Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013

good news-- great progress has been made with 57 and teal..

the latest from mandy ( 57's mom)

On Wed, 13 Mar 2013 19:40:18 -0400 (EDT), wrote:

I wanted to let you know that Peter met w/ Jocelyn's school today. Due to your letter, There will now be consequenses for anyone who talks,touches or says Teal's name at school. Jocelyn has to report daily on her ipad if she even hears his name mentioned in the hallways.Her ipad is will instantly alert us and the special ed coordinator of any issues! Peter is working on being Jocelyn's aid at school for a short period of time to observe and also work w/ Jocelyn and Teal in his DANGER ZONE! I'm not sure what will happen to the children who touch or talk to him yet. I have to say a VERY big "THANK YOU" Carlene to you, the SDP and all your supporters. It is very exhausting to have a physically challenged child. It can be a struggle to get the simplest tasks done. It means SO much for you, your amazing organization and supporter to have our back and help us be heard. I can't thank you enough.


me to mandy

i won't do the newspapers unless you say so.
what i had planned is to come up with megan on Thursday-- and see if we can think of anything from the dog's standpoint..

what i don't want to happen is for this superintnedent or principal to sluff it off-- he really was not helpful on the phone.

i want him to realize he is not going to toss jocelyn a crumb and think he can forget it.
instead of the "we will sue you" routine- i think if we have a bunch write him a thank you for attending to joc and teal's difficulties-
i think if he got a huge bunch of letters thanking him, the news would be positive-- and the SOB would see clearly that there are too many people behind joc annd teal for him to screw around. and a phone call from me to him would remind him to helpful.

i think it would make the next few months much easier for joc for us to be sweet and carry a big stick.

i have visions of a big pile of letters. he would not dare drop the topic


mandy to me

THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!! I will be writing to him as well. It seems funny that the even the principal had a bit of time to speak w/ Peter this morning about this. If you want to see Teal trying to enter his DANGER ZONE, I can meet you guys @ 11:45 at the school. Jocelyn will be heading to lunch at 12:00. We can hide in the stairway. Just let me know what you think. I will leave work for a little while tomorrow.

so that is the plan megan is to ggo there first thing 9:15 and meet 57 -- she lives up there- and anne will drive me up for the danger zone performance about 11:00 - and lunch-


there is no point writing letters telling th eschool what the law is...they hopefully know that---

what we want them to realize is there is a virtual army of people watching out for teal and 57-- so a pile of pink colored letters ought to make it obvious- after that, a simple phone call from the parents-- or one letter in a pink envelope should jar the school department into doing what is their legal responsibility..

it all needs to happen at once--- with pink envelopes straggling in from all the international friends -- as those straggle in, the response to each of those should magnify the original pile.-make sure the return address makes that clear.


so i will go there today. mandy said the principal had found time to speak to peter-- remember that prior to that first letter to the super.........the principal "did not have time for us"

i don't really want to speak to her-- and anne is with me to glare at me if i get out of hand....


the rest of the day

spoon and bag are ready for 3 pieces of stool from the nuppies... george wants a look

they had loose stool and have improoved without any meds -- in their case it could be simple overfeeding... but i will run with a bag to be slurried ( mashed up for one giardia test-- or whatever)

maria is here-- tracy is also-- somewhere--

the chuppies are in separate stalls and the muppies are 3 and 4 in the nutt house.

there was barking last night-- i was glad all were locked in... i am told there was a rabid fox in new hampshire last night

we have all had our rabies shots ( including me) except for the very young in the house.

but is certainly is a good time for some volunteer to run thru the records-- the kicker is...( it is not simple)

a rabies shot is good for one year... unless...

if a second shot is given between 9 to 12 months of the first, then that second shot is good for 3 years..


i thank all the people who have given me addresses of educational people -- and /or probono lawyers-- we may yet need them-- but in an effort to ease 57's daily life-- i think if we just let them know how many people are watching out for her-- the mission will be successful. and we can do that with positive pink envlopees-- then if needed.. we can call the sob and ask if she/he would like a pile of green ones to go to the press..

jocelyn and her parents are such nice people.

stay tuned...