Monday, January 4, 2021

JAN 4 2021

 2021 1 4


VENTING....... Late start with the daily doggy be cause we had a phone call from partridgeberry upset that the dogs were barking .. the overnight person here and I could not hearTHEM  and the man was very careful to point out so you're hard of hearing which is certainly true but Claire is not .. by the time she goes out with a box of cookies in case they are barking then they really are barking this all happened at 6:31 because I immediately went to the cameras and although I personally don't have a way of saving the microphone I did take a picture of the fact that one minute after the phone call there were no dogs out side in the puppy Hill camera ..

so we get back to sound versus distance and how he's got us take us to court and have legal whatever and I said I have made all the adjustments I can I've got an investment of 20 years in this project and by then he'd hung up .

it really costs us quite a bit of money to try and accommodate the people next door who are sensitive to dog barking ... because their house is as far away from my house I have taking the decibels with audiometers and it's not a horrendous noise it's as quiet as a library would be but if you're sensitive to barking then it's going to annoy you .in which case you should have been told by the real estate agent that there were 55 to 100 dogs next door to where you're trying to buy .


Here after I spent yesterday try to be  A nice neighbor and tell them that they have a huge tree that could fall and hit one of two houses ,,,they don't even know about it because it's not where they are usually driving their cars ... which is basically our back driveway I mean huge the tree is probably 30 inches in diameter gotta be 80 or 100 feet high and it's dead ....I'm no tree expert but the top has no bark on it and dead trees fall down they don't grow up .that much I know

Once I get sidetracked mentally with some disruptive information I find it hard to write the daily doggy  ....So I will have to resort to my midnight notes the topics I might have talked about the chef had a day off so we're a little bit short of food and how I was thrilled to find a small container of bean relish ... which just goes to show the beef stroganoff may be nice but if you're hardpressed being relative perfectly alright ....THAT WAS SUPP[OPSED TO BE BEAN RELISH

As for the news I wander around several different channels and I wonder what happened to the fire in California did that ever get pulled out ..? 


This is hardly earth shattering but I had an interesting episode yesterday when I was in the arena waiting for the shadding to start and I was expecting someone to arrive with their dog which is a male dog ,,,I had sizzlean Bentley in the arena with me and behind me .. I heard the door slam and people began to yell as a dog ran around the arena and I thought it was the male dog that arrived and I just spun around and started screaming at Bentley before I realized somebody had lead in a female dog and I should have been yelling at sizzle //....which I then did and she stopped chasing it –POOR BENTLY LOOKED VERY CONFUSED.


WE THANKFULLY HAD A VERY SUCCEWSSFULL SHATTING... WE NO LONGER STAY IN THE ARENA TO REMOVE THE STICKERSA.. IT IS TOO COLD EVEN WITH THE BULLET HEATER....  SO WE BRING THE TARP UP QAND THE OVERNIGHT  SITTERS CAN WORK ON N REMOVING THE NUMBERS,.--- 2WHY DON’T WE JUST LEAVE THEM,???  THEN IT WOUL DNOT BE as rtandom...  that he was the second one ouyt of the crate and she  gave us the winner  right away ... and just about went  bqck in the crate by herself....


CHICKN=EN SHlT---  NOW IF I USE An  ... I  ... as in   a..e..i..o..u    many computers are set to delete the word or email.. so I now ha ve to use a lower case L which allows me to use the words  chickenshlt  

How fascinating is that ??