Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013

firstly i would give a pretty penny to see what  if anything is happening at the post office in rochester nh right now.   things mailed Friday and Saturday might be coming in now... i would expect the bulk tues/wednesday...
mandy/peter  you wouldn't happen to know of anyone who works there??? 
  i must figure out the batteries on the 2 cameras.... explore's sony which says i have 176 minutes---- which i don't trust  and th egopro which says i have 56 minutes with the additional battery pack-
and i don't trust that one either.  experience comes from bad experiences.
my goal is to get enough film  for bob to sort into some meaningful video like he did the last one..- and to get that done aon a daily basis  so maria can take the memory cards home with her..
and william is due here this morning for brilliant ideas for next year's calendar
i am not sure i can do brilliant today--   kitty is supposed to join us-- she is a perfect loose ends person-- all those critical details that sometimes william and i  forget. like "it is past sundown.... getting dark"
maybe william can help with this  sony camera-- it is black like the rest of his cameras...
if not him... who???
 i have   one mpre [rpoblem  that needs more help every day.......... and i spent an hour on it yesterday.... this fool email   prints itself out size 10-- i need it in size 14 because of what looks like dog slobber on myu glasses-- i have been advised to try cleaning my glasses-- or having surgery-  neither appeals to me.- so increasing the print is the next option. 
can anyone help me??? with the exact directions.... yesterday i followed the exact aol  directions and  got no where 
i forgot-- it is snowing-- so i don't have time for the usual technology screwups of the day
the big dog news is the 3 nuppies have graduated to  what used to be called the living room (place with the fireplace)
they are really nice pups ( except for an ear infection....) 
lu - of east coast assistance dogs-- was here and told me she has a few dogs as  "facility dogs"  basically for places associated with weterans-- where they have a semi permant job as therapy dogs..-
that might be a great plan for these 3 pups.--
they have such good shape and size  we should keep our eye on them as breeding  dogs...and as facitilty dogs --  being the only dogs in  a residential situations they woul d not have to be neutered-- if they show no complications of being  left "entire"  
a good example is bumpy--  he has no interest in his sexuality ----- until necessary--- then he has perfect aim without wasting any time.
if those 3  prove to be like him, we should  keep them  working around here where we can find them ...   that would leave us 25 pups for next year... 7 + 8+10 --  a very respectable number   finished by the end of 2014 
and we have to keep thinking now of the following year... sounds strange but get your pencdils out... 
also chaos is either in heat or is getting a vag infection-- bently is fascinated
.......................'says a lot for the male instincts..
i must away to the plow..