Friday, October 16, 2020

oct 16 2020



2020 10 16


THERE IS ONE STORY…That hits very close to home .. apparently long ago somebody introduced 5 cats to some island off the coast of Africa and before very long that had turned into 3400 cats that had eaten most of the birds on the island----  so someone decided to introduce a virus to kill off the cats…so they did THAT.


Sound familiar ?  we are certainly an invasive species it's gotten out of control ,  I see these huge masses of people on television usually men in places like Arabia and Egypt .. and Times Square ,, and they look like an invasive species to me .. besides that I never see any porta potties in those groups and I doubt they carry POO pickers .

 so there's your pleasant thought for the day .

now on the topic of puppies .. I think the time has come we split up the group I very carefully made a feeder for eight and a feeder for seven thinking I would feed all 15 in the cellar I have a bad idea ..  I think if I split the group now to three here in the house be managed by me .. and then four in kendleton kennel 11 which is Walters old Kendall and another 4 in the ice house AKA oh I forgot what we're going to call it .. there's a big kettle there with access to that Hill with the donkeys .. Walters old kennel has access to a Hill behind the arena .. and kennel 10 would have access to puppy Hill if we could have four at each one of those and three of the house life may be a little simpler …..  the house pops I could also put in the used car lot  .. which for newcomers is the kennel off the nut house which has streamers red white and blue all over it 2 the deflect Hawks .. when the puppies are very small …   I don't think they'd be a problem now ..

I'll put the eight feeder in the arena which will be on camera for you all to see and could feed both the kennell 10 and kennel 11 puppies by bringing them into the arena most any weather the four in the I c you   building will get fed somehow I don't know how yet and I would have the seven feeder on the deck so when we're swapping puppies around perhaps you can bring up another 4 for a temporary mixing just to keep the whole bunch shuffled up .

this became necessary becausw   they R  so big and so active .. last night   ONE pub refuse to eat with the rest ..  I also noticed she's one of the smaller puPS --- I  decided that may be an accident but …..

SO I WILL KEEP THE SLIGHTLY MORE FRAGILE Pubs namely Capri   and larky and Eve on the back porch group ..  and split the rest up in foURS..   this will by no means be a pop permanent grouping   .. but a start as we have done in the past groups of four have to be changed into groups of two before they become single in the kennel with no roommate ..  that should work its way through as we place  some of these older pups with recipients ..

That is the plan .

didn't someone else say---  “ the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft  astray”

time to try.. and pay more attention ot assigning a  constant puppy manager..  to go round….


Someone emilaed me about  the fact thaqt they had bought a dane Puppy and wanted me to help them train it .. I suggested they go and look at all the daily doggies where I constantly talk about training situations and I got a somewhat obtuse note back from them saying  “well I thought you could help me”   well

  I did  bite my tongue   and replied but buying a Great Dane puppy was definitely a do-it-yourself project .. and I didn't say anymore of the things I thought .


 I do answer 40 to 50 emails /messages   a day.. many  of them are just “hmmmmm”  indicating  a good thought.. to be considered  DOWN THE ROAD..

Doing anything takes more time then it did when I was 50 years old ----BETWEEN THE LIMITATIONS  Of COV and age in general I don't have a lot of free time .   just the physical limitations of not wearing a mask in my bedroom .I find annoying . ….m ostly becausw to leave my bedroom in the morning before Linda gets here I have to take my cell phone and the house phone (without the orange marks on the bottom BECAUSE THE ORAnge  dot ones don’t reach the t tent) And then there is the matter of testicles … Bentley likes to go with me and I have to figure out whether Lynn  and Judy have gotten here and place their dogs---  the ones with testicles .. in a secure kennel before I let Bentley out .   then if I'm planning to do anything do I have a fully charged battery on my drill …  add weatherrelated clothing… and ihave all I can handle.  before I even consider going out the door .. so I certainly don't have time to help some person who bought a Great Dane puppy without planning ahead .

Not that I would change it…  it certainly beats not having anything to do  besides eating ice cream all day.