Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

i now understand what  "going viral" means
with george-- it is the  problem around here of loose stool ( bet you all didn't expect that)
and--- in keeping with our  "reality show " ---- you are going to get the details-----george's  current suggestion of meds does seem to be working--but  every day a new dog gets added to the list..  rather than doing a stool sample on each.. he suggested a slurry of poo---  so laura just went down with a plastic spoon and bag-- to make a collection before cleanup started..
i am soooo excited to report that the sample has some bulk to it... instead of the projectioe poos that are less than flat..  so there...
*the next going viral is on the internet..
somehow my wording went astray when i said we would be sorting out the 28 pups and seeing who might be  a fabulous failure-- that does not mean all 28 ( i certainly hope)  but i expect 1 or 2 will have something i can not put out as a service dog.  usually structural--
all  danes have some weird personality quirks--  the recipients just have to learn to live with those.
and the fabulous failures should still be "used" to entertain and educate  people in rehab hospitals or senior homes  etc.. as therapy dogs.
there are a few of you who mix service and therapy dogs.
service dogs are considered a piece of medical equipment and can go anywhere you can take a cane.  public access  --( their behaviro must be perfect or they can be thrown out of anywhere too,)  behaving correctly they go on planes in restaurants - everywhere-  by law.  and that law pertains to a professional  training one of them..-that is us.....
therapy dogs are well behaved pets who go by invitation to visit people in hospitals  nursing homes etc.  you do not waltz into a restaurant with a therapy dog.
there have been people who have bought vests on line and pretended to be service dogs.  last i knew there was an $11,000 fine to someone who tried that.-  
 public access was a long hard battle fought by the seeing eye - and deserves the utmost of respect.
the only other exciting thing today-- so far-- is i cleaned up a spot off the floor in my ( only ) room-
doesn't sound like much- but for the first time in my life there was only one spot.
 we are pretty well plowed-- knowing the weather was to warm up -- i just scratched some bare ground here and there with hopes the warmer weather will do the rest.. to enable  parking places...
there was a lot of snow  i would say 15 inches except  inches if snow is not really a fascinating topic...unlike  the consistancy of doggie doooo.
it is one of those cocktail conversations  like "blue towels were on sale last week at sears." 
absolutely useless.
we had quite a party here last night 
in the guest house.... 
gwen's friend from kenyon   chirs
maria so she didn't have to drive so early sat morn
 upstairs was adam
who's mother will join us tonight - with stanley her serv dog
and colleen2 was the puppy sitter.
i slept.
everybody is ready to celebrate the proposed 50 degree temp tomorrow...
which will mean cleaning up the t-tent - maybe even n iron pot of stew on the fire...-- which started the thing.
t- tent has become another overflow area...