Wednesday, November 11, 2020

nov 11 2020 bark report

2020 11 11


Late start   I had to spend a great deal of time pulling up out of the bowels of this computer what was known as the barking report done by a camera person back in 2017 ..

the neighbors at that point were complaining about the barking dogs Annd  Lynn I don't know where she lived but she was up at night and so she documented exactly what she heard from about 11:00 o'clock at night on through to 6:00 o'clock in the morning everything from Roosters crowing the rain falling to people's starting their cars whatever .. I am unhappy to say that I really would like to have that documentation again .. so for all you people on the other side of the world who are up what I consider to be 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM if you could just give me the time the date of what you hear for that span of time it would be very helpful

i will turn on the  puppy hill mic.  

the basic problem is dogs in  general,  have such a bad reputation that if you live next to 50 to 100 dogs they must bark all night long    and ours   don't or they haven't yet . so if you would give me a list of 1:45 a door banged and the in 3:28  a rooster crowed .. and if a dog barks make note of it and give us the start and stop time .. most often they're reacting to something Ed will bark for less than a minute .. if you can figure out what they barked at that's even more helpful I coyote in the distance or peoples voices or whatever .. I have 8 pages of notes from 2017 but I think it would be helpful to have more current if you just even email it to me I'd appreciate it .

now for how wonderful my dogs are .. I have two other puppies living here in the house probably to become breeding dogs capricious and mullarkey .. I was exceedingly proud of them as the board of directors we're all sitting at a circle down by the pond and couple people came up from the barn with capricious and mullarkey following loose and they walked right through a bunch of chickens picking out things from the lawn and the puppies never but never did a thing .  that was impressive ..


capricious in the morning will come in looking for a snack and hit this treat dispenser five or six times .. I need to spend a few minutes or more with malarkey to get him caught up to that 'cause he's probably hungry then too that way they can feed themselves at least a stack ..


met an interesting recipient yesterday .. Typically I couldn't remember his name or the dogs but I found out he's a professor at BU in communications or something like that ..  and he has a wonderful dog most notably at the moment as one who aid a foot long piece of leather which some veterinarian removed .

there must be some way that a professor of communications could figure out how to benefit service dog project… I’m  ready to work on that ….

big topic of board of directors was the writing of grants .. that's a mixed bag. it sounds so wonderful .. just tell someone all the wonderful things you do and they send you money which you don't have to pay back .. the only hitch there is there are at least 17,000,000 other people writing all the wonderful things they do and asking for money also ..

our benefit to society is very difficult to put in words .. certainly helping people like Bella with George  has made a huge difference in her and her life but that's only one person very often these grants or the people who write them are looking for someone who runs the food bank to benefit 1200 people daily by donating bags of food .

the only part which I thought might be more interesting  the grant people   is the number of people who find relief from boredom by watching our cameras ..and all the odd activities that go on here ----  some good some bad what you see is what you get ..  the only project where I could envision helping many thousands of people is this somehow get all these smart televisions which are in all these nursing homes to run on explore cameras ..  not just our cameras but the panda bears which is one of my favourites or just to run the Australian underwater cameras giving you a virtual aquarium to watch .. Judy was fantastic at putting that together and Janine did get some of them running but then cover hit and we had to quit .. but that concept is still there and I would love to have somebody figure out an easy way to get those smart TV's hooked up to a limited number of Internet sources first of which I would make ..  because of that I have sitting on my desk a bunch of firestix I think they're called .. which we bought in preparation for connecting more nursing homes with ..  thankfully the boxes they come in are bright orange so hopefully I won't lose them before we get rid of the culva restrictions and we can get back to work .. or even better by then somebody will have made it easier in the long run some other ways .  so we would then have generic appeal to the grand  givers .


in the meantime these grant givers are not interested in the fact that between the daily doggy and the cameras we entertained and hopefully cheer up couple 1000 people per day .     The dedication all those people to the shatupon Society of Ipswich is what makes crazy acres possible ---  of course without charlies explore cameras there would be no shatupon society ..

There are so many people who offered   to write grants for us ,  Because it sounds so easy just write pretty things and get money ----doesn't work that way ,

and certainly there are professional great writers … well I don't know how you distinguish who's who .. I do know of a service dog training outfit who hired a grant writer --I should say  a grant writing firm---- which sounded so official   they charged $100,000 a year and we're responsible for the donation of $10,000 .

I'm not willing to risk $100,000 That project ..  because anytime I get anyone in a financial conversation , and they hear how successful you people are with our  shat upon society ..  they are astounded…..  so I don’t see any reason to entertain the idea of  generic grant writing…


Now if anyone has some connection to any specific source of money,  we would be delighted to connect with them.. We do a wonderful job with our pennies .and behave in a very thrifty manner ---  I'm very proud of our financial statements even in this cova thing ..   our 990 will shortly be posted   wherever nine 90s are posted and you got all look at all over .. although by the time I've read the utility bills at Mail call you have a pretty good idea of where our money goes it's not done in huge salaries for anybody although I'm happy to announce we are above the minimum wage for everybody .. which is how it should be ..  We have some wonderfully critical people doing a fine job even though at times it would be hard to put on a resume .  chicken chasing  and mule tipping…

Speaking of mule tipping..    MO is fine.. and skuffles between equines is relatively normal—it may be terrifying to see 2000 pounds of equine floppinyg about a stall.. but she got herself up…..  no ..the only thing to worry about is if she “chokes”  ( this  megasophagus problem) and Janine thight she would do better here for a while.  It is sometimes hard to understand why Janine moves  donks and horses around.. but she does know what she is doing..the details are sometimes bizzarre sounding so I don’t bother.

hanging in there.....