Tuesday, January 31, 2023

 jan 31 2023

logic problems--- like how to empty your car of many pounds of. costco meat. needing many trips in from. the car to kitchen counter.... when you have 3 lovely great danes in the car, also needing to get in the house- but may not be alone with all that meat either in the car... or house...

luckily cindy came to my rescue /

that old logic problem was   2 missionaries and 2 cannibals 1 canoe ----holding only 2 people -- to get across the river-- and cannibals must not outnumber the missionaries.





Sent from Suzie 

i had to buy another vacuum packer---- this time a food savor-- which seems to be better than the old Vacer  one;. once you really lean on it to close it-- i mean really really lean til clicks...

so i packed up all that meat in either one supper or 2 breakfast sizes.... because ..the routine --- here i am at 4am.... i started the perked coffee... started the souxvie. to 165 for 3 hours--- sliced and ate an orange-- put bag with 4 chicken legs in the souxvieand came to write the things i need to write today....after. 4 hours i will b e ready for lunch at 8am...and the chicken legs ( today) will be ready to eat or share with mark who does not like to cook a heavy duty protien for breakfast....

i love the start it and leave it function of the souix vie...because i could let it go another 3 hours without overcooking... even have steak stay medium well... ( at 134) or whatever.....

todays fyi --- LYNNNNNNNNNNNNN--- and all you people who are inclined to make fun of my repurposing odd things... look what i found today !!!

i'm having trouble copy and pasting. but--- worth you looking up --- toilet partitions--repurposedmaterials.net

i read this. every day !!!

Monday, January 30, 2023

 jan 30

skimming todays notes and weather... hippo birdie ( janine's b'day and  sisterfrannie) and weather??? looking forward to feb 13th when it says it will snow and the temp will be 44 degrees-- talk about  climate change....... boy would that be a changer in physics.

i wish there was more practical  science taught to young kids.... not the book learning kind.. but actual hands on...  of course my favorite is transitioning from a straw to a siphon hose to make water run and do things..like turn a wheel??? automatically fill the cats water dish????  something ... anything.... to get learning out of the books aan into real living. i can hear it now.... what?? kids?... siphon hose? and water ?  would be a big mess.... yup...learning can be messy...but water. is becoming another  currency in wealth management. ( along with time being a true currency.....)

i remember..... among the dumbest things i ever said-- of which there are many..... "why would pepsi buy that  property.. all it has is a spring in the back...and no one is going to spend money on gas to ship water around..." 
other spring things i know......  along topsfield road  in ipswich. there is a very reliable spring  which freely flows into the ipswich river.. then atlantic ocean..... i am told  a couple hundred years ago it was the source of drinking water   when wells around ipswich went dry. 
i know there is a piece of property in lynn where lovely water runs  into the drains , and  then atlantic ocean,,,, or at least it did10 years ago..

10 years later... what percent of maine's spring water flows thru someone's  personal internal plumbing  before  hitting the coastline? i know i have seen poland springs bottles on the  tables of the governmental meetings.. and i wonder if all that is trucked to washington... what do those trucks move back to maine???  i bet trash.... and it is only time before the trash and spring water meet. 

what else do i think i know??? i know alot of trash moves up route 95 in the direction of maine -- i see the trucks constantly ---and here's a fact that i know i put in the dd months ago... after years......maine has started refusing some trash .. most specifically the man who removes  recently deceased horses was complaining that his usual composting  was now closed to equines because of plastic sorting.
at least horses are a natural ingredient....  
*** a friend in  new york verified what i read... that there were hundreds of trucks crossing the hudson  going to fill the old coal mines of penna with nyc trash.
**** my father in the 1940's sold many tractors so nyc could fill the  swamps of new jersey with nyc  trash..... how different  was that ????
which has nothing to do with the underground fire which i think is still burning  underground in penna. 

googling centralia  fire is interesting on 2 scores--- most notably is the exclamation mark at the top dated may 2022 saying " proper verification of the following details needs more attention"
-ok the article needing verification.  says a fire was started in may of 1962 which got out of hand and is still burning and is expected to burn for another 250 years....
not sure what needs verification... snow melts on the surface of centralia...

now just think of all the  information  on the internet which should have that warning.

river of trash ...lebanon

Sunday, January 29, 2023

 jan 29 

sorry... distracted..

took me 2 months to figure out that  a link ----emailed may work but not copy and pasted.....by the time i had 3 walls and 2 methods that was too many permutations and combinations---

i had many comments like t his one
You hit the nail on the head with your mention of testosterone. 

There is a real issue with testosterone these days.  It's pushed by the media & medical community as a means for "a man to stay youthful". 

