Saturday, October 17, 2020

oct 17 2020


 Apparently My efforts are getting out every morning were very entertaining to about 6 people who then added things that they forgot and had to go back for like their glasses .. because of that I thought maybe I would add what  I go through trying to get in bed at night .. about 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon I do a mental countdown of about 50 animals---   is everybody warm fed  plus  dry if they're lucky-- then I do Mail call .and it starts---- Did I shut off the microphone ,plug in my golf cart, Find and plug in the house phone, reverse the batteries electric drill so I have two in the morning , Check the emergency light in the nut house which should Alert me if the temperature drops to 55 degrees ,  Hop in the shower and get all soapy and shampoo and pray I don't run out of hot water before I get it all rinsed off .   Into bed and I guarantee somewhere within a range of about 25 feet there will be a phone with the orange dots on it which will say “ low battery , low battery “ all night  long unless I get up find it and plug it in somewhere . it doesn't seem to have a kill switch . so the search for a orange dotted charger can take a few minutes .
 There are  cp’s who give me a disaster report every morning...  like this morning...” karl has diarrhea “   that is not the kind of thing we could miss noticing... particularly because he not only hhas the usual...  but ( here is an instructive point to remember)   IF YOU CAN HEAR HIM MOVING HIS BOWELS, YOU Have a problem needing atterntion” ..  we knew he had “projectile diarrhea” yesterday afternoon which is why he was isolated from the others in a confined area  with a washable floor.  MOST LIKELY HE ate something the run from the houst to  and from puppy hill... like bird poo.... chickens or wild... loaded with giardia causing gut problems.. apparently all the ground water in new england is loaded with giardia... so we keep big bottles of flagyl on hand... th4e poo could be loaded with alot of other things too  but giardia is the most common around here. he will need a few more symptoms before we pay too much attention... 
We have someone here overnight every night...  with strict priorities...   a pup with diarrheqha
Is given the second highest priority... second only to the police in the driveway because  a neighbor called to compalign about barking;.... Last night was a very active night for staff becausw not only did we have the one diarrhea but chaos apparently did not like her supper and threw that up ..  and then she she joined the crowd with apparently a smaller contribution from last night's dinner . but the place is spotless this morning and everything's under control .. if the vomiting and diarrhea continues or we have more of it then we can begin to worry about it .. many CPS have asked if we have medication and fluids .. Ivy fluids .. and yes we have plenty but they're gonna have to vomit more than once or twice before I even think about it . great Danes do seem to have the ability to reject something they did decide should not be in their stomach
There doesn’t seemt to be to much wrong with kaarl... he is screaming at the gate because he is bored  without 14 compqanions to entertaqin  him..
Cutting this short, I will go tqlk to him

Hi Linda,
We have been quite quiet this year as it really has been a pretty rough year regardless of COVID. We have spent a lot of time in the hospital with multiple procedures/surgeries and four ICU admissions. I am still recovering from the recent surgery but I developed an injection and it is not healing like we had hoped. It is just a continuous balance between everything. Elvis has been by my side through everything and every admission he has been allowed. He was not allowed in some ICU admissions due to the risk of me going into cardiac arrest or something and the doctors needing to get to me quickly without any added distractions. He has been solid as a rock in every situation and the doctors/nurses are always impressed with him. They all fall in love with him. 

Elvis didJump to Toolbar gain some more attention through a video I posted on social media that gained 2.6 million views and counting. It always amazes me to see how he has not changed my life but people comment on how much our partnership has changed their lives, made them smile or inspired them which always touches my heart. I could always write pages and pages about how incredible he is but it would never be enough... he is truly one in a million and I could not imagine having any other person or dog by my side through all of this. 

Hope you are doing well,