Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28, 2013

I am late I had 2 letters to deal with, the first letter  complained about cropping tails and i had to get into the  topic  extremely painful whack on a is really bad -- crotch high.. plus a long tail caught in a car door is not painfree... a dane is about 6  feet long. eliminating 18" is not a bad thing in some cases..
the other is tha cesar milan is coming to lynn in July-- we should contact him and see if his crew would like to stop by for some very different dog exposure.
i wish people who complained about cropping done under anesthesai would get on the case of  towns who have leash  laws that do not provide fenced dog parks--- talk about cruel-- that condems dogs to  be restrained on a leash and never having a good run.
however--- animal opinions always go to the loudest- and sometimes some real thought is necessary
my daughter--- janine-- the horse daughter-- got in a bunch of trouble - apparently in usa today( or yesterday--- sometime)  for saying  we shoud rethink the outlawing of the slaughter of horses  which means they are then packed in impossible trucks and shipped to canada or mexico for slaughter in terrible conditions..  beter they be slaughtered in this country under controlled situations-- just as temple grandid did over the meat production industry... we need another good look.
too many people are caught in they can not  afford  to feed the horse- nor can they follow the rules about euthenizing and disposing of the  dead horse-- so  they tie the horse to a telephone pole and run-- the horse then ends up in the killerpens purchased  by meat buyers and hauled away to mexico.
at any rate she is in trouble for approving of slaughter  when there are 400,000 horses yearly that  have to be  eliminated somehow... starving them to death is not an option-- so i wonder what these horse people have  to suggest as a solution.
i think janine is working on a system to chip and id pet horses that could be rescued- much like dogs-
back to the dogs
also several voluneers have ahd several great ideas on the fundraising departmetn-- so many that i can not keep tracki of them myself---  maybe anne can HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP?
and  we have had  a  donation for a specific item--- i forget what that is called  except wonderful-- we can not buy another dryer. for the barn..
that will not increase the electric bill- because we were drying everything in the dryer in the laundry room...  just =saves volunteer energy..  and we could take down the scaffolding which has been our drying rack for th efluffies.
and we have someone  ( a school?) coming at noon to talk about something..