Sunday, June 1, 2014

june 1 2014
i want to get down to the meat shack an setup  bfore too many people get here and tell me i can't do it that way

they are inclined to make fun of my building set ups with hay string

and i always worry that a racoon has gone into the chicken coop an killed qll the hens--  racoons are like that-- they just eat the heads--and can go thru a whole coop--
on a s#tty sunday that would be a bigger than normal disaster.

    When we saw this TeePee in Canada, I couldn't help but think of you and thought you might appreciate this picture. 
    We are doing great, and planning on a trip up to visit this summer. I wish we could get all of DD's siblings together for a group grown up shot and an opportunity to visit together as recipients of this amazing group of graduates; I realize this is a nearly impossible idea, but it would be fun.
    I am impressed with all of your forward progress with pups, farm/kennel updates, and improvements. You continue to amaze me; a real all around miracle worker despite your own health issues.  Thank you for your never ending efforts to supply freedom and joy to others.
    I also want to thank you again for this wonderful and sensitive companion. She is a marvel. In working as a team, at first, I wanted everyone to enjoy and appreciate DD. But, I have found that not allowing others to pet her while in public, although difficult, has increased her focus more on me and not so much on socializing with everyone she meets (moving her head and body in their direction and me off balance. We are doing great.  We may not be in the classroom, but are teaching the public daily.  
    Hope you are feeling better,
    Karen and DD