Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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 PUPS ON LEASH ARE DOING GREAT..   AND CAN BE SEEN ON THR PUPPY HILL CAMERA ON OCAsion  ..  now that i haVE 4 PERFECTLY ROUND TIRES I MAY TAKE EACH for a car ride all by themselves  - they are showing personalities and concersn  ..one is fussy about roommates-- can't blame him.. hi h as marks on h is neck from being chewed upon...  

2020 11 10
In the nice weather I've enjoyed sitting down there and watching the puppies and I noticed they don't go back into a kennel quite as nicely as I think they ought to and after watching for awhile I know tist that the trainers handlers everybody else sort of encourages them to follow them back to the kennels by holding a cookie in front of their nose and then the handler stops at the gate and expects the puppy to go on in to the kennel and get the cookies from an extended arm but the puppy thank so he great I'm following you and that's good and then you stop so I'll stop with  no intention of going in the kennel--- we have to turn that one around pretty quickly.
So we've started having handlers keep going into the kettle and sit down and play with the puppies while they're seated in the kennel..  we need to have the puppies be happier about being in there and get rid of the idea once I go in there I'm trapped because that's exactly what happens to an awful lot of dogs when it comes to crates cages kennels it's not happy enough to be in there so's toughest job as it sounds I've asked people to just go into kennels and sit down and play with puppies ..
it's not without its danger as these toenails are getting longer and longer .. and even if you cut them they still how about tremendous ability to scratch so sitting on the ground in the kennel had to be very careful that the puppies don't scratch at your face---- I don't think there's one puppy yet that has the concept of eating dinner and then getting back into the kennel.... .
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I don’t know if any of you saw  on the puppy Hill camera yesterday Lynn helped magette sizzle and Germany harness together and striding pretty well together so that I could take them in the golf cart and put a few miles on them ..  aside from it being a pretty funny looking an interesting thing to do .. historically I'm talking way back at the beginning 1990 ish...  I used to do it all the time when I took animals to put on display in some town or another like Boston Charleston Cambridge wherever .. I could hook two together and direct them and have them trot very nicely in a great big Figure 8 .. by calling the inside dog and having them bend toward me and then quickly running the other direction called the other dog it makes them do a Figure 8 ...  it was very popular
we used to do a lot of animal displays particularly in the holiday season .. my children have a very peculiar opinion of the holiday season because from Thanksgiving through New Years we were busy almost every night somewhere ..  donkeys with antlers we're often Santa's reindeer ..  we drove the eight donkey hitch like the budweiser's .. into many ballrooms with Santa Claus in the cart with me .. one of the more notorious jobs was the ballroom on the 4th floor of the western hotel ..--- 
out of the freight elevator in harness we wove our way through the food holding area around the strawberry shortcake's which were red and white pretty .. into the ballroom dropped off Santa ..  went through where four elevators were  each held by a BU student   --two donkeys per elevator strip off the harness and Janine and I ran the donkeys absolutely loose out the front door on to Huntington Ave traffic and jogged our way to the bottom of the Prudential tower I block away -- where another BU student was holding the freight elevator for us .. Janine and all the donkeys got on the elevator and went up to the top floor bar where all the donkeys  just wandered there and delighted the  democrayic crowd of people which wasn't hard to do . while  I went back I got the trailer, kids and harness   out from underneath the western hotel which wasn't easy either the trailer was tractor trailer size --- anyway we made it ..
Then there was a job we did in Andover ---Santa's farm donkeys sheep which I did not  usually have .. and I think a  Turkey was on that job too the Turkey had his own little house with windows where people could look in and see him but the donkeys the sheep and my friend D to an I we're in the cold .  and it was cold .. it was so cold we put blankets on the donkeys ... only to have someone complained we didn't blanket the sheep who by their very nature had about 2 inches of wool on them before we went anywhere ..  dida  and I both had snow suits and we had buried ourselves in the pile of hay -----it was a miserable night but there still was a crowd .. then the police arrived because someone complained that there were two homeless people hiding in the hay .. that certainly is what we looked  like ..
there was another  summer job we did in Cambridge which  comes to mind...    basically bunch of animals including the bed well there was usually three Danes on the bed and several underneath the bed ---  apparently some guy spent a lot of time talking about the danes  as was the usual case and it didn't really register until .......
I was in the process of having a colonoscopy and the doctor had just said to me roll on to your left side which I did .. and she said “now I recognize you.”....  turns out her husband had spent time talking to me about Danes when we were in Cambridge on the River way and consequently she now owned 3 Great Dane dogs . “  The timing was exquisite ..... I could never make this stuff up .. things just happen in the World of crazy acres .
When I last cleaned the garage I came to a set of bells ..  these were three bells on a raised brass rack which strapped to the harness of the lead team of donkey and seven those were the two donkeys ..  those bells had a peculiar shrill ring to them    that we really began to hate so that the last thing I would do when harnessing these eight donkeys would be to Bolt these damn bells til those two donkeys .. I set this bells aside in the garage thinking at some point I would get them out and shake them when Janine was around and I'm sure she wouldn't react .. but somebody's put them away where I can't find them at the moment I'm sure they'll appear again sometime ..
So doing all these jobs as a company called animal episodes , not only took up every day from Thanksgiving through New Years but it also provided us with about 50%
of my kids tuition money .. so there were no gift or present involved ..  it was all work .   Even before animal episodes I had very strong feelings about buying plastic toys for my young children at christmas ----and at a very young age I gave them money and explained that 30 days later they could buy twice as many toys for the same amount of money And in January with a great deal of ceremony we waltzed around the Toys R Us stores and they had a grand time ..... in the meantime we played with great big boxes that we found along the neighbors driveways .. a lot of Cardboard and some watercolor paint we battled our way through the holiday season .
There is a funny sideline 2 how successful animal episode was mainly becausw I could call janina   at bu and say I need four people at 6:00 am  saturday  for the day $100 cash and I would drive by the predetermined corner in Boston at 6:00 in the morning and there would be 4 quite intelligent helpers all ready to go .
The rest of that story Skip forward 10 years and in the professional world of e-commerce......  Janine would run into some guy somewhere and they would reminisce “oh I was the chicken guy at the Pru that day “
n  To close that topic... it all went really well without a hitch, until one of the bu students brought brownies to a job....  And I was very allergic to whatever it was he had in those brownies....
You mentioned schools eliminating physical exercise to increase book learning.  Interestingly enough, at least in our school district, one good thing to come out of this COVID crisis is that our schools have actually INCREASED the amount of physical exercise the kids get.  Our middle school and high school are doing 90 minute long classes to allow time for everyone to go outside during every class to take mask breaks and allow the kids to run around.  My daughter, who has always been annoyed by fellow students disrupting class, said the behavior of even the worst  students has greatly improved.  So, you are definitely onto something there!