Sunday, November 15, 2020

nov 1 2020 arena

 a gale report for ipswich????    this afternoon??/   with 2 big buildings like tents, this could be serious

. i remember--- here we go again----  we had a 60 x 100 wooden arena  built in 1979   IT WAS  a DArk and dreary building..... in some heavy blizzard the roof gave up trying to hold up all that snow. and collapsed 
.. and we had a mess of piles of wood and contents...    it took masterson construction company  only 2 days to put it all in a huge dumpster which cost $7000 to dump...  and i was on to this clearspan building we now have.   this was not what the   ipswich building insopector thought we should do... he wanted me to put up another wooden one and he knew of a friend......   but..... i wanted this  white  cheerful arena.   this is when he said i was out of my league i was only a woman.. and slapped me with  having to have a soil compaction study done of the exact ground  where the old one stood.   there are not too many certified soil compaction study people  in eastern mass... but he had one.. who charged $27,000 and spent all of 2 hours with sonna tubes and  then decided it was ok to build.. ...all this on a BUILDING THAT  IF ANYTHING..... WOUOLD GO UP AND NOT DOWN.
 so this is now where we are at... it could go up... like a big balloon... 

2020 11 15

There is a little more to this story these clearspan buildings are straight out of Iowa or someplace like that nice company .. and the thing arrived in two trucks with three men who preceded to put it together like a kids erector set pipes and cables all over the place and I of course watched fascinated by the whole procedure .. they got it up and it was wonderful it was very light with that white roof it doesn't have any electricity we don't use it night anyway ..  but as I stood around I know tist that all these X is made out of cable we're supposed to be very tight I imagine with these turnbuckles and some of those turnbuckles we're fully extended and barely caught and others were wound tight so you couldn't take them any further and I thought that was a very strange thing to be looking at .. looking further I saw where the cables came down and were affixed to this significant supporting hardware and at one point they were wrapped around the pole before being bolted in place well that was very strange so I took a picture of this and sent it to clearspan .. I said you know I'm only a woman but …this just doesn't look right .. about two days later a man arrived from clearspan who pretty much took the whole thing apart and put it back together again with the cables and the turnbuckles and the bolts all properly affixed to whatever they were affixed to .. And all the turnbuckles we're sort of middle screwed .. giving us loads of room to tighten if we have to .. 


and then I had a Jerry rigged aviary where I tried Therese dutiful Peacocks and what the helck are the other ones partridges no maybe something like that .. and I that was in place before I knew about clearspan .. then I had Jerry rigged the whole thing out of Greenhous type hardware with Arches that we're not as heavy duty as they should have been .. by the time the arena was up and functioning my Peacock house was collapsing ..  so I went back to clearspan and bought the 30 by 40 building now called the G10 .. that's G and tent .. because the camera people made fun of the fact they thought I was going to house giraffes in it .. the problem was with 30 by 40 feet it had to have a good arch to get rid of all the snow that had caused the last one to collapse at any rate I I laid out the 30 by 40 pad that it's on with my 345 triangle straight out of high school geometry ..  it made it pretty level with my siphon hose that saved the $10,000 a construction company wanted to do the same thing ..high school geometry is very handy …and we started to put it up with a great collection of bent pipes tubes the cables and turnbuckles we're extremely explicit as to what went where because no two were exactly the same length and we did it very carefully with the help of Jerry and Steve from Ohio who are the only couple I think I've seen work so closely for a few days without having one argument it was amazing .they got 3/4 of it done and then the GE crew came in and finished it up things like getting that canvas over the top was no simple matter but it snapped down in place and has been terrific


All that is years ago and now when I look at it I thoroughly enjoy it very pleased I did not put up a wooden building but I do wonder if we shouldn't get up there and check all those turnbuckles and tighten them all a little bit .. however I don't have time to today if we're due to have a Gale at 5:00 o'clock so we'll have to go with it


the other thing I could mention is the fact it would have been possible to have that arena herave black paw prints all over it that would have been an extra few dollars and I didn't do it although every once in awhile I think she would be nice to have those paw prints up there so if that particular top blows away thenext stop I buy I think I'm gonna try and dip into the fund fund and have paw prints on it .. these clearspan buildings are used in agricultural settings out in the Midwest and are absolutely wonderful they can make him almost any size well at least any length but also plenty wide I'm sure they have a website for it everybody to go play with if anybody wanted to put up a garage size building I'd get one of those in a heartbeat ..


the other piece of the arena  story ---    is the fact that being a white top daylight provides all the light we need so I have no electricity in that building and for the last 30 years haven't needed it .. then Lynn came to me the other day and said it would be nice to have light in there so the camera could see what goes on at night---   well hopefully nothing goes on at night but I did go into the overflow room which is where we collect odd things we're never going to use   and took down a mammoth spotlight was given to us years ago---  THOR X    10,000,000 candle power   -- I bet if I just aim that spotlight at the roof of that arena there will be plenty of light to do whatever we want to do .. and I find on eBay there is another battery and  a battery charger .. which is now on its way here .  This light is halogen light which to me means exceedingly hot and would produce fires and things so I've never really liked halogen lighting with the exception maybe of 1 police size flashlight that is over our cash register ..

thus endeth the story of our arena

hardly exciting or fascinating   but after 3000 of these things I'm running out of topics ..

well not really... 
5PM   mail call tonight could be  very exciiting if we are strucki by a gale which takes tehe arena roof over to the develppement next door....