Wednesday, June 11, 2014

june 11, 2014
i am not at all happy about the fact that all the old-timers are getting  just that ...old.... thank heavens we have a very capable bunch of younger backs,hips, and shoulder joints who can slide into getting some very meaningful exercise program...

case in point....

 GE came and replaced  alot of the split rail fence-- causing a monster pile  of perfectly good firewood in the form of the old rails-- it is about the size of a mid size sedan..  and by deciding it was firewood- i   inadvertently put the burden on bud-- who for years has been the superb firewood producer...among other things... like  inspector of various fluids in vehicles-- oil in the tractors and water in the golf carts.
well , now he has decided his physical frame is not up to those jobs around here---

i am trying to convince him to come here and sit-- he is the only person on the property who can -- and does--  read  manuals and directions--- so i am hoping he will continue to do that. so the problem is we now need to  replace someone who is currently wasting their time lifting weights in some gym  when they could be  dealing with our firewood problem.... we h ave all the necessary saws and splitters...

greg---(   blue greg/gwen )- had the nerve to go and buy a motorcycle-- which takes all his extra time.... we were really dependent on him... he is a boxer-- and has great upper body stregnth.
i have great hopes for janine's boyfriend who is ... as i type.. riding his bicycle across the country with a bunch of veterans with handicaps-- for the 4th time.

so all of you camera people... know anyone who would think it fun to  do some of the heavy duty chores around here.??..

it pains me to see lines of people  using up calories lifting weights up and down-- up and down-- with nothing produced..
on the topic of janine's boyfriend..... he is landing in washington dc next week-- expecting to meet janine who has driven his truck down to meet him... janine has a conference to go to there...

the rest of the story is that she is driving there by way of ohio where she thinks she has found a donkey similar to mary-- there can never be another mary... but this donkey is driving the owner nuts because "everytime i turn around  he is right behind me" --- that has a familiar twang to it-- so janine is going to check it out- maybe adopt it -- so when wayne gets to washington dc-- his truck will be waiting for him with our trailer attached-- with a donkey in it.
if wayne is going to be associated with janine, he better get  used to it.  

janine also has a network of equine rescue people who might be able to ease the logistics of this project...  if not  i will call on you camera people in that area..
-- lotsa news. for the  daily doggie again today..
Just wanted to say hi. Khaki is doing great. The two of us have been in and out of the hospital taking care of my mother-in-law since Easter she is a very strong 94 completely with it and full of spunk. There is a great story to be told about Khaki and her, the hospital etc. Just to much to type. Carlene I also wanted you to know that So far my T shirts that I designed for your organization has 100.00 in it. (I'm hopeful it will continue to grow:) ! I hope all is well with everyone including all the puppies. Well off to take a blood pressure and pulse ox. Chat soon 

Marsha(bubbles) and Khaki.

what do you mean too much to type?????
that is unacceptable terminology-- these stories about  your dog is how all these volunteers get paid for all the hours they put in  picking up poo, cutting beef and folding laundry... so get back to that typewriter-- or if your mother-in -law is with it... give her the typewriter and you send whatever she produces--  to me.. her typos and spelling can not be worse than mine... we will deal.

my heavens ... did i say typewriter?????  what i meant was ... some device for the writing of type....

I rarely cry, but this morning I admit I did shed several tears on hearing of Luna's passing.  As you may or may not remember, Arrow is out of Luna and Thumper.  I know she lived a long life, my guess is 12 years but I'd like to know for sure.  I believe Thumper made it to 11, so my hopes are high that Arrow will make it at least that long.  Arrow will turn 7 on July 28th.  He's turning gray but hasn't slowed down a bit.

He continues to be a daily blessing.  A couple of weeks ago the MS Society here in Charlottesville put on a fundraising luncheon for about 230 people.  We had a wonderful speaker from California who delivered an inspiring message about making every day count, and how important relationships are in life.  As a co-chair of the event, I had to go up on the stage a couple of  times for short speaking parts.  Arrow got me up on the stage each time and waited patiently while I spoke, then got me back to my seat.  He used to be quite nervous in a crowded room, especially if there was the loud chatter of lots of women's voices.  He's not phased by it any more and takes a snooze any chance he gets.  He got lots of compliments from my friends about how well behaved and calm he was.

This last weekend my husband and I took care of our 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old granddaughters.  The older one loved to play with Arrow, throwing stuffed toys for him to catch, feeding him and giving him lots of hugs.  I can trust him completely around the little ones since he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body.  Even though he weighs 170, he moves cautiously when he is around them, careful not to knock into them.  A gentle giant for sure.

Take care,



A day in the life of Ivy and Betty Tingley. I am lucky to have Ivy to help me get out of bed in the morning. That brace she lets me do is such a big start to my day. Then, she helps me down the stairs without the fear of falling. Once down the stairs, she walks me into the kitchen so I can make my breakfast shake. After that, she will walk me into the living room so we can watch TV for a little bit. After that, whenever I get up from the sofa, she is right there to help me walk to wherever I need to go. Ivy and I are joined at the hip. She knows when I need help and is always there for me. During the course of the day, we go outside and she plays with the other dogs, Brady and Kaia. Kaia mostly. Brady is getting old and just loves to lay on the deck. When I emerge from the house onto the deck, Ivy will stop what she is doing and will run onto the deck to make sure that I am ok. If I want to walk around the backyard to check on all the flowers, Ivy is by my side so I can walk around without tripping or falling. Then when we come back into the house, she is rewarded with tons of hugs, kisses, and of course, treats. When I go into the shower in the evening, she will lay outside of the shower. If she thinks I am having a tough time, she pokes her whole head into the shower and will stay there until I am done. When I am done and dressed, she will take me into the living room. She will not get on the sofa until I am on the sofa and in her eyes, I am safe. She is my rock and my constant companion and I could not love any more that I already do. — feeling blessed.
the nutt house  now has a concrete floor and the yard is a total mess of pieces of old flooring etc...  doesn't sound like much but in an attempt to  create an easy care floor, i bought rubber matting-- it weighs a ton...   it will have a home somewhere-- like the floor of the trailer or horse stalls-- but to get it there... back to  the need for  another greg type person.

every morning the memsaic report is in my email box-- telling me who has bought bricks - and i can see we have many new names in addition to our old regulars.. buying whatever number of  bricks  you are comfortable buying is absolutely critical to our operation.
Altho having the pups online is such a great thing to amuse many people -- keep in mind our  real purpose is to produce service dogs like wendy, arrow,khaki, and ivy... sometimes  that gets lost in the shuffle.. 
so keep introducing new people to  our web-- and to the chicken  bricks that support us--

today's game?? dying monkey fists purple  and making the dye stay on the monkey fist -- i am told a salt solution--  ???