Saturday, June 14, 2014

june 14,2014


This is hard email to write, Tess has developed a problem . She kind of drags her feet  .  But doing this has worn down her toe nails. Could Tessa retire back to the "farm"  or to a home with someone associated with the SDP? One with a big yard so She won't have to walk on asphalt or cement sidewalks? She is such a good dog and it is killing me to have to write this letter to You. She has given me her all these few years I've had Her and continues to give all she's got regardless of her problem. Her Vet believes it is neurological in nature.  But it is unfair to Her to try and expect Her to keep my balance now that She is having problems with Her own. So I ask this with a very heavy heart. Sincerely Alan

i answered  of course...bring her down ( from western mass,) 
she is noel's sister---  thumper x  luna.
what is one more???
so i better get on the ball about finishing these kennels--- remember the nutt house  concrete is still curing-- and the barn is almost ready for the floor finishing.
which brings me to   ..

durall-- with their how to put on a garage floor videos...
have a look--- 23 steps---
i watched them all carefully

and then i thought these are new floors so i might be able to skip all the degreasing cleaning steps..
so i called them and a very nice man said  new concrete is worse... so  wait 4 weeks  and follow the directions.


plan is to  practice on the  meat shed...  with the product left over from the deagle i am lining up the equipment...
each step looks so simple..  they are excellent videos...
ha ! 

tracy's husband did the deagle house-- but he  was in for surgery yesterday so that is out.

 these pups are getting biggggggg. so big that we have to let them out to play in the rest of the house... and we have started the tiny milk bones on the floor to get them in a search mode  instead of attacking each other  for amusement....
cp mary  stayed on e more day to help out-- praises be !!
with megan out sick and kati on holiday, we have been short handed-

they are ready to start things  like the megan marches.... except this bunch has very  little tendency to follow each other-- so it may be a tough process...

if enough kids are here today we might try and move them 1/2 at a time on foot to the v pen..

so on it goes