Sunday, November 1, 2020

nov 1 2020

 having the pups n the barn is  lovely ... i think ... i did hear rumors of barking... but  never heard it myself... 

capricious and malarkey    did come in to remove my slippers at 3:00amseeing as i was already awake, it was cute....
 cute could change at 3am  as they grow out of the  cute stage..

2020 11 01


I have two pups in the house…   Lynn has one   at home with her… leaving 12 in the barn by design it was 6 twos .. why that means there's three in  Kendall  10 I don't know  .. but I had 4  emails asking me if we could count ..  thank you very much ---    the three rule is much more critical during play time not sleeping time .. Lynn has everybody organized to give out bedtime cookies at 7:00 PM and then early in the morning to get away from the empty tummy vomit problem ..

moving on …

this snow was not a dusting of an inch ----  we have about 6 inches and it still is very cold certainly by my standards .. making me wish we had a fireplace working .. the repair company is coming on November 6th to install a $5000 stainless steel liner becausw we lossed 1/2 inch by 6 inch piece of mortar between These ceramic liners .. which is at least two feet solid rock away from anything burnable but we have to do that or my insurance is no good .. Furthermore the chief of the fire Department suggested but should we have any other kind of fire in the chimney that we be sure to call him he'd be delighted to come and and watch it burn for no charge .   historically in the last 30 years we've probably had at least one chimney fire a year I thought that's how you clean the creosote out because by the time the fire is out equals  same time as it would take for the fire Department to get here .. ( old story…but..)     with the possible exception of the time I put Janine up on the roof with a fire extinguisher in her Victoria's Secret clothing ..  that fire had started in the pine needles next to the window so I did feel the urgency to get Janine up there with the fire extinguisher ..and she did have it out by the time the fire Department arrived in therir 85 pounds of equipment per person .. four guys just stood and watched as  Janine  Slid around in the foam of the fire extinguisher  and I got her off the roof On to the wobbley wooden ladder that usually held up our towels in the bathroom     . they     said “why can't all emergency calls be like this ?   “


I have threatened to stay in my room and make monkey fists until the temperature gets back to 70 degrees next June .. so I hope a lot of people want monkey fist s..Donna is dying them .. red blue and purple for the nice 2 inch ones   and I guess she could do the one inch ones too ..   The one inch monkey fists R the ones that have the marble in the middle and the saying “these are for when you think you've lost your marbles you have one left “ .. and they are good zipper pulls . 


I got some serious money for the two   4  pound ones made of the brown ?manila/sissle?  Rope..   for those I needed a duck pin biowling ball  which I never knew existed til someone sent me those…. Now if anyone has any old battered duck pin balls … or cnadle pin ones…   send them…  I could have a good thing going.. and it will be a long winter of monkey fist making til we thaw out.    


this being the 1st of November it is two days from the 3rd of November … which should be pretty exciting ..  but today is a “shat up on Sunday”  .. we probably will set up the tables in the arena ---would be my guess --- so that they are visible from that camera .. The usual procedure is to set the tables up about 2:00 o'clock .. and put on the numbered stickers before 3 .. and a t 301     set out three chickens .. to do their thing and pick the winner .. then one of the volunteers we'll toss a purple half boiled egg up in the air and down under the table and the purple number closest to the yolk also becomes a   permanent member of the shadow pod society   and gets a smaller gift from me then the one chosen by the chickens .


all the pups are outside looking for someone to come talk to them   they  No darn well that it's really 8:00 o'clock not 7 by their internal  clock..someone should be here at 7:00 o'clock to entertain them both MJ and Dennis should be around so we'll just watch and wait .. 


hoping all goes well with Connor and Gretel who are back in New Jersey today .. If Connor take super care of Gretel and talks to her a lot she should become a good friend c  who  helps him a great deal ..  It does take about six months to get in step with each other ..  they both will have good days and bad days but usually about six months things really smooth out ..