For 14 yrs I worked for an Optometrist.  I met several men who worked for the local (Charlotte, NC) police dept and their families, when they came in for their annual eye exams.  I observed several of these gentlemen changing, as they matured over the years.  They reached a point in life where they needed to be stronger and more aggressive to do their jobs, like their younger colleagues . Testosterone seemed to be the answer.  (One of them actually told me that many of these men went to the same doctors who were recommended by the department.) 

Funny thing...they accomplished their goal.  However, these gentlemen had personality changes that were not good - short tempers, impatience, aggression, dominance, control.  Most of these men lost their easy going attitudes and compassion.  And, unfortunately, most of them lost their wives and children through divorce as a result.  

IMHO, the 5 - 8 in question, probably fit into this category. Their behavior was out of control violence and aggression.  I pray they are held accountable for their actions. I pray for the victims family.  And I pray someone realizes testosterone is creating a problem for these men in law enforcement

and i agree---and wonder about the  testesterone given to beef cattle ....


Saturday, January 28, 2023

 jan 28

ok.... big shock of the day.....

i click on a funny “bb”  on my computer-- i  must have thought about it at one point== but that is long gone.  i don't have a clue--IN SOOOOO MANY WAYS.....

135 years ago  when the cameras started.. courtney asked if i wouold mind writing something about  crazy acres.. and she gave me some guy's name( 10 years ago... don't ask me to remember---?rick???)---he was very nice.. and corrected all my spelling etc... and somehow. it appeared somewhere.. so 10 years of  mindless pushing  of a  “bb”‘ button and something hiccups to upset it.. ( apparently for just a day) and i have a bunch of CP’s  asking what happened and another bunch wanting it sent to their  personal email-- which i can do and don't mind, but they have to be entered one at a time. and i have to swear i have permission  for concstatn contact to send them...-( which sends them to over 2000 people.. of which 1400  ( WELL 1385 TO 1415) READ IT RELIGIOUSLY EVERY DAY.  SOMETIMES I. LOOK UP INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE JUST to see what time they get up in the morning and read the fool thing..


Put it this way.... aside from writing it... and posting  it automatically somewhere, I don’t have a clue.----so yesterday, I ended up asking a CP. (sam)how and where people read it.  She explained... and I don’t know any more than before she explained –


I need a flow chart to understand all. this. Internet stuff.... so all you folk who  are internet savvy ----H..E..L..P....

The other option is to just say screw it and bash on pushing  the   “bb’s”. whatever they are..

So I--- other than the constant comment list of 1400 people who read this thing—I don’t know who/where/. or why....

I do know  explore thinks 41% of readers are men--- I never knew where they got that from... but it is interesting.i wonder if they know about the 1400  regulars that I know about????


Bashing on...

when does  a couple dogs become a pack......or a team  of people become a mob

My quandry of the day---animal training.   ---- get ‘em young and train ‘em early--- like Mcdonalds happy meals—if  I was  a chief of police ( instead of the other end of that bell shaped curve) I would want some statistics about  how many of the police force ( especially the 5 men now “ex-policemen” )  were  football players  as youth or in high school?   Because the hour or so after the “arrest” looked  just  like football players walking around between “downs” ---- I never liked football--- especially the front line bunch- just huge men to push and shove..... seems a little mindless----with little individual thought.—maybe it is because I am not there... also. maybe excessive testosterone??? 

Then morning briefing  ----they stand the policemen in a line for a daily  team lecture ... certainly  teaming is a huge part... but we had no individual thinkers – not only the 5 but the next 8 – there  was not  one to say wait a minute??? 

 The chief—a woman—certainly  axed the 5 much quicker than in any other case of questionable police  behavior.

I bet they add another 8 to the legal case.  They came.. they saw.. they did nothing....

or more women police to the teams???


Somehow there is/ or was a law ( do laws ever become “was” or do they just pile up?) I remember my husband questioning the good samaratin law—about if you get involved you could then be sued for  not performing to expected levels—which also ran into ann and I as emt’s—there is an expectation and we were a bit below the advertised job of emt.  So we never carried our little emt cards. Made helping less complicated......

