Friday, November 13, 2020

nov 13 2020



2020 11 13

The problem was it took a bit of footwork to get them started and I'm not so good with the footwork  now however Lynn helped yesterday and we did get sizzle and Gemini working together .. basically I take a horse halter turn it upside down and backwards with the headpiece becoming the girth on the dog it makes a fair decent harness and before I got these harness is from China this was what we used as a balance harness for dogs and it was fine … so you  put the two harnesses on the dogs then for openers I run a rope through the rings of the girth and  hold both ends because with any tension they pull themselves together very much like the pigs did in the commercial for hood milk plus the fact if one turns around and decides to go backwards you could let go and they're not tide together this is kind of critical to begin with 'cause they do that …  so Lynn got them started so I could swing in next to her in the golf cart and take them around for awhile and it worked .. So with great bravery I took a double end of snap and hook the two together at the girth and also at their neck because the color that they are now wearing is the nosepiece of the horse halter so with the double ended snaps we bravely took off and they did very well...   I did not get into the pond area which I would like to do today but we maDE you turns up by the gate and down by the barn with only one miserable twist up where Gemini decide to go the other way Luckily I could get them unsnapped .. you don't wanna snap two together they might decide to fight 'cause I could get very very complicated ..  HISTORICALLY.....  I did have a dog get his lower jaw through one of these training collars the chain collar  I remember it well it was right by where my desk now is and the dog twisted thus tightening the chain on his lower jaw and tightening around the neck of the other dog that was a horrendous mess as they both were upset with each other trying to bite WHILE  they had their jaws all tangled up in This chain .. this is basically why we don't leave collars on dogs at all around here....    that was a mess however ..  undoing Germany and sizzle was not too complicated I just Hooked him up again straighten it out and off we went .. within a few days I would expect them to get in stride with each other .. I don't know whether this helps with trying to get in stride with the recipient .. but I don't think it hurts .. it is a lot easier for me in a golf cart .. besides it's kind of fun

For the rest of the animal report

I think the Turkey has been listening to the news about Thanksgiving because one of our turkeys has turned damn MEAN--- now biting people in the rear end .. Lynn got it a significant pinch .. and I was standing there when he bit one of the volunteers with a significant pinch .. I've never seen that before I do know that turkeys are inclined to pEck it something shiny like hubcaps .. and because of that you have to be very careful with small children because their eyes are somewhat shiny and the turkeys might be fascinated that would be a bad thing very bad …. but pinching people in the rear end is only somewhat amusing especially with Thanksgiving on the calendar .we certainly do not intend to serve either Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner it's just interesting thAT he started to bite .

and then there's Moe THE MULE   AND BEA THE DRAFT HORSE....    ..

I talked to Janine last night and the reason she bought Moe back here is she thought she might have more people watching her then at the other farm with this possible choke deal …  .. I'm just trying to get everybody ready …  Moe is no spring chicken and has to be pushing 25 or 30 years old ..  she's not gonna live forever ,  nobody does .however  we give her  every shot we can .

 when we first got Moe I noticed she had a very strange way of extending her head in a peculiar way and I at that point had not known about choke BUT I knew it was strange so I called Brian  --DVM--who came and said  FOOD WAS STUCK IN HER THROAt....  it was a good call and he straightened it out with hose and water as you have seen on doctor Paul if you happen to watch National Geographic . apparently moe had the same thing happened at the other farm and Brian's straightened it out again .. each time with more and more difficulty .. and there is often a significant bloody nose as he passes the tube down it down her throat.  We could only feed her the suggested way which is on the ground and hope for the best------suggestion was not too much grain at any one time which means a Cup of grain in a frying pan held or put on the ground is the way to go we're trying to feed her plus all the hay she needs .  That gets complicated with the fact that beA  is the more  dominant  member of that pastURE community …  and if we try to feed moe on the ground will have enough trouble with the goats and can't really deal with B at the same time .. because of that I suggested the JANINE   find another home for be because her wound is very nicely healed over now and she could easily go to somebody else .. so that's the overall plan with that one


now for mother and baby we both thought we should try and get those two in with our others by the weekend when beA  leaves ..  the mother does belong to somebody else   who doesn't necessarily want the baby so I said that we keep it ..  so that may happen..


I tell you all this ahead of time because for once I have a few extra minutes to do that and I really don't want people complaining about animals that come and go and they can't keep track of things and etc etc

this is the farm .. AND A FARM WHICH CAN SOMETIMES REPAIR PROBLEMS -- HEALTH OR OTHERWISE....    there are reasons but sometimes animals get moved around and we can't have everybody getting upset when things come and go ..  AND WE CAN NOT KEEP  THEM ALL....  


I suppose I should report on the fact that I had to reopen the old chicken coop because in spite of the fact that we think the new chicken coop is so lovely I came to 30 some odd eggs which they were carefully piling up in the old  Guinea hen coop ..   I tried closing that off  . which caused a great deal of confusion with about 12 HENS  all looking fofor a place to lay eggs ..   so I removed the 30 odd eggs to the trash because I didn't know how long they've been there and we will now collect eggs in both places ..  I don't know whether you could redirect a chicken I don't know anything about chickens anyway ,,but I did find out but if you prevent them from getting into their nest or what they think is their nest they'll then lay eggs all over the place where you least expect them ..  so it's a case if you can't lick him join 'em .


there that should bring everybody up to date ..  I try and have a chore of the day .. and today it is extension cord day ..  crazy acres owns an incredible number of extension cords none of which are being  used properly or are where they belong or even stored where we can find them ..  the one to charge my golf cart goes across the mail call desk and out the window....   having cleaned out The really old chicken coop which is attached to the G10 …  I decided to make that the place to store hoses …  which is another thing we have an awful lot of ….  my shop is very often

sorted   by shapes of things   so it would be logical to me to put extension cords in the same area as hoses they're both  LONG THINS   ..  That would also imply that wires and ropes should also be stored in the same vicinity ..     my collection of wheels of which I have many is in the lower left area of the shop ..  I rarely throw away any hardware so the lower right area of the shop in the collection of hardware separated into iron or galvanized ..  it's all very logical


I better get to work

Update from Heidi and Service Dog Riz:
If anyone were to doubt Riz's reliability, they wouldn't after watching her last night. I was visiting my son at his new house last night and because it was dark, Riz was off leash relieving herself about 20 feet from me. We didn't know the neighbors' dog was outside off leash also until it came rushing toward us in fight mode. Riz started to run toward the dog, but I said "Ahh Ahh Ahh" and she immediately turned around, ran back to me and calmly stood by my side while we watched the neighbor wrestle his dog to the ground. I was so proud of Riz!


I wanted to share how awesome these Great Danes are. Nicholas and I were at Walmart shopping, I looked over and a lady fell out of her motorized cart. I’ve never tried this before but today I did. Nicholas and I walked over to where that lady was at, I told Nicholas I’m OK I need you to help her I unclipped him and told him to brace. I told the lady ma’am I need you to grab the handle on his vest and he will help you get up all you have to do is pull yourself up. I then reassured Nicholas  I’m OK I need you to help her. I told him to brace again and the lady grabbed the handle on his vest and was able to pull her self up. She said OMG that is amazing how does he know how to do that. I said he was very well trained he had awesome trainers and he came from a great organization. She said do you think a dog like that would help me with my walking? I gave her one of Nicholas business cards with all of SDP’s information. SDP thank you so much for Nicholas he has been a big help to me, he did an amazing job today.