Friday, November 20, 2020



2020 11 20

LAST NIGHT IHEARD  A conversation about training regarding a person whose dog usually worked on the left and then she broke her arm or whatever and needed the dog to work on the right I've never found that situation too much of a problem it might take a few days for the dog to get the hang of it but it doesn't require it in my opinion any massive training program at the moment .. however let's think about this concept---- if the dog is working on your left which it usually is----   and you work very hard to teach the dog right turn and left turn and the dog gets it down Pat and you're all set ---now you switch the dog to your right   and you're assuming---- at least the normal person human type person would assume---- the dog would remember right and left   but you have no idea if left to the dog means turn away from your leg can go the other way and right would mean cut across in front of 'em----- so now if you start try to have the dog on the right you have to be aware of the fact that if you say left it may go to the right figuring I'll go away from the leg------ that's the kind of thinking the advanced trainers-- shall we say ---have to think ----  I guess an advanced trainer is one who recognizes they don't know an awful lot .. you can certainly teach a lot of very mechanical moves like go get the basket however you have to realize that both Capri and mullarkey  NOW think that " go get the basket "   means run to me BECAUSE  the minute I say that , they come running realizing that cookies will be forthcoming to JIMINEY  who did all the work ..  it's that kind of thinking where you can separate causes and effects that makes for more success with TRAINING  animals.

the other perfect example of that  I s THE HORSEV S THE DIONKEY  if you scare hORSE he will run forward usually .. if you SCARE A  donkey he will stop and stand still.   So 99% of the human race calls donkeys stupid because they don't behave like a horse---- which  In my opinion ---the label of stupidity at that point is grossly  misplaced .

Just to bring some of the newcomers up to speed on horses and problems ..  you will never sEE a horse harnessED  to a wagon  that does not have Blinders inhibiting the horse from seeing what's behind him -----  because if he didn't have those Blinders on he would figure that the cart was chasing him because every time he moved forward the cart would move forward with him this would cause him to run totally out of control very often killing himself and people around him depending on what he's dragging . I think I saw one harness horse without Blinders and that was a racehorse and it has to have been 50 years ago .

 .. as I started to train the eight donkeys like the budweiser' "HITCH... I had four hooked to a wagon  WITH A NORMAL AMISH HARNESS WITH BLINDERS... before I realized that the Blinders I had we're COUNTER  productive with donkeys .. they want to look around and take a vote on whether it's safe to go forward so the very expensive harness I had made by the Queens harness maker Sam Friedman in Toronto( for an awful lot of money ).. I had him leave the Blinders off .. and we drove 8 doONKies very successfully for years in very strange places .. YOU WATCH...  you will never see the budweiser's without Blinders . 

this is also why I have a firm belief that a dONKEY  would make a far better service animal then a mini horse .. for a person who wants to walk in the Woods long distances a donkey would be perfect … they are certainly all over the third world country as very competent beasts of burden very often without any bridle quietly following their owner .. it's the general public that deserves the term dumb not the donkeys . 



I AM WATCHING AND RE EVALUATING  THE HENS… I THINK THE EXPRESSION   “DUMB CLUCK” MAY  DESERVE SOME RE THINKING…. PLUS  Now that the Turkey has turned semi vicious it is chasing people and biting ----I think I put him in the same category as the nasty rooster that we had when my children were very young .. the rooster used to chase KIDS  around the yard and taught them to respect a tiny little animal about a foot high . so I don't see anything wrong with biting people who do something the Turkey doesn't like .. I have suggested to the Turkey very strongly did he not bite me .. everybody is on their own ..

 There is a family  who come in tend to the chickens and do a marvelous job … I'll put a challenge out to them see if they can teach one of our hENS to play the star spangled banner like the one on TV America's GOT  talent or whatever .. I'm pretty sure it was a laser beam .. I'm perfectly willing to buy a toy piano for them to try this ..

I swear some of these chickens KnoW  that if they get put in a crate for a few minutes .. the next job is to get out move their bowels on the table and they now are getting back in the crate by themselves .. this is not a dumb cluck .. last SHATUPON  day .. that is exactly what they did .. get out for a quick poop turn around and go back in the crate .. now if I knew which chickens did that I might be better off with this experiment ---however I AM thinking .  .


Now for all those super observant camera people who have been telling me for a week now that Bentley is paying a lot of attention to sizzle .. where I fended it off by saying could be she had a urinary track infection .. which sometimes causes the same attention .. I was wrong she is now dripping red , and I must find some men's jockey shorts for the next 4 OR  five days even though the drip is not constant if she walks across the office floor it's about  A a single quarter inch drip every six feet …  the jockey shorts usually take care of 99% of that for the moment by putting her tail out the fly and gathering up the  the extra material in an elastic band up on top of her back .

Dripping red does not cause any intense interest on the part of bENTLEY   however in four 5 days it will turn salmon color and then she would need more than jockey shorts to detour him ….   we don't want anymore puppies from her at least at the moment …


Now for editions to last night's Mail call …   since we put up the new monkey fist picture we have a lot of orders for monkey fists ..  and we redid the doggie bag in that area but couldn't figure out how to make a fair postage fee .. so we have at the bottom what the prices are for these monkey fists and since the postage is between $2 and 12:50 ..  I just put in “please estimate your own postage.. “   SEEMS A BETTER WAY TO DO IT.