Monday, October 12, 2020


 here apparently is a picture of me with the 2  dangerous aggressive dogs  lying quietly at my side 

 while .. in the picture is also a bucket of water and a whiffle bat  just in case.... 

2020 10 12

Before I start getting emails about why the wiffle bat let me explain maybe .. the wiffle bat around here is very threatening noisemaker..  because we use it to hit the ground the walls and ceiling the floor the golf carts the fences and anything around …  I've never hit a dog with one .. but let me also say there are times when I've hit  a dog with my hand because any reprimanding of a dog has to be instantaneous and the only thing I've got at the moment is my hand so I don't hit that hard   because I would hurt my hand -----purpose being to scare him in the first place .

 and if anybody else can figure out a better way of explaining to a dog let go of a chicken that he has in his mouth you just let me know .. all this sweetness and light is is lovely except there are times when drastic measures have to be taken .. and I do take them.


There was a time couple months ago when jiminey  came running through the office being an absolute idiot and bit me  for fun…   he was moving so fast I couldn't hit him at that point but I chased after him and nailed him on the couch and smacked his face ----   biting me or anybody is not  Acceptable and if he continued to do something like that he'd be headed for the dog pound and euthanasia so better that he learned that that's not acceptable behavior .-----  a  very negative CP  made a copy of it and sent it  to the SpCA . who they “wrote me up”


 the SPCA police in uniform who explained to me I shouldn't beat the dog .    The funny thing was that in walking around here one of the other dogs came up to the woman police person a little bit too quickly and she swung at him she missed but she intended to hit him and then I had to stand around and listen to them tell me not hit the dog . there are times when the camera is wonderful and there are times when it just creates havoc … like police .

So maybe I need to post and initial training procedure if a dog bites me I will hit it only be cause biting it  back generally doesn't work out too well .


Moving back to training…….

With regard to fighting dogs I apply the concept that allies are people with common enemies .. be that countries siblings neighbors or anything else like dogs . which is why I was determined to get both those dogs lying at my side behaving . and it worked out very well .. and Linda in the office witnessed the fact that Simba the dog she'd heard so much about from the old  trainers how impossible he was and aggressive and we should wash him out .. walked into her office laid down and behaved amid my four house dogs .. she was shocked and symbol was good .

I could say here   “that's why they pay me the big bucks “ … except I'm not paid and I do know better than to tempt fate when it comes to training animals …or people .


so a simple walk a dog deal ..  1st first problem is a 6 foot leash .. any dog particularly a big one that's even a foot in front of you is in total control of you and the surrounding community .. all our leashes are 26 inches long the same length as the collor let the dogs wear .  the dog must be right at your knee and be very comfortable there without tightening that leash ..

now that I'm watching more carefully .. I see people trying to hold the dog back by their knee with that collar .. a lovely idea except   Whether the dog is in training or in use by a handicapped person they must not be straining to go forward ..  they must decide of their own accord that it's a very good idea to hold a certain position next to your side without somebody pulling on their neck .. course the way you tell them that that's where they belong is if they pull into that collar you give it a little jerk so that they slow up and land right next to your leg which is where you wanted them in the first place .. couple of those in any intelligent dog will decide that walking next to you stops you from jerking on their neck .. and it only takes one or two to stop him .. the problem being with the people who are now walking dogs around here now that I watch is there just so afraid to give a light jerk till their neck that they try and hold them back with the collar ---lhat's just counterproductive .   a dog any dog is much nicer if they decide by themselves to walk lightly by your side ..

What is the command to make them stop pulling ?   I use a variety like … you bloody idiot stop it …will you mind your manners ..  damn it dawg slow up   any number of those things with a snap of that leash collar the dogs get the idea very quickly ..


 teh instant they are in the right position with loose leash you tell them good doggie ...,, or thank you,or any sweet sounding thing     which may be closely followed by  "you bloody idiot .. don't do that"   if the dog tightens the leash again...   couple of that sequence and usually they "get it" 


An indication of what you are actually doing with that leash and collar can also be --- With a dog trained by me , I can demonstrate  .. when a dog begins to get slightly ahead of Me And I want to slow it up if I slightly drag my foot   to make a scratchy noise  the dog is alerted and slows up . as the dog works into becoming a service dog most of the time the recipient can not deal with being pulled around by a dog ..   there are a very few recipients who like to be propelled forward by the dog , but that's in a very controlled situation and it works .


so now that I'm sitting out on my golf cart and watching people leaving dogs around the yard I am making the strong suggestions about how leashes are handled by the person it should never be tight . these dogs are supposed to be educated .

Now if you watch Cesar millan and rethink what he is actually doing and granted  there's a lot that goes on off camera .. but he always takes the dogs out for a walk and those dogs are not walking in front of him pulling on the leash they're walking right next to him with loose leash….  something has happened to have those dogs decide that walking quietly next to Caesar is a good idea and I think that idea is totally correct as far as I'm concerned .    


Now for those of you who are so anxious to say oh she's copying Cesar Milan let's remember I'm an awful lot older I did it first ----  if anybody copied anybody ,   he's copied  me .

post script to yesterday....