Wednesday, January 13, 2021


the board meeting...
let me set the scene ...back when i became "official" charity, i needed a board of directors..
 at that  point it ammounted to any 4 drunks i could find on a street corner ..
And we grew and people began to ask questions about the board of directors so eventually 15 years  later.... . we have one... actually 8 of us.---an odd group  but  it's a very capable bunch of people .. most notably mark----- camera mark----    who who was invited to be on the board by me as soon as I had seen the FANTQASTIC  order in his warehouse at his place of business ---dart world--  his family for years as sold  darts and poker chips real ones for years and it's quite THE ongoing business down in the center of Lynn .. the other remarkable thing about mark is he has  BY my last count approximately 85,000 pictures he took on his camera   and if you ask him for one picture he can find it-----so with that in mind I invited him to be on the board and he eventually became chairman of the board which is supposed to be an honor ----well I'll go with it .. but he has to give up the board because between the COV   and it's a dartboard company he has his hands full ..  although he will continue to be camera mark ..
Each person on the rest of the board also has some unique qualifications that caused me to invite them to be on the board ... I have long since passed the stage of having to just feed them last night we zoomed and saved the dinner expense...
EARLY SANDY---is  #1 related to and personally knows just about everyone in eastern massachuettes... and she always has a pen and paper with her.( not to ber confused with Sunday sandy) so she seems to let us know when to zoom Next..  she remembers and folows thru on things....  
and then there's Kitty who used to work in advertising and put together our calendar because she knows stuff like that....when you do a photo shoot  set  up a  "Kraft table"  with  water,  lifesavers and Tylenol and maybe a banana ...and then there's ann from Denmark speaks 7 languages ---  one of them being English and she would not dream of dangling a participle ... later I did actually find someone who knew Roberts rules of all the rules you're supposed to know of---- Peggy ---   the rest of us aren't too sure EXCEPT IT  DID IMPROVE ON CARLENE'S RULES OF DISORDER....- George  dvm of 30 years who is historian and sometimes medical consult.  Joyce who  can do zoomy things... I don’t kbno w if lynn and I are even considered boartd members... but we were both there...  Lynn reported that her introduction to crazy acres had a very steep learning curve as she repeated the story of having a goat with a foot stuck in her back pocket ..  my report to the board was that everything seems to be running fine .. daily doggy Readers R  up ----the sales of chicken bricks held its own through that holiday season which is wonderful ...  the 15 pups  coming along nicely with a few normal problems ---- everybody on the property seems to be very happy ..working hard.... Certainly very relaxed getting a good job done ..   
Through this happy work situation I had considered getting a goat for milking because I thought that would be very instructional for volunteers here and all our camera people
----  I was discouraged from this becausw animals that need to have milk removed from their udder  ----- it is are like the IRS-----it's there and you gotta do something about it ON THEIR SCHEDULE    ....the reason I was so fascinated was it just seemed so tidy to have a goat  jump up into a staunch and stanchion and eat hey why you drain the milk ... and Furthermore you didn't need a great big milking machine -----apparently a goat milker can be devised with one of those small vacuum units that people use to take the air out of a plastic bag of food and freeze it .. at the cost of about $19.00 on eBay .. I bought the food saver ---rounded up the plastic tubing and syringe cut off it backwards--- ..but never got the goat .. now the board--- in its great wisdom ---I think has been responsible for hiding my goat milking project .. at any rate I don't know where the food saver went . some  Forward looking person probably hid my goat milk wannabe ---.  I think service dog project went through about two years of   “don't tell carlene “  Before it was realized that there were some situations like a goat hanging out of your back pocket were  just maybe I was the only one who had had some of these experiences and many times had found out what doesn't work ..and we should try something else...
because experience comes from bad experience------ I've had a lot of those too it does save time and energy if people check with me to see whether I've already botched up some idea or another anyway ..  aside  from hiding my goat  milk project, there is very little "don't tell" going on at all.
thus the board of directors is actually sort of a jovial  steering committee when the going gets rough .. thus eliminating rough going .
one of my animal milk  fund of stories...... once in my lifetime, I have seen a 4 year old child who still nursed... if you can imagine it.  I do not know who it was except they were at some  organic farmers roadside... I got a Cup of coffee as basically a unit of time where I could have an excuse to just keep my eye on  that .. the woman had all kinds of reasons why she still nursed the child but I was interested to watch the child walk over to her --- not saying anything  but   kind of tug on her blouse at which point the woman uncovered her equipment and the child had a snack .. personally I would have preferred cheese and crackers or something but it was interesting to watch and see how similar it is 2 one of the donkeys where the baby will come along and nudge mom for a drink .. the baby donkey at that point is about four months .. by the time the baby donkey is a year old mommy is kicking at it .. thus establishing what I consider a more normal situation ..
that's my shocker for the day