Thursday, October 8, 2020

OCT 8 2020

why is th4e dd in "origionqwal "  mistyped form to stqrt?   i get my coffee, sit down and start typing this DD  then get up , turn off the tv and remember... i dan dictaTATE THIS...... 

FINALLY  ALL 15 PUPS EATIONG OUT OF  THEIR OWN BOWL.....  the mayhem of tryijng to deal with 15  hungrey ---out of control pups is over4 !!!    
seCRET WAS TO GET THE BOWL HOLDERS.... all of the same size...... LINED UP aLONG A FENCE SO WE DID NOT HAave to deal with 
over the top's"  ..   I HAD TO MAKE ONE MORE FEEDER FOR THE  puppy hill area..---wellllll to be honest  al l i had to do was locate the pieces and mark and mj( mj is a new addition)  sawed , drilled, and provided the bending over capability of which  i am sorely lacking.-----crawling aroung on my hands and kneese , they fetched and nailed a bunch of boards into a 6 hoole bowl holder. and now... per my  executaive order  small bowls will remain in the upper ( h ouse) area and larger bowls in the barn area where they will match the holders.   thaT'S WHY THEY PAY ME  THE BIG BUCKS.
 you might be intrestede to know all the preperation that went into  those bowl holders...  it started 22 years ago... LET ME DICTWTE HOW THIS HAPPENED...

2020 10 8
years ago I was still delivering want advertiser magazines when one of my delivery people couldn't make it for some reason or other  like Blizzard or broken down car and I was coming along 495 when the truck in front of me lost  one of those double pallets . it didn't look like there was anything on it but I pulled over anyway seeing as the truck didn't know they lost it and  i found it had 10 or 15 sheets a very expensive not plexiglass but lexan or  POLY-something .. HAVING A HANDY DANDY CUTTER IN MY TRUCI, I CUT THE STRAPS AND LOADED THE  The four foot by 8 foot sheets ONTO my truck and carefully drove home .. that stuff has been wonderful and I've used it all around the farm various places it comes in blue and black the blue is about an eighth of an inch thick and the black is almost 1/4 and is tough .. so most of our dog feeders here are covered with that blue airplane stuff ..
 Crazy acres is put together that way ----- outside the laundry building there is a pad where you can wash dogs or laundry ---- it used to be a bit of a muddy mess until some people on the other side of hood pond decided to tear up their patio and we're going to put all these two foot square chunks of concrete with pebbles in 'em in the dump .. one of their neighbors told me about it and I went ghadam and and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle in the mud proof areas around several hose connections ..
I watched someone hosing down the kennel yesterday and remembered it was Paul earlene's husband . who was the retired plumber who put in that and hose connections which made kennel washing possible .
The donkey cafe which looks so normal now was another muddy mess that was ELIMINATED the day I learned of a very inexpensive concrete framing outfit who would pour that concrete pad reasonably AND IMMEDIAGTELY  WITHOUT TOO MUCH PLANNING / DESIGN..
the rest of that story is that there was a Corporation having a work day at service dog project and I very quickly got them to put in some pieces of two inch pipe vertically just before they poured that pad that would give me some way of putting in barriers or whatever I hadn't figured it out yet----    well I did not check up on was w they putting those things in a straight line which they we're not . however there again we got it done and those pipes now  hold up the tarp of the roof .
Biggest one time improvement is probably the electric gate -----  back when I did not have all these internal fences and animals were more or less loose on the 12 acres  we had a gate that you stopped got out open the gate drove through got out shut the gate and drove on . in winter it was brutal . I don't think at that point we had a tractor to plow either
Speaking of the tractor in 2012 just after the cameras came on . I really splurged and bought a tractor with a cab both heated and air conditioned .. because up to that point I was sitting in the freezing cold wrapped in moving blankets plowing snow with a bucket which meant push forward pickup dump backup 1000 times per snow storm . now I have a plow on my nice heated car and I can shove snow around so that people can get in here to work and when the piles become impossible we could use the tractor bucket to clean up the mess
it's just a few things that we now consider normal but it wasn't always that way .

stowe pudate... 
maybe coming home today or tomorrow...  plan is for her to become bentleys buddy  so she can hopefullow his lead as to life on crazy acres.
Re: wed. DD.
I followed Rizz almost from the day she was born.  A recent knee replacement had me fairly immobilized and bored.  Charisma caught my eye and she just delighted me.  (I am going somewhere with this!).

To your point re: Capree, Rizz is a thinker too.  She was an awful shit disturber (along with her brother Willy), but I often saw her step aside a bit and just observe the goings on.  Also, when all the other pups were sleeping, I would see her off to one side just watching them.  I swear I could almost see her brain going.
I am as proud of Rizz as anyone could be.  I love her so much and can't tell you how happy I am that you saw her potential; what a wonderful service dog she has become.
Thank you!


note:  i noticed hoodsie  was gone the day he left... luckily...    i was told he was blind and had unpredictable behavior--  i never noticed any vision problems and if true would be a terrible oversight on my part.. so i had devin go  to saugus immediagtely and get him back.....- i saw no problem with his vision.. so i  immediately took him to a canine eye doctor  who certified on paper that his vision was fine..   shall we say....   it was an eye opener of the first order. . 
 hi Carlene,

Clark continues to take the work-at-home life in stride. He is happy to be in his vest, "working" next to me during the day. I've had some late nights working on my dissertation and sometimes he will even choose to lie on his mat next to me, without his vest, though I've told him he can go to bed for the night. He is so devoted! We've been able to go out to a few places that are safe, socially distant outings to enjoy the fall Ohio weather. We went to a farmer's market this past weekend, and one of the vendors offered a treat for Clark. I said yes, but that I would be the one to give it to him. The vendor said "Oh but he needs to do a trick first. Sit boy, sit!" I was so shocked, imagining how fast I would fall over if he would have listened to her, and grateful that he doesn't know "sit"!! She then asked me "Does he do any tricks?" and I am thankful my mask hid my aghast expression. I told her that his tricks are helping me to walk, tried to explain a little, but moved on quickly. Ah, I think being out of the public eye so much has made me forget what people will do around a big, beautiful dog! But he still brightens people's days when they see us, and that is a wonderful thing, especially with the world in such a difficult situation.

We hope you are all staying well.