big not too smart they figure anything they drag behind them must be chasing them which is why all driving horses wear Blinders to cover their rear vision because they would think the wagon was chasing them ----in my lifetime I've seen one horse without Blinders and that was a trotting horse a trotting racehorse .
 so with one foot in de fense  I had that initial panic that she was going to fly backwards that cause havoc anD injury but she stood there and very carefully tried to pick up the 1 foot that was stuck . the wire fence was caught behind the heel of her iron shoe horseshoe ..
I had just taken all my tools out of the golf cart and did not have a pair of wire cutters at hand ---Haley came to help and Pam also we got one pair of pliers that would cut wire and Pam started in .. in an extremely dangerous position because if B had decided to do the typical horse thing and jump backwards all that wire fencing was going to come with her it's good wire . and at one point Pam had her foot stuck in it . but  beA just stood there . Haley finally got a halter and lease so I could actually suggest that she stay there ---well Pam worked at her feet finally getting it undone after probably 20 minutes of frantic effort .  while one of the turkeys packed it my rear end just to keep things lively
all beA wanted to do was to get in the barn so we leD her around and put her in the barn in that big stall opposite the turkeys .. We spread out two bales of hay on the floor and figured the donkeys would come in and join her ..  but bea is not big on sharing . the donkey stuck their head in the door and tried to get a bite of hey , but all bea had to do was turn her head in that direction and flatten her ears and the donkeys left . so I tried tying bea in the corner thinking the donkeys would sneak in but that didn't work theyaq stayed out all night which is no big deal .An bea stOod pretty motionless all night long . She was up to her knees and hey and had a bucket of water in front of her so she just stood there and wouldn't think of tightening the leash ...
so today to accomodate bea and her aversion to donks       I have to redo the Turkey Department concept--- I think all poultry has gotta be in the vicinity of the tea tent and break up this stall so that if B is in one side the donkeys can get into the other and they'll figure that out getting rid of the riding horse that's also here at the moment would be very helpful I'll ask Janine today ..
 of course if Meredith farm took the two turkeys to live with Elvis that would be very spectacular and lovely and would be a huge help as far as I'm concerned -- so one of the family who owns Meredith I think reads  this -----so if you could promote the idea of the turkeys coming to live with Elvis that would be very helpful ----you got Elvis and sheep and two turkeys I'm sure would be fine in that one pasture and wouldn't take any extra care maybe a few extra cups though crack corn and they'd be spectacular .  one of those turkeys was raised in an apartment in Arlington and got confiscated by animal control and given to us by way of Marblehead animal control ..so she's very friendly   if you consider biting me in the rear is friendly--- which it is-- sometimes,
the second Turkey I don't know whether it's a boy or girl but somehow they are laying a batch of eggs which we will ship with the turkeys hopefully to Meredith ...
I have had glowing reports of symbols improvement in general demeanor as he's been out in public lately--  like yesterday ..  and it was suggested I work with a couple more particularly oz so I will try him today--  maybe ... I started him the other day and he's so strong and fit that trouble is it takes longer to wear him out .. so I took to riding around in the golf cart and making him stay right by my side .. that seems a painless way to exercise dogs run around a golf cart .
Problem solving is a huge part of service dog project because the problems are hugely creative .one of teh items makibng us most successfulis the poo picking department     quick.. instantly avaILABLE, CLEAn,  disoposable   if we did not have that ability we would be much different in all ways. -------.so although I've had many suggestions to knock it off and stick to training I really can't do that and watch some situation happening that's prohibiting proper progress .    the four inch  dog dishes   bEiNg used by 6 inch wide puppies is a classic example and I do have materials here today to try and put THEM together--- maybe ..  but there's another one
water ... as we approach winter a nice deep watering troughs for all the donkeys it becomes a block of ice and Furthermore if you dump it out it becomes a leg breaking skating rink wherever you dump it so I need to be able to empty and refresh it at least weekly without causing a skating rink and it just occurs to me that there is just such a pump   where I could stand in the barn and pump the water into the manure pile with a little careful planning and a few pieces of PVC pipe ....to be able to deal with the water  FOR 10 12 donkeys horses  Is normally one hour daily .. where if I get this PUMP set up   it would be 5 minutes daily .. besides I like playing with water .. hence my fascination with siphoning ..
that is another part of sdp.. it's gotta be fun.....most of the time....