Tuesday, October 6, 2020

OCT 6 2020

 I sat down, feeling desolated, bowed my head and crossed my knees--

Is fortune really predicated upon such tiny turns as these? 
Then Fate's a thing without a head. A puzzle never understood,
and man proceeds where he is led, unguaranteed of bad or good.
 a quote.....maybe kismet????  

between mommy nature,,  goldie,,and fate, all we can do is bash on..

the morning  stowe report
No change over night.  She was not interested in the buffet of food offered to her during the night.   She is tolerating the feeding through the nose.  
She was comfortable through the night due to the injectable pain meds.

I believe I have convinced them to allow Linda K to do an outside visit with Stowe soon.  Will coordinate with the panel of drs. assigned to Stowe this afternoon. 

12 hrs at a time ....
our 15 pups doing really well with judy and naNNY PAM 'S HANDLING... THEY ALMOST ALL FOLLOW-- AND ARE MANAGABLE BETTER THAN IN YEARS.  YOU CAN NOT SKIP BASIC TRAINING... WHICH  I LET SLIDE BADLY--- AND TEH TRAINERS THEN JUST LET IT GO.. AS EASIER TO FORGET... JUST LIKE Rat poison would be easier to eliminate rats in the barn,... the ultimaqte result is  far worse.  
ther e is a great picture of pam with all 15 following her down teh driveway to the puppy hill camera.

2020 10 6

All this puppy manageing happens sometime between 11:00 and 12:00 if the weather is at all decent we take him down put him on puppy he'll let him run around which is awfully cute keep in mind a month from now is not going to be as cute .. we let him run and then encourage them to go in kennel 10 but since there's so many of them we have opened the door between 9:00 and 10:00 so they have more challenge room. I have not open the ramp up to that loften 9 but I think I may do that today the loft in nine is basically a four by 8 sheet of plywood about 42 inches off the ground and a lovely place to take a nap if you are puppy or anybody else for that matter the sides of the ramp R well fenced off I believe I have to check on that .  I don't think they could fall off that loft . and I think the ramp is wide enough so if they get in an argument with each other with one up and one down I think they could pass each other .you can see all that on that barn camera I don't know the name of it it's the one with the thermometer in it I think .


I remember conversation I had by email ---actually by translated email --with a German breeder who said she only lets her puppies exercise 10 minutes a day on a leash at a walk …I just do not understand that one …when you look at how much fun ours have running up and down puppy Hill and don't seem to have any physical problem with it .. the pups are so darn rough with each other that I figure is the same as having an extensive veterinary physical exam if they can survive puppy Hill they're fine .

That concept was explained to me also by someone in adi  about how you mustn't make a dog work until they were at least 18 months old .

I think that comes from the thoroughbred racing horse racing .. where you can't run a 2 year old racehorse until the X Rays prove his growth plates are closed or something like that which happens at about 2years old .

I watch our dogs run up and down that Hill and play and if anything was wrong with them I think it would show up . and I am lifetime 450 Dane puppies … and hopefully counting .. although we don't have any females in heat just now .


I have tried to figure out how to get the puppies into the indoor arena , which might be nice in the coming weather but I don't think they would willingly go past the other kennels where the other dogs would bark at them and scare them ..

maybe if I work on that arena door way to the left of the camera I could get them from the driveway to puppy Hill till that door and then you could watch them inside for awhile .

that maybe should be my chore of the day


just after I get someone else to put my toolbox back on my golf cart .. darn things heavy but it carries an awful lot of what I need on a daily basis including duct tape


now it's about the whole on the shoulders of the blonde draft horse whose name I think is beatrous beatrous well be for short she has an incredible haul about an inch in diameter and almost as deep keeping the flies off in this weather is a huge problem but Janine has filled the hole with a product called SWAT which is supposed to keep the flies off but that shoulder is a mess so she has the whole field a lot of gauze pads and that's what looks like a strap around the horse is actually duct tape

I just checked the camera and the duct tape is still on so hopefully the hlole is still covered it does look funny but you don't want flies laying eggs in that hole you end up with maggots .may have already happened to her .. however it's cleaned now.

Hi Carlene! We are sitting here watching dogfest thinking back on all the adventures with sdp we have been lucky enough to experience. My very first trip on a sunday stew listening to your stories all the way through to today as we are missing people and a place that has come to mean so much more than anyone outside the sdp community could understand. The last 8 years have brought so much more than a dog into my life but rather an extended family and the best aunties a dog could wish for always looking out for him. We can’t wait until next year when we can hopefully all join back up and celebrate life and sdp all together again. Thank you for dreaming up this program and changing the paths of so many lives in the process.