Monday, January 11, 2021

jan 11 2021

 TO GET BACK TO THE  REAL WORLD OF ADVERTISING information (and mind control......)


TOE WARMERS..I have tried many in my life and I find that these grabbers GRABBERS toe warmers that worked for six plus hours .. do keep your feet warm my problem with most of the others is there too hot these things aren't hot but my feet aren't cold either so I've ordered 40 player in a box ...there are many listed on Amazon but these things are about 2 inches by 4 inches they just cover the front part of your feet which would be your toes unless I'm incorrect and my feet which are traditionally freezing .. I can't say they stayed warm but they weren't cold either so they get a five star with me


As for melatonin I love it except I do think it hangs over--- if I've had melatonin I have trouble staying awake at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon which has always been a problem with me .. but when I've had that melatonin   the night before I do seem to nod off more than usual..... ..

 I've been blaming the melatonin but I have to admit that while at Colby college I decided I could not even take the physics course....  because there was no way I would be awake for physics lab at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon----  so I do have a history of napping but it seems to be a little bit easier if I've had melatonin the night before ..but it does work and I take only half of 1 .. anymore than that and I will have wild dreams which are sometimes fun .


and then we get to see Cov.. I aspirated a bit of orange peel the other day and had a tremendous coughing episode at which point everybody thought I was coming down with the COV when if I could just stop coughing I could tell him it was an orange peel ..  This is what prompted the discussion about having patients lying on their back coughing is really not as efficient is hanging over the side of the bed into some scrap basket or another .. I still want people to remember but if I end up in the hospital I vote for being on my stomach ..


which brings us to orange peels ... AND THE EFFICIENT EATING OF  ORANGES   I ran out of oranges from Hale Grove .. about three weeks ago and in the interim I was having wonderful breakfasts ham and eggs and pancakes by the chef and sometimes beef stroganoff or shrimp with pineapples and during that three weeks I gained 4 pounds ... so I requested our trainers to get me a few oranges next time they were training a dog in the supermarket----- which is like every day ... after one week back on coffee and an orange for breakfast I've dropped 2 pounds ..

I expect some of the hail grows oranges to be little delivered very shortly .. I think a camera person has ordered some for me and I've ordered some of their monthly whatever on through June ..  now -----it is THE  cutting of  these oranges that becomes critical in my world .. with a knife with a serrated edge I cut   the whole orange into  slices pretty close to 3/8 of an inch .   then cut those in half leaving me with, usually ,   8 semi circles which fit right outside the teeth of my lower jaw so in one bite the peel comes out and the pulp of the juice stay in ..... so much for efficient orange eating .


Real estate... we have a house next door... on the market... not because of us... but it is a very nice house—I don’t like to see those folk leqave, mostly because they are dog people—and also had dogs on which I could blame some of the barking.... nice house  ---  I have only seen it from the outside --- it has to be about #43 boxford road  just in case anyone would like to move in next to us.....

Actually if I could pick anyone in th e whole world as a  bright sensible neighbor... I would choose colin  powell.


FYI  How to address a broken washing machine,---Now to attack the bright sensible topic ----bud very quickly comes to mind -- basically a retired electrical person .. he wanders around here looking for things that are broken  ( of which there are meny...----)  and accepts an amazing number as “today's challenge”  ..  and yesterday it was the washing machine in the guest house ..

we bought that months ago it has never functioned correctly ---- Linda has spent hours on hold on the phone arranging for repair people of which we've now had three ... I did write about one who told me there was nothing wrong with the washing machine I just didn't know how to do laundry -----.apparently Costco has some policy about trying to fix something three times before they'll replace it ... and this last person said the problem was it wasn't getting hot water ..  --- wellllll.....  Bud heard that ...  and logic set in...  if The washer sat there for a week without being used which is often the case there was no way that the water at the entrance to that washing machine would be warm hopefully it wouldn't be frozen but at any rate it certainly was not hot water going in the Hot  input t....Couple that concept in bud's head with the day he watched them put the heater in the kennel when the two installers couldn't make it function and the boss came in and said--- "did you turn the gas on ?"   ---which turned out to be the problem .so Bud checked to see if the hot  water was turned on and it was not .. ...  which was a little logical if you wash all your things in cold water .he then did not see how the washing machine could judge whether the water was hot or not after sitting for so long all the pipes to the hot water heater we're probably darn cold the whole thing didn't go together right in his head he checked and Simply put in one of those Y shaped hose connections so that he delivered cold water under pressure to both hot and cold inlets of the washing machine .. it seems to be working fine .., , so hot was not the operative word . the machine was looking for any water .. so all of you trying to fix the washing machine you apparently have to have some kind of water pressure at both inlets ..


That ought to give you enough to think about for the day --  especially the colon Powell bit