Thursday, November 12, 2020

nov 12 2020

 -i really would prefer to get out of bed  before 5am....historically bentley and chaos would come in my bedroom shortly after 4 and we would have a "good m orning howl" which was fun ... and i often put on the mic so all you camera people  could enjoy it... however... it was pointed out to me that the neighbors might not find it so amusing..     being about 250 feet away from the barn dogs ( who always joined in)  i didn't think they could hear it. .. but we stopped NYWAY..      ROUTINES DIE HARD THO... THIS MORNING BEN TLEY LED THE CHARGE AND BEFORE I WAS  OUT OF BED I HAD 5 DANES IN M Y  NOT TOO LARGE BEDROOOM....+-  THE "LITTLE PUPPIS " ARE N OW OVER 50 POUNDS EACH    SO THERE IS A GOOD 550 POUNDS OF DANE... I BETTER GET ANOTHER LALLY COLUMN IN THE CELLAR --BEFORE LONG.


11 12 2020

All their raised sleeping lofts have either a ramp or a set of stairs so they're well used to the concept of running up and down a ramp like the condo area in the house ..

but it was interesting to watch the different pumps approach to the problem of getting into a car they can't yet jump but they will eventually .


they are progressing unleash there is a distinct difference in their approach to the whole problem of walking with people some pubs let me rephrase that a lot of Great Dane puppies are basically timid and so they very naturally want to walk right next to you for security has nothing to do with healing they just feel safer there which is a good thing the other type pop figures it's time to look around everywhere else and sniff everything regardless of what you want to do .. the normal book learning of dog training will tell you that athere is such a thing as a fear biter .. and that certainly is true if a dog is afraid of you and you back him into a corner you'll get bitten that's their defensive last resort , however I think most of our dogs just want to stay right next to you or hide behind you when they are in question  - after about 6 months of being paired, it is my opinion that they behave so nicely because they Realise that their partner will protect them from all the things they don't understand . it works .

In my opinion it might be easier to train then the more outgoing dog who want to leap in everybody's lap and sniff every squirrel .. however they all make it eventually .


now it is about mo… a lot of people are all upset about Moe and the fact that B is dominating her and the fact that bea is dominating everybody in that pen .

to some degree that's the way of the world in any horse society they have a structure and one is the boss in this pen at the moment it's Bea.. and kicking at each other is their way of communicating ..

now bea is a draft horse and doesn't have the agility to really kick the others as fast as some of the riding horses we have had here that doesn't say she might not be able to once but her the general tendency is she's big and slow ----these being donkeys and a mule   by all logic they have more sense and will get out of the way once this domination is ascertained .  I don't think I've ever seen a horse kick another donkey or horse over ..  the fact that Bo fell down at one point has to be the fact that mole has a history of occasionally falling down for no apparent reason ..  she did that long ago with Tanner riding her ..   and apparently she has fallen several times at the other farm ..  there is some reason that Moe ended up in the slaughter pen for Janine to buy i and bring home--- it could be that she felt falls down in harness or something ..

at any rate I can't get too upset but again I'm not going to ride her either .  Bo has the additional problem  of shall I call it inefficient swallowing ..  in dogs I would call it megaesophagus …   in a horse it's called choke ..  and if you all watch doctor Paul the National Geographic Channel you will see him on occasion deal with choke bypassing it tube and water down the horses throat and pumping in water to loosen it .   mo has this problem we know that --  could be Janine felt better about Moe being here under somewhat more closely observed then over at the other farm ..  where at some point she could drop dead .  So I want to prepare everyone on camera for the fact well whenever you have animals they're going to die ..  hopefully in a better situation that on some truck on its way to Mexico .   The cameras here at crazy acres deliver the raw footage ..   whatever happens happens and we're not going to edit it for Internet whatever .. Facebook ..   We take super care of all our animals ..  in many times there are books that have been written suggesting we do other things ..  we have enough experience to know If a donkey or horse  hashas  enough hay and water they can go for days   -- We also have enough experience to notice that these big horses cannot get enough hey out of the hay bags that have those little 2 inch holes .. and they really need to have access to the free feeding of the hey in the donkey cafe .   but they don't need that 24 hours a day either ..


so the number of people who have emailed me saying get rid of be or send Moe back to the other farm there's just so many factors involved .  bea  was here  because of a significant hole on her Withers which was oozing and dripping all the way down her leg and it needed some fairly daily treatment .. it's now healed over and it could be Janine could find someplace else to put bea   .. fact remains I don't see anything abnormal about the way horses kick at each other ..  you camera people are spoiled with looking at the normally well behaved donkeys ..  which esstab lish their dominant role in a much more dignified manner which is flicking their tail .. so B is a perfect example Of why I prefer donkeys to horses ..    and Moe being a mule can usually be relied on to have a more sense than a horse which has  none.

So if B is hogging the grain which gets spilled into the donkey cafe it's that is a good thing because Moe should not be eating it with the swallowing problem ..

actually the goats should be eating it either because they don't really need it and that could be detrimental to them for eating too much of it so be fights them off too .

it's a balancing act . 

Hello Everyone,

Lady Ripple and I just checking in with First all the praise to our girl, she is so smart and loving.
At first she was very shy and skeptical of everything!
But 9 months now since she chose me to be in her care, she knew her job!

And now that she is more comfortable in her new home she has her own routine with everything, Johnny and I stay so happy and amused with Lady Ripple in our life!
And we go alone with her quirky routines!
Every morning she jump’s in our bed for her love and scratches, then play with the covers, then I go to the door to let her go out into her fenced 1 acre back yard, we live on  26 acres but I wouldn’t feel safe for her to not have her own safe area.
So she will not go outside until she walks me down the steps to my swing and sits me down, then she runs back inside to Johnny and lets him know he has to come too!
So when we are both sitting into our swings, she then goes out into her domain and runs and smiles and then she rests in the sun.
If I get up there she is running back inside to get me and take me to the wheelchair.

She understands when I say let’s go to the couch or Wheelchair, bathroom, bed, or going out somewhere!
Se totally understands everything I say!
She loves Johnny and keeps up with him too, he fell out of his swing the other day and she goes over and helped him up!
In the South we have a saying that is, Lady Ripple rules the roost around her!
God Bless,
Team Sandy and Lady Ripple and Johnny