Saturday, October 10, 2020

oct 10 10 wayne gretsky shirt


2020 10 10

 Lynn Cashman and I we're friends because of our interest in quarterhorses---   Lynn on a national level and me on a fourH  level . but our interest in quarterhorses gave  US the opportunity .To drive around many times in a car looking for Kentucky fried chicken lunches ..

lynn's husband is Wayne Cashman   who is number 12 in the Stanley Cup champion team a Bobby Orr Esposito Kenny Hodge Gerry cheevers , and ace Bailey .

FOR  a very long story linn an Wayne ended up living in our house in Lynnfield when they came back from Bermuda vacation because their house in Peabody had been burned to the ground . Needless to say it was a wild couple weeks of total exposure to Bruins people .. and it was a lot of fun regardless of the fact that the entire hockey team lives in a different 12 hour time frame the normal people ----   they're ready to go to dinner at 2:00 AM .

however during this time I got to know Kathy Bailey who is ace Bailey's wife .

  ace was killed in the second plane hit the towers . and in the last five years or so Kathy and I have maintained a very casual friendship . she got to the point but she was going to move and sell her house which involved cleaning up closets and things and found that Wayne Gretzky shirt and gave it to us as a fundraiser for service dog project .. shortly after that she was at a Bruins function and mentioned it to Bobby Orr .. now Bobby Orr Knew  me  not only because of Lynn Cashman but becausw he was in on filming of  several commercials for which I provided the animals. So he offered a book and posters to be added to the Wayne Gretzky shirt for our fundraiser .

just to be a nice guy ----  which he is big time .    And Kathy Bailey shuffled them to me .

I still see Kathy on a semi regular basis she was here yesterday October 9th , just to sit with And help feed the puppies and enjoy them . she says she watchS our cameras constantly as a relief from all the other things that she doesn't want to watch . 

THE SHIRT, The books and poster made $5000 in that dogfest shadding ..


It never ceases to amaze me how many people watch our puppy camera … NOT ONLY BRUINS BUT......

Our community also involves a judge who has the puppy camera on under THE bench for those times when nothing is happening legally .

AND   yesterday I went for my drivers renewal and the person doing my eye test was a puppy watcher and recognize my name .. By the way ---renewing my license did not involve a drivers test so all that studying I did of how to turn on the flashers was not necessary-- A BIRTH CERTIFICATE WAS ...... ALONG WITH $65.....

Today's chore will be to build new feeders for the 15 puppies .  the feeders I have now hold A 5 inch dogbowl all nice and neat in a straight line .. the problem now is the 15 puppies are more than 5 inches wide so the chore of the day is to build a feeder to accommodate 9 inch bowl feeder 16 of 'em .. probably because I only build things in eights and fours because that's the size of plywood . 


Good morning,
First let me say that I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Stowe... such a loss
Second I am writing to give you an update on Sunny - no worries, she is healthy and doing great. She is such a help keeping me upright and getting me where I need to go. She does not let me out of her sight and is very focused when working- nothing seems to distract her. We are out every day for a walk about the neighborhood and  down to the beach to get our exercise. She is a gift , a treasure really and I am so greatfull
Third I want to apologize for not sending regular updates. I honestly did not realize that if all was going well this was something that was expected. (though i am sure that you worry about every dog that leaves with a recipient and wonder how things are going)Up until last March we were coming down on Wed to volunteer so Sunny was seen on a regular basis by at least one of the trainers. Hopefully by next spring or summer we will be able to resume volunteering but until then I will send updates each month.
I do not post on Facebook or any other social media but do read recipient comments ( and of course the DD)which is how I became aware of the need for monthly updates. I may have been told this when Sunny and I were matched but there is so much info that is shared during this time that I may nave missed it , so again I apologize for that.
Wishing everyone at SDP all the best
Sunny and Lou Ann

Dear Carlene,
Each day, I am more and more amazed at this remarkable team.  I watch with pride as Scott hands out business cards to direct people who are interested to SDP’s website, typically mentioning that they, “....have to watch the Chicken Brick video and get some for yourself!” 
Thank you so much for this incredible, finely-tuned “machine” of a dog.  Bumble, through the incredible training and love from all folks SDP, is a miracle worker, and because of him, my husband can live a real life again.
I hope to be able to come to the farm as soon as I’m allowed so I can volunteer in the barn for a few days again.  My best to all.  Please give sweet Sizzle a red cookie for me.


Good afternoon!  Bumble saw the vet today to have the stitches removed from the biopsies from two weeks ago removed.  As we know, those two spots came back as “viral papillomatosis with  secondary bacterial infection.”  That left the much larger, growing, hard, fixed lump.  We’ve resumed chlorhexidine wipes once daily.  The vet did a needle biopsy on the lump (we are calling it Fred) today.  Those results will be in this Friday, most likely, as they don’t have to go to Cornell.  The vet said, “I got some fatty cells and some mystery cells, so let’s hope it’s just a fatty lump.”  I’ll update you as soon as we hear from her.  He remains a stoic champ, so it’s impossible to tell if anything bothers him. 
Scott & Lyn Clements
We got the call from the vet that the biggest lump on SD Bumble is BENIGN!!  She said that if it gets noticeably bigger and bothers him, she will cut it off, but that she won’t anesthetize giant breeds without very good cause, and a lump that large would require general.
Huge sighs of relief here.