Wednesday, October 14, 2020

OCT 14 2020


  it is very tough to ANSWER  30 emails with questions and be able to wipe them out and write the DD  .. MY HEAD WANDERS    

  2020 10 14

When all the news is so political and all I can think of is the exact opposite in every single way of our politiANS from Alex to Obama ..  Alex has absolutely no ears showing and then there is Obama … so much for my political INTELLIGENCE ..


apparently the puppies slept last night from 10   to  4 AM but having had an indoor day because of the rain they were lively when they weren't sleeping .. I started feeding two at a time with judy's help I sat in the kitchen and tried to get their names implanted there are two dogs  who are very timid I bet you want me to give the names that will have to be dog one and dog too one is the female of fizzles that looks like her and the other is a Harlequin male maybe proxy I don't know at any rate the rest bound through the door and come running for the can of food in the spoon but those two have other ideas and have to work out them today ..    along with the new feeder for the 15 dogs.... they're getting bigger by the minute ..

this will also mean that Pam Ann Lynn we'll have to clean up the garage downstairs to accommodate 2 10 foot feeders feeders …. and somehow get the pups trainde to go out the front door around the house and into the garage in the rain or whatever . always a work in progress ..Pound wise these 15 dogs are getting up there for weight .


there is so much dismal news that it's seems to Me  the stations would love a short video puppies progress I never will get to send anything to them..   I THINK HEY NEED TO BE HAND FED A FINISHED PRODUCT.... AND NOT JUST AN IDEA...      


One distracting thing I had to do this morning was to fill out an ADI survey --  am I generic opinion OF ADI is that is not friendly enough to people who are just starting out dog training .. about the first thing you have to do to qualify for a ADI is become a 501C3 and frankly that's a ***** .. so that if you have some real talent in training dogs and you can't possibly go any further until you do all this IRS  paperwork-- it's going to wipe out an awful lot of good dog trainers,,   When certainly that's one oddball tJOB  the united a states could stand more of --  when you calculate the service dogs therapy dogs search and rescue Bomb sniping cancer detecting and now COV detecting .. we could stand more dog traders and fewer graduates of political science ..  back to mike rowe….

We need more master plumbers .


I THANK EVERYONE Who sent suggestions on how to manage a stock tank for water but every single one of them did not address the fact that even if I put a frostfree gizmo in the tag to keep the tank open from ice I don't have a way to keep the supply hose free from ice in January . that still made up stop me from trying to figure out how to use one of those pumps they use to get fluids out of a 55 gallon drum to empty the tank periodically to keep it clean . another work in process



further CA stock report the turkeys have been moved do the old chicken coop with their eggs

plan is to cut a hole in the chicken coop to accommodate the size of the turkeys and see what happens next poultry is poultry they all they ought to get along .

It is shocking to me how 20 chickens can strip an area of anything green in such a short time .. second only to the goats .

I really will get back to training but I needed to be inspired by a topic and inspirations don't come on A regular basis ..  .You cannot legislate creativity Along with a lot of things like common sense .

DOES Anybody know of a corgi -- full corgi... pup or adult that needs a home  ? my daughter in nc needs to replace one that died.. she had a trio of corgi's and used to do therapy work with them....  she can cope with  older... on meds... or pups needing training---  whatever..