Friday, January 27, 2023

 SAM k tells me   this daily doggie has been removed from the web  i know lynn has someone in boston (? at BU? ) managing bits and pieces...in the meantime feel free to pass around my email address  ( animalep@aol.com). and i will send it to your email on request.  heaven forbid you should loose track of the intensely  critical news of crazy acres fallen trees or happy mules...

the point to ponder.... of the day-- and this is not a definite-- but an observation  i need to look into.. with the help of  all you. camera people
How many ribs does a lamb have?  and,, more importantly do they match left to right. problem was-- i went into t he butcher shop looking for lamb chops to keep mark happy---- and they had full racks.... so i asked the butcher if he would split them for me and re do the  vac pack ( their vac packer is much better than  mine....) --- and he did-- and put them back in the plastic bag already labeled with weight etc.... i was very happy... and thanked him profusely.... until........ i got home---i have no idea why i did this.... i must not have had anything else to do.... but i counted the ribs .. one side had 9 and the other 8... now if that is normal, i never heard it before... and i need to check further.....like go look at all the other full racks of lamb in their refrigerator.
i wish i still had the bag they came in with the weight.... but i don;'t....my question... did he cut off one rib for his lunch and figure "she'll never notice" ???
or... they could have been packed that way for some strange reason....

that is somewhat akin to the time i. took a gold necklace of mine to the jeweler to get a new clasp.... and he very carefully laid it on the counter and measured it-- noting the exact length on my receipt... when i commented, he said "i would be very wealthy if i took one link off every  gold necklace that came in here." 

did that just happen to me with lambchops?  idunno.
i had to adjust the parking around the area between t tent and barn ... i know- from being in so many senior centers that the activities director  often is in need of something to have on the calendar to entertain the folks... and  in a few cases , i am already on the calendar for speaking.... but  if they got stuck, they would be welcome to drive in  and sit in the warm bus or cars and just watch both the donkey cafe and puppy hill .  having offered that amusement, i had to be sure we could turn around  a bus in that area-- and have unobstructed view of  both sides-- simple thing for us to do yet we might entertain  some otherwise bored senior people who are not able to get the explore,org cameras on their smart tv's. so i asked everyone to park north of the crooked fire hydrant.... which would also make swinging the puppy hill camera a bit easier too...
moving a mini mule to nh is, i am told, on the docket-- along with hay.  if i can find someone to go with me... i only drive ( and back up the trailer)

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

 jan 25


7:30 Janine. feed  at meridith
9:00 court case
10 pick up hay. just beyond court....
11 deliv. hay  to meridith
12 find some comfort food for lunch
1:00 crash

find Ipswich local newspaper and see  what i said????

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

 JAN 24 2023

To list all the stupid things that I've done would take more time than I've got---- but right up there at the top is the fact that last night I was too lazy to go out and turn my car around so that the plow would be pointed downhill---- so now I'm stuck until somebody else plows me out.  my decision was further complicated by the fact that Lynn said She had arranged for Dana to plow us today.. So I took that opportunity to be lazy. 

You see there is this tree---as I back down it's on my left with the house on the right and I don't think there's two  feet of extra room with  my car between them.. the tree shows many scars... many many scars because just as you go to go between them the ground tips ever so slightly causing you to slide sideways---- over which you have no control.. it's like a Bermuda Triangle. so I really ought to sit here... I have things to do while staring at this foolish screen...


I hope Dana shows up--if he doesn't it's lynn’s fault.. Oh the joys of being president ---because the buck stops there...you need to be the first in and last to leave.... it doesn't matter why something happened whatever happens is your fault ----or your success----however most people just love to tell you all the things that go  wrong.. I don't know why anybody wants to be president of the United states there is some statistics like one in 10 gets shot at and there's a large percentage that get killed--percentage wise OSHA would never put it up with it.  There would be all sorts of rules ------as I suppose there are about guns and presidents.


Which brings to mind the latest shooting where 11 people died and certainly my sympathy goes out to those families involved.

what I zeroed in on was that you had one man with a gun who was disarmed by a very courageous man without a gun who was further assisted by a friend without a gun saving dozens of lives.  ---why can we not extrapolate that ratio to government control....one group with  guns becoming disarmed by  a larger  group without guns. Thus saving thousands of lives? In 99% of the shootings I remember, there has been only one where a guy with a gun was  where he needed to be with his gun and shot the bad guy. Then run that one by the school where you had  literally dozens of gun toting people who just did not even try.

So arming everyone does not seem to work either. 


Excitement here??? Not any yet... but Janine has lined up the purchase of a load of donkeys – probably totally wild donkeys—for us to train... on camera.... in preparation for a pack burro episode reset to october first....so I am now looking for scout leaders who want a fun outdoor project of teaching a bunch of wild donkeys to be tame( will take about 1 week and 50 pounds of carrots) and then to jog along with a person... that could take a while.... donkeys are ( usually) fun animals.


With any animals ( or humans) I am always afraid of the obsolute statement.

 Exceptions rule the roost—the “YES BUTTTT ” group.