Tuesday, June 17, 2014

june 17 2014
molly has megans nose...- megan has a super sniffer for dirt and molly seems the same...
the deagle house...i have one end with a ramp - theother with stairs  to the loft...

the offendiing area are the stairs ---- apparently a ramp is easier to keep clean--
problem is that by having stairs there it teaches these farm dogs to climb stiairs without needing a trainer to describe which foot goes wherre..

solution may be to use some plastic ( i.e. expensive) wood-- and then i noticed in the 23 videos that i have so far watched 
  part 12 minute 4.26.......
 that someone did the wooden stairs  with epoxy also...

moving along... 
fence is done, need to pick up the floor scrubber thing... and janine is taking the trailer with her to ohio to look over the supply of older donkeys-- especially the one that is driving the farm owner nuts beccause he follows him around consantly... sounds promising.. like mary...  we do need a mascot  ----tho we never coudl replace her... some donkeys are more personable than others...

i remember......
my son in law used to drive for th e buckeye donkeyball company- providing donkeys for basketball games between teachers and students etc in the gymnasium of schools... -- an extremely well run company--donkeys perfectly cared for...    that is how he came to meet us...came up the driveway one thanksgiving looking for a donkey farm where he could park his 10 donkeys for a few days  off-- and he never left.. many funny stories..  but on that one truck he had one donkey -- perfectly nice lovely animal -- named excedrine--   all these donkeys were carefully taught to buck people off by the neighborhood kids on the farm in ohio- they are very efficient if they choose to do that .. they put their heads down and there is nothing  in front of y ou.. the kids simply ride the donkeys and toss a carrot on the ground- as the donkey puts their head down the kids fall off..  the donks catch on very quickly...

each buckeye truck had a couple donkeys anyone could ride.. and at least on no one could stay on... but excedrine had an even better take-- she used to throw someone off then turn around showing her teeth and chase them well up into the bleachers.... it was a very funny show.  never caught anyone- but certainly could have...

in the summer they play softball-- hit the ball ---get on the donkey and try and get to first base... some donks just plodded in a straight line-- passing first and continuing into the back field....

there was only one injury i ever heard of... in Connecticut - some spectator got laughing so hard he had a heart attack...
 they were around  including new england for 50 odd years i think they are still in business around ohio---the founders son patrick- i think now runs it.  i know donkeys well-- fat healthy well cared for.... there were details like the halters were adjusted in such a way that no matter how you yanked on the "reins" it did not make the slightest difference to the donks.. they wandered around at will...  there was no reason for the animal rights people to get after them-- but they did --- so buckeye no longer comes to this area...

darn shame-- it was really funny.  polititians  vs the fire department    etc...  good sports..
no tracy today-- she has to pick up her husband from surgery in boston.... she may get back for mail call
got to get these guys out of here again today-- down to the v pen by the t tent... i thiink the camera operator can get them on camera occasionally..

the next problem with them is to split the group.-- too many for that one area

Greetings from Jeanine and Elsie!
Everyday I'm so very grateful to SDP for Elsie. So..
here's an Elsie up date.
Elsie is 21 months old now. People still recognize her as a "puppy" when they meet her. She's 115 lb.(ish) and a small female for a Dane.
About a month ago, rather suddenly, she seemed to make a maturity leap. For instance, shopping had been a work in progress, with each of us on a learning curve.
Until now, for instance if in a clothing store, my attention would be split between trying to choose an outfit and keeping an eye on Elsie, sort of like this:
-Is Elsie remaining in her "down-stay" position? Except...
-every time I move along the rack she has to move with me, and then resettle.
-Is she chewing on anything....anything, I am going to have to pay for?
-Does this dress make my ass look like Niagra Falls?
-Was she signaling me to pee?
Then all of a sudden, voila!, she's darn near perfect!
She seems to be more focused on "work" when we are out. I was trying to find a dress for a wedding recently. I am thrilled to report that she stayed right at my leg, moved with me seamlessly & even ignored a lady who spoke to her! Whatta girl!
It was such a nice outing.....and there have been others since. It seems like she got old enough to do what Megan taught her, without letting me get in the way, and we are great!
Elsie continues to keep me from landing on the floor. If I start to stumble or misstep she pushes against my leg which helps me re-balance. If I actually fall she jumps under me, braces her back like a board and catches me. I've only hit the ground twice since she came home on Nov 1. I'm really in awe of the training she received & absorbed.
So far, Elsie has been to a Broadway play, many restaurants, a grade school band concert and my annual physical....all using perfect manners.
I am one happy lady. She's the silver lining to my M.S.
So, those are our headlines.
Thanks SDP!
Have a Happy Sunday,
Jeanine & Elsie