Wednesday, January 6, 2021

jan 6 2021


2021 1 6
My Reference in a daily doggy about feeding a child horse food got a lot of comments .. most agreeing with the fact that probably all the same stuff let's say the Cardboard boxes we buy and probably better because it's minus the sugar ..  which caused me two to wanna comment that every time there's some sort of emergency where people storm the grocery stores and buy toilet paper , I make a run for my feed store and get 100 pounds of corn and 100 pounds of oats which will do much more to sustain me and various other animals ..   There are things for which there are substitutes and there are things for  which There is no substitution .... even if there is no longer the Sears Roebuck catalog ..
we had a trainers meeting yesterday and there was one point of philosophy to training that might bear mentioning .. in our line of kennels when you walk a dog down the alleyway in front of them sometimes the dogs in the kennels will charge forward with great action  whether their tail is wagging or not ..they are obnoxious ..
so yesterday one of the trainers hung a blanket so the dog in the kennel couldn't see who was walking down the alleyway -----that's totally against my theory of training if you want the dog to stop  reeacting to  people walking  and you spend a few minutes explaining that to him then you could walk anyone you want down the alleyway .. hanging a blanket is basically using your muscles to influence a dogs behavior ... that may be necessary with some dogs but hopefully ours can be educated not to behave like that .. because eventually as service dogs it's not going to be allowed  to rect to other take the few minutes at the start of the problem ..and then just pray it stays that way .
We have quite a few lawyers retired or otherwise who read this daily doggy and I would like a piece of information if someone has a minute .. when I sold my piece of property in Lynnfield to a guy named Bruce ..I did it without a realtor   it was an unusual piece of property in that it was 10 acres with a barn couple barns fairly new house 'cause the old one burned down but it was the original crazy acres and by no means was  a normal piece of property .. When it came to signing the papers I was very careful to remind Bruce he was buying the joint ------as is where is----- .... because it would take forever to list the problems involved with a piece of property like that .with that same concept in mind .. when they started development next to me   I had 150 animals by actual count --  and had a thriving business of providing animals for commercials and movies ....   I did read the writing on the wall that there was trouble in  store ..  so the 1st to go was  the Peacocks ..  these were freely flying Peacocks , Which when flying look like a drunken 747 as they went from tree top to tree top -----so as they were pouring the cement for the foundations next door to me I put up a sign the same farm side most farms have up that explaines farms are dirty smelly noisy and have sex in the open usually .. The sign is still there .  so my question of our collection of lawyers they're not some formal statement that's a required paper of   a real estate transaction which would approximate what I said to Bruce “ as is where is “ ?
I notice in our constant contact report we have a  more readers of the daily doggie ... and I think for the first time  over  1300  actual readers plus the ones who read it from the website by clicking on the coffee Cup . I do notice from my report .. that most people read it before 8:00 AM.-
Todays  political news could get interesting...  somewhere I heard that each envelope could be accompanied with 2 hours of discussion if requested... and there might be 14 “requestors...” ...
p.s  the fyi of the day.....  these “big “ peacocks... it is all fake....if you try and catch one by getting your arms around it and lifting,... the birds “drop” the”tail feathers    you will have a beautiful collection of those  long feathers  plus  a face full of  400,000 tiny featheres and a bird the size of a chicken will run off----Been there done that.