Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013

firstly-- thank all of you who are helping with this
 "the world is watching"  pink envelope---- campaign-
  i already got an email from  mike hopkins who is the superintendent of th e rochester nh school system,- with his plans to stop bullyng jocelyn's  service dog.. TEAL---. well-- here  you all read my very first copy an d paste of the day.

Dear Carlene,

The announcement will be made over the PA on Monday. An announcement is universally ineffective in every school. The administrators will be going around to each classroom to talk with students, it will be put into the Howler, it will be discussed at the next staff meeting. I have asked the Positive Behavioral Support Team (PBIS) to consider how they might help students and staff understand the correct behavior in this incident.

so all these PINK  ENVELPOES with thank yous --  should keep the ball rolling.
he does say an announcement is "universally  ineffective" -- but a lack of an announcement doesn't stand even  a chance of getting the word out.
i have not heard from Valerie Mckenney ( princ of the rochester  nh   middle  school on brock street.
it certainly will be better for jocelyn - instead of    "just sit over there out of the way".
.it will show her how many people care about her.------ you can not stuff all of us in any corner i know of.
- well we will keep on it-- peter- from ny said he has a friend in the area who is a ex-policeman  and is  large.  i do think if i go gback  to speak to them in an assembly, it might be nice to have some absolute bulk with me- so it isn't 2 little old ladies anne and i. ...
jocelyn  may be a tiny little thing  but there is a lot of tonnage behind her.
i love that "the world is watching"  campaign... wow... i am anxiously awaiting for the photos of the post office in rochester nh next week.-
keep those pink envelopes coming....

next we need a campaign to get 57 pound jocelyn   to eat her broccili  at the school lunch----(altho i must admit i wouldn't eat it either.)
getting on with  the rest of life...
i need to get out walking with the dogs... oliver- according to megan is doing a super job with her-- but it remains to be seen how he will do with anyone else.  because of that... i need to walk...
and since i bsically gave up walking for the winter- and just deal with computer things.. i need to get in shape ( i use that term loosely)
to that end,  i chose  to wear my black sox this morning-and got 10 minutes worth of exercise putting them on.  they are stretch sox  made for socceer players  . earline bought them for me $14.  the reason she did was the sox that the doctor  said i should have were the exact thing except medicare would be billed $1234 for medical equipment.
they are terriffic sox-- as sox go- i mean at 75 years old, i have had a lot of experience putting on sox... but  i never have dealt with sox that are labeled   R  and   L.
i am very unhappy to report that i have put  them on the wrong feet and don't have th e stregnth to change them..  i burned 22 calories getting them on./.
this brings up another sticky subject-- ann getchell-- a friend of mine  who reads, writes, and spells things perfectly---, keeps telling me it is poor writing to use  extra words-- most offensive to her is HAVE..-- that last sentence "i have put them on the wrong feet-- should clearly- according to ann-- be i put them on the wrong feet. my appologies to anyone forced to interpret the meaning incorrectly.
perfection is expensive- and in many cases i am not sure why..  take Earline's ability to mINTAIN A PERFECT HAIRDOO amid all sorts of squalor.  people struggle to copy that perfect hairdo   --- I have never heard of anyone struggling to copy my hair do

annie is one of the 3 merle girls annie bella and maude born 2003- getting up there. we see bella often-- and last i heard maude went thru the panama canal on some cruise-- and spends summers in deer isle maine.
 annie had her annual physical. The vet was very please with how annie looked for being 9 and a half. She has two fatty lumps but nothing to worry about. Vet was immpresed with her calm behavor and how well she listened. Thank you so much for annie.. she is the best. She still alerts me for many things but sometimes she sleeps through. I think she is so used to the kids making noise she just sleeps through it. She loves her walks and running around the yard. Everyday she looks out the window until my daughter gets off the bus. She loves the kids and loves to paw at them for attention and hugs.
Thank u!
annual physical- a bit of strange language to me-- and i hate to agree with george-- but annie has always had the annual physical- and seems to survive  very nicely--  which made me wonder about this "pet insurance"--
paula was here last night-- she carries insurance  on her two- and it really paid off when one of her pups ate a sock to the tune of $1700 - which they paid. it might be something to look into-- vets are getting very expensive  ( sorry george)
this is how blue cross started with  medical dr.. sounds great and works well to start- but  15 years down the road and they are saying - see 15 patients per hour -- not 4-   and we will pay your $8 per patient for  a  office code 65830  unless you can justify code 65830b   and we will give you 80% of the $8. if you accept the assigned blue cross $6.40 we will send you the money-  if not we will send th money to the patient who will go to bermuda on your money.
somwhere along the way when i was computerizing tom's billing i calculated that for a $20 office visit, he was netting  $6.83  and the rest was office expense/paperwork. we were better off with gertrude who gave us a coffee can of home made beans every Saturday night.  she never got charged anythignng.
i don't know what my schedule is today       i would like to  go somewhere with oliver-
**********[Please stop sending  fudge and things.. the volunteers love it-- they come and go and enjoy a piece ior two
i sit around 24 hours/day  and eat the whole boxfull
this is a bad thing
beef has been delivered-- and we can plan on shreading it Sunday morning????  does that work  jack an d  steve???