Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013 - part 1

 have sent my letter to anne for her to look over...and then i will pass it along with the address of the principal and superintendent in a few moments in case you feel the urge  write and give them some idea..
i think you should keep your comments positive and helpful 
  i think the basic problem is they just don't know -.... so lets deal with that first..
 i saw only one case of bullying-- which is enough-- i did grab his arm and educate him-- that is almost a separate problem from people calling to teal.
 but once aware, i 90% of the staff will be very helpful-- and that is our goal
i don't think we have to go any higher.  if the super does nothing
- then we go with green  envelopes  to  the lawyers media and state
BUT I DO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD DO THAT NOW...  these pink envelopes are going to make the 2 people involved sit up and take notice.
this superintendent  Mike has responded to peter( father)  and offered to help-- slight problem - and i may be asking too much  but he offered to help at 7pm  and there  was no announcement made the next day-- which is asking alot-- but it is another day of teal trying to work and people calling his name.  bothe parents and i have asked for announcements to be made before--  
the wheels have been moving too slowly on this... I would like to see something in place by the first of the week..
the second "report "   in a couple hours will be more specific about what w saw
will send is specific details which could make joc' life easier
big observation  -- boy i would  rather train dogs than teenagers....
anne is  proof reading the dd to the super now.