Friday, October 2, 2020

oct 2 2020 stowe

i can not get all  news in one dd  but here goes...

2020 10 2

How to put any of this into 25 words or less is be difficult . stowe  was placed with a family in New Hampshire and our  very experienced staff was to be keeping track of her . we got glowing reports that she was fine just not in heat ever .I never checked up ---so the fact that there was a huge  problem. Is basically my fault. .INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT ---WAS NEVER MORE TRUE.    SDP was responsible for the supervision of stowe. 

fortunately the family called to say stowe didn't look well and was not eating......   

to skip forward to the current . i sent  Pam  -- who picked her up--    She was lethargic and covered with fleas---- I didn't want to bring her here until we got a better line of what was wrong plus get rid of the fleas so I sent her directly to the emergency vet care in Andover Bulger hospital who kept her overnight cleaned her up and when I talk to them in the morning—the vet quite rightly

Gave me heck for not keeping track of this dog and why did I not realize what was going on with this dog.  With a not very subtle “just who was in charge of this dog ? “--- it was determined I could bring her home on medication and she would recover  ---probably ---no major things were uncovered at that point---- I did opt to bring her home knowing that they would have done more studies if I'd left her there however when I called back mid morning Bulger had closed on an emergency basis because of the cover virus .  so when she got home and began to spike a temp we tried to go to our local that who immediately sent her to Woburn which is the Massachusetts emergency vet hospital in Woburn------ to the tune of $2500 a day probably.

 I have opted to try and give her a chance which boils down to ---she will be there for a week if she survives everything and then will be home and on medication for another month or two which we ought to be able to handle without any problem--- it's the week in the Hospital that will involve care tests medications which could also be risky but we're gonna try . I will match what is in the fun fund so the $10,000. Required deposit  Is covered.


Boils down to … faced with a mess…. We will do the best we can for stowe.. which just might  be a recovery—however it might also be storke/heart attack.   I did sign a do not resuscitate order for her … which I feel is in her best interest.


AS ANGRY AS I AM ABOUT THE CONDITION OF  STOWE ,  I must not get negative, because there are many  people  I can  and do trust.   

Fact still remains true… 99% of dogs are honest.  I must quit  there.