Tuesday, June 24, 2014

june 24 2014
 i have not heard from the explore office about the pokerchips----i am not sure why--- i hope they do not object--i am hoping that fedexing on a sat overnight means tuesday delivery...

the donkey did arrive last night -- wayne and his 2 daughters said he was a perfect traveler...---  they arrived after i was in bed so i did not go see him-- the stall was all ready-- with fresh water and hay-- i did not leave his door open for outside-- so i want to go do that now....

thankfully i have cut and paste to fill this dd

 Since I know you don't Facebook or have the time for our rambling blog, so I thought I'd share my relatively short, recent post of just how great my partner is.
 There are many funny stories that go with having a Dane as a service companion. Last night I found a typical incident funny and shared it when I got back inside. Lauri asked me to share with Casper fans.
We have steps from our Condo to the sidewalk. I made it down 3; the fourth apparently was challenging my neurons last night. So, while Casper did his usual wait for me to gather myself and ask him to step down this lone 4th step, my body followed in one big lump and hit the ground. As I rolled over and chuckled he reached down from beside me looked at me as if to say, “What’d ya do that for”? Then he gave me a “smoosh”, this is the mandatory first step before any SDP dog picks up their handler, from what I know of other’s experiences hitting the deck. After that, I gathered his lead and correction collar from the pavement to put them back on; I pulled them off in the “crash”. He presented his head to the open loop of the chain and picked his head back up once around his neck. He then easily walked around in front of me and presented his brace.  This all happened while I chuckled and brushed myself off, no words or commands were exchanged, just a simple understanding and a constant willingness to help. He picked me up and we proceeded to our last walk of the night.
Dan & Casper
There’s a scene involving you that I will always remember: I watched you save a dog. I’m sure you’ve saved many over the years but that one was a miracle to witness. The seventh in the litter of what would be nine, she wasn’t moving and when she finally emerged, she wasn’t breathing. It was somewhere in that time that’s no longer dark  but not quite morning – 4:30 or so. You’d been up all night. I’d never seen someone so focused. Whatever you did  – I won’t call it magic because there was skill and know-how involved – you turned that pup from death’s door. She grew into a fantastic service dog (Elsie).
I want you to know that you did it again.  Indirectly this time, but you saved another one, nonetheless. Because of the wonderful organization that you’ve created in SDP, a wonderful community of followers has proven that their actions can make a difference. Here’s what happened: 

When Harry’s human, Beth, posted a message about a dog in need, the community of CPers rallied and saved the dog from death’s door.  This cross breed of who-knows-what was a day away from being euthanized – abandoned, living at the vet for a month, in need of a ligament repair. Within 24 hours, they’d raised the funds for her surgery and aftercare and a home was found. That last part was actually pretty easy: I asked Sir Thomas if he’d like a little sister (he so loved playing with Elsie on sleepovers as she grew up). But how to get this little girl that Beth named Maya up to MA from NC? Once again, the community rallied and a soon there was a long list of offers to drive various legs of the journey. CPers. She’s not my dog, she’s our dog.

Thanks for saving another one.