Tuesday, January 5, 2021

jam 5 2021 trash

  no excitement with pups...the puppy progress is coming a;ong... more friendly----- so my  obcession  today i s with trash.

2021 1 5


I spent $20 on a plastic bracelet from ocean 4 because they said for every dollar they got a ton of plastic  out of the ocean or something like that .so basically I have a full circle where the water bottle on my Bureau now empty and awaiting recycling ...it is sitting next to the plastic bracelet which has been through the ocean and processed back into a usable object ..  why does it have to go through the ocean to get back I don't understand like all this plastic can't just be melted and put back into more  things----- I do know I have plastic furniture in the donkey cafe and I do use a lot of plastic wood for decking and stairs ..

but the concept of living in one room and  a bathroom I don't really do much at all and I still produce the scrap basket full of trash a day .. granted a lot of it is paper but an awful lot is also oversized packaging .. here again if a prescription calls for 20 pills and is delivered in a plastic jar that will hold 200 pills that's just the start of it because Amazon it's gotten totally out of control putting a small jar of pills in a Cardboard box that would hold 2 pair of shoes .. for 20 pills?????

i do  try and participat as a good citizen from the trash world ,

every time I make a monkey fist I have about a foot of rope that is leftover from tightening the fist down .

this now becomes a collection of pieces of rope too short to use .... which  is remarkably similar  Two the pieces of string too short to use that some elderly crochet person had i her n erratic .

well my collection is not in the attic----- it's under my desk in a jug a whole bunch of  8 inch the 15 inch pieces of various size of ropes .. nice cotton rope .


I remember---- here we go ----  what some of you new people may not realize is that the start of service dog project was greatly helped by my ability to splice rope ..

I was standing in Susanna  barn in one day --  I don't know why I was there but I was just standing and her cross tyes we're hanging right at my head ..

the crossties are  ropes that you attach to either side of a horses halter then have them stand in the middle of the floor so you can groom them etc /

at any rate there crossties we're all frayed at the ends .. I didn't have anything to do so I just spliced them into a tidy stump...  the cut off the rest the edges ..

it was one of those things that absolutely amazed  the surrounding horsepeople ..   I know now you can buy plastic rope or Polly something rope  and burn the stump so it does not need to be spliced.... but the old horse person really prefers cotton i==and cotton usually comes in three strands which needs splicing or it will unravel .  I do believe it's because of this  ( and maybe a few other things ) that Susannah made a very generous donation for me to get going with service dog project ..

it is to that end that I am going to address how to teach people this place rope long distance ... so this jar of pieces of rope for which I have not found any other purpose nor am I likely to do so .. I am going to today die the ends of the strands and glue  them in various stages of splicing ...so that along with  A handful of pieces of rope too short to use .. people could ---  practice and therefor Possess a skill so they could  amaze someone in to  donating money so they could start some other charitable outfit

how's that for a stretch of the imagination ..   don’t knock it...  it happened....  truth is stranger than fiction .


so for $10  to cover envelope and postage I will send you  a do it yourself  splicing kit..  that eill be  in our “doggie b ag”  on our web as soon as  pam gets it there. And donna dyes the ropes./   it should be very handy ... along with the vials of puppy breath for $8 ( refills for $5) 

Just in case you wonder ..  because of our special sale in vials of puppy breath , I became very friendly with the guy who was selling plastic bottles of snow from the Boston Blizzard .. he apparently made several $100 with his snow project .. so just when you think you've heard it all ..... there is always more.


The fact that truth is stranger than fiction will be put to the test today , as it promises to be an exciting day news wise .. with everybody lining up with  opposing true stories .


Personally I will be lining up with the accountant .. probably filling my scrap basket with lots of paper as I try and get my 10:40 done for 2019 .. .. I did manage to file an extension of the extension of the extension  to file.. but even that is running out now .. being  late it's somewhat of a tradition with me .. and for a very long time The IRS didn't seem to mind as long as i  paid the money on time  and got there eventually .with the paperwork


but they're getting fussy now .. and I notice in my wad of papers that I have a fine of $255 which is basically 4 paying the wrong amount in .. I paid $40 more than I was supposed to for something or another .. and for that I was fined $255 ..   that's another truth is stranger than fiction

dictating this can be as challanging to read as my typos and creative spelling.....

here's a good one from yesterday    
..like the chef had a day off so we're a little bit short of food and how I was thrilled to find a small container of bean relish ... which just goes to show that 
 the beef stroganoff may be nice but if you're hard pressed being relative perfectly alright ....  THAT was meant to be   bean relish ... not being relatative.
Quick update on Norah:

As this pandemic crisis rolls on, Norah and I continue to quarantine and practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC. We recently started a new-- remote-- job, and clients have yet to see our clinical tag team in action! The team being, of course, Norah and me. Due to construction noise in the apartment complex, Norah, my partner, and I recently needed to spend some time in Lynchburg, VA. What a lovely place! A couple days in which we were all down there were warm enough and sunny enough to allow for some comfortable fun in the sun outside. There was a phenomenal park nearby where we stayed that allowed for us to get out and walk a little more than we normally do. As the three of us journeyed along the path, we passed by an art installation that perfectly encapsulates my feelings for Norah! She enables me to move without fear, and that is a lovely gift indeed.