Thursday, October 1, 2020

oct 1 stowe

 10 01

vVery late   I have been dealing with stowe and her medical problems which took time 

basically her temp is down and this is the report I just sent to the vet



 One of our females that we had parked with a family for breeding was returned to us yesterday becausw it was reported she was didn't look good

we picked her up  9pm   quite lethargic and full of fleas not eating in a few days

Took her straight to Bulger checked her in For one overnight . Temp 104.8 lethargic


They said they sent a report to “ our local vet” which I would have listed as you…

I have attached the discharge note…  and bill – for medes used.

Mostly uti.. fleas with slight kidney involvement by ultrasound.


This morning..  101.4 still pretty quiet will wag her tail minimally

 drank a sip of water

both front feet swollen the one on the downside is larger than the one on the upside …


still no interest in food….  “amox with food” will be a problem 


 I would rather not move her.. unless absolutely necessary


..would happily pay for house call….


Or just wait…  The no food is bothering me..

We can do fluids here…. If you say so..


obviously we have our hands full at the moment so that's it .. boiling chicken and getting cheese and things like that she's getting individual care we had someone sit with her overnight plus somebody with the puppies so everybody is fine under control I wish she would eat .. she's refusing chicken and everything ..


they gave us a prescription for amoxicillin which I believe we already have ..


there is a small possibility it could be that crazy Bigfoot that I've talked about for the past 20 years lethargic stop eating high temperature temperature breaks and then the foot swells and in a day or so they're fine ..  for awhile George thought I was crazy but every dog related to the BMW kennel bloodline seemed to get that damn Bigfoot at least once .. after 20 years he started calling it the Bigfoot also which may be what we have now .. the problem is we don't have the current history ..

Stay tuned and we'll see what happens next