Saturday, October 3, 2020

OCT 3 2020

 stowe reports are ....  encouraging....  not relieving... but encouraging...  


Her fever is gone

The blood and urine cultures are still pending

She is tolerating her antibiotics well (she is on very aggressive antibiotics)

They put her on a heart monitor today – it has a normal rhythm

Her breathing is good

They are going to repeat her white cell count tomorrow to compare it to when she came in

The fluid intake is being monitored to find a good balance – they decreased it today when they saw some fluid build up around her heart and lungs

Blood pressure is ok – compared to when she arrived


She did get up on her own and drink water and did walk outside for them to pee!


Taking it 12 hours at a time ….. 

 as are the reports of all you cp's adding a buck or two to the fun fund....we  certainoy have teh first week covered.... they tell me her future meds .... when she is at home... could be expensive...  and i said we would worry about that when the situation arrived and i am sure we will..   

chicken bricks aRE sold out so our payroll is covered..

Today we're gonna try and break up the  the 15 puppies into three groups there will be channel (KENNEL  I DO GO THRU AND CLEAN UP DICTATION A BIT....)10 on line the the back condo area on line and then the group in the nut house AKA used car lot those will not you will not be able to see those ..


and then as the day goes on we will rotate them around and bring them all back to the condo for overnight .. the one thing we need to fix there is to make something out there more agreeable for the overnight person to read a book or whatever the light is a little dim out there but if I could graduate all 15 puppies to living in the condo and going out onto the deck  SO A great part of their training would be moving along -----and I could get at my coffee pot in the morning without any complication .I'm already wearing my riding chaps which I haven't worn to ride in in probably 25 years but they do cover my lower leg with leather to deflect 15 puppies toenails at oh God how many how many toenails per foot there gonna be at least 4 and a dewclaws 5 we're talking 18 toenails per puppy times 15 puppies 270  toenails but attack me every morning .chaps are wonderful .




before we have any comments either on the Explore comment column or on Facebook all you people have to realize that we have to be able to make personnel changes as we see fit without comments from all you people who don't necessarily know what's going on .. and if I try and make comments to explain anyone LEAVING   then it gets too complicated and too personal so when these things happen just take it and accept it without a great negative buzz to get going .

people's lives change --- their needs change ---they don't all fit in here---hopefully the people here are perfectly capable of dealing with the CHORE  at hand .

Luckily my personal chore at hand  IS driving around a golf cart drinking coffee .  That is what I'm to do between the daily doggy add Mail call. The only comments I have are not for the print media .. this should save a great deal of money in the swear bear .


I will try and keep everyone updated  about sto in the daily doggy -- 

if you need something to worry about , if she is OK to come home after this you can then worry about sizzle and stole trying to live in the same household . two females can be almost as bad as two males but I've seen that work ..

case in point BMW kettle in Long Island run by Laura somebody I bought Tiffany from her and took Tiffany back to her to be bred .. she had two females not spayed who basically lived on a twin mattress on the floor in her huge entranceway absolutely no problem she then went around back of the house where there were four male dogs all of the same pen sort of she took one out Johnny his name was bread Tiffany and put him back in the pen with three others .I could not do that . she had it under control I'm not even gonna try that ----she is also the one we have a photograph of with five huge great Danes in a very small rowboat without too much would showing

over the water if any of the move they're all fall in she used to take them over to fire island to run I might be inclined to try five dogs in a rowboat but I can't even get two males anyways near each other .


I tried sending this already but I don’t think it went through-

Today we had a fun field trip to The Dancing Horses Theatre
and Animal Gardens. They were so wonderful and welcoming with Finn- I mean his training and behavior speaks for itself but they could have easily & legally said no SD. Finn’s training is so amazing! We really haven’t been able to keep him “exposed” to a variety of environments since COVID& today was a crazy day full of critters, different moving mobiles to ride on, flashing lights, loud music and people & horses running around with flames on their backs! Ok it was really glowing flame fabric under black lights but still!!

So what do you think Finn did?!?!?

Remained the perfect gentleman that he always is!!  Even when one of the mini donkeys wanted to make friends, he wanted no part of that, but totally behaved! He even earned us the VIP section! (Well at least that’s what they told us LOL) They were a little concerned he would make the horses nervous during the show and in that spot they’d be unlikely to notice him.

You all think that’s cool?!? Well guess what!!!! Eve decided to try the stairs there herself with Finn. She had enough of me helping her I guess. No braces- hasn’t walked or really weight beared at all in 10 months with all the things going on in her legs (fingers crossed the surgery coming up puts her back on her feet) she made it almost all the way up!!!! Never ever would this have happened without Finn! It’s been rough in that department this year - I’m so so happy to see she hasn’t totally given up the idea of walking..... because honestly at this point I can’t blame her if she does.
I KNOW Finn keeps that possibility alive for her and I’m so grateful for the amazing blessing we have been given by Service Dog Project
And all who support them!