Friday, November 6, 2020

NOV 6 2020

 maybe.. just maybe in the next few days i will no longer get  80 emalils every morning regarding one politician or another...

2020 11 06
99% of the current problem with the entire world is the fact that every small child---   (make that woman child)---had a kindergarten teacher who said "oh I don't understand arithmetic I didn't like it and or that's for boys to do .."   well apparently there are a lot of boys who didn't pay attention to arithmetic either but there is such a thing as the Bell shaped curve and to have millions of people fall within that Bell shaped curve somewhere is a statement all by itself .
I remember I really wanted to go to engineering type school /college and I was clearly told by my guidance director that there were all men there ...  Which was probably the reason I wanted to go there in the first place--- As I found men far more attractive then groups of women in sororities studying art at Colby in  maine-  Where I ended up majoring in mathematics because if you can't spell you can barely get a passing grade in anything else ... And just to complete my liberal arts education I had to take two more years of Spanish .. when we got to Colby we were given a test in a foreign language of choice and if we passed it we didn't have to take any foreign language .. well I had two years of Spanish in high school and I took the test and they put me in beginning Spanish in college having totally failed that one .. they then said I had to pass a 500 words spelling test to graduate. Having gone to University of Edinburgh from my third year just to get out of Colby I came back from my senior year and  still had to take that damn 500 words spelling test again .. I think my parents paid the administration just to Get Me Out .. I got my diploma and ran for the gate -.
so much for formal education .. which I never really thought it was .. it just took up years .. The only thing ivalu I remember from Colby is that 4:00 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon means 4:00 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon one minute past four o'clock is just too late---- the train left the station at 4 .
Long live mike rowe
When I dictate that Mike row this machine often produces micro phone  which makes me remember we have a CP camera person who is involved with audio stuff .
and I really wish we had a formal study done of how sound is transmitted through the air and how it gets diminished over distance ..
I think there's a simple formula similar to the one this says apples will fall down out of trees which says every time you double the distance from a sound you reduce the volume bye 6 decibels .. that's the simplified version .. is there anyone who has a fancy degree with letters after their name who can write up that situation formally .
the only input I can give you is that  the loudest noise I have found from a barking dog ..  1 foot one foot from their mouth  is 90 decibels ..     we need ammunition  to gather for a  possible court case...  how about a student doing a phd study on that???
Donna’s walk in cameo appearance for the day as malarkey is dragging out the contesnts of my scrap basket tot he kitchen.,,..... . hello hello I have to clean up because they keep bringing trash out---that's right you know you come in here and talk and you get on this  dictating  thing that's alright
hey butthead get outta here you go on out  don't don't don't don't bother siz  when she's eating .
try this go round..
I apparently said  I didn’t like donating dogs to Texas because of the distance....   That went to comments that I didn’t like Texans   which evolved to...  Texas is covered with dog pee????  And I got this email...
I wasn't happy when you said you didn't like Texas in the DD the other day but I let it go. Now someone is on the comments is saying that Texas is covered in dog pee. I think, perhaps, my support of this organization is not appreciated and I will find another organization who doesn't cast aspersions on my state.
 Just to prove I don’t have any real feelings about Texas  .. try this email thread....
Hi Carline from Texas!
We love watching you. 
Heather, Sarah, Kai and Ryder
are you the crazy texans who called during mail call the other day??   That I invited to stay in the guest house?  
Yes! This is us. My son, Kai, is the one who found you months ago and watches you often. He invited our friend, Sarah (this is who called you), to join us. You are often the highlight of our day. Expect to hear from us all again. We will also send in money to purchase chicken bricks. You have a great program there. 
Thank you,
Heather, Sarah, Kai, and Ryder
(The Crazy Texans)
n  They sounded delightfully  bizzarre  so I said come visit us and stay in the guest house
n  Bunch of mixed nuts   is what I think I called them... 
We like those !!!
ps.. this mommy donkey should be considered dangerous.. she is protecting her new foal...  donkeys who bite do not let go... they hang on and draG PEOPLE AROJND by a thumb or whatever they grab....   .. TAke my word for it,.  the foal is darn cute... not think of getting aNTY WHERES NEAR EITHER...,.