Monday, June 30, 2014

june 30 2014
30 days hath.... gone awfully quickly

in my mind's eye i had visions of all these renovations etc done by august--  and that just might happen
especially if david keeps going on the floor in the new kennel area..  he got the floor done in steve meat shack--- it still needs a perfect name--- and a coat of paint. 

name the shack???

i will solve the freezer question today-- we are ready--
i got no where with yesterday's projects..  so we try again today

there were alot of young kids here for stew-- and no one adhered to my rule of 5 feet from a 5 year old and 3 feet from a 3 year old    ---- there were no accidents-- but i was nervous- and there were so amny kids here i did not know who belonged to who... happily they all seemed to take  the correct ones home with them.. 
i kept thinking about one of my relatives who used to say "that is why you have your kids when you are young"   at appropriate moments...  maybe i should have a rule that families that bring kids to stew wear color coded shirts so i  can figure out who is who.

we did get a "look" at several of the applicants we needed to see.
and a good thing that was... i was sure one on the list was an older man with parkinsons and he was a 
young guy with war injury.
tess was here with sandy-- doing very well-- could be a perfect solution--- she as very little muscle tone in her back legs-- but i think she will get a litle more exercise at sandy's where the grassy area is 5 feet from her door.
and we have acquired another deaf family-- both parents   deaf   with 2 hearing high school kids needing community serv.
it is almost one of those "why now?  who sent them here?"   because with the problem of having to develop 2 hearing dogs-- i will need to be able o sign  with the  new  owners-- so i will get practice..

interestingly---- used to be you needed good grades for college-- then you needed good grades and money--- now y ou have to add community service in order to stand out from the crowd...  i kind of knew that when gwen applied to kenyon-- she could add the "project hope  circus" to her application.  she later found out  they noticed that....  
good college kenyon... i am told harvard is the kenyon of the east  .

lu came and got the old tractor--  i thought bud was going to cry when it left--- it has been such a relic around here... my logic?....  at any moment it could need $1000 repair which we would not do because we have  the "new" tractor.  that would leave us with a lump of iron   rusting  in the back---- it would cost us to get rid of it.  i have been there-- with both an old backhoe  and a cabbose.
it is working fine-- and  if it does develop a $1000 problem-- it will be well worth it for them to fix it.

also i owe lu a few--- she sponsored me in adi-- even tho she is a golden retriever type.

colleen 2 is back from florida---reporting sheila is just sitting around beaches and pools-- i hope her mind did not stagnate.. 
colleen will be helping with the finances.  she offered to fight with quicken  --- as long as we do not download from the bank-- that intruduces some very creative bookkeeping errors--- like duplicating a bunch of w/d checks that were paid electronically by the bank -- raises he// with the balance-- verizon and american express are only 2 who do that. quicken download also adds $285 to a deposit now and again, 

colleen is one of those "to the penny" types...  if allowed to do it's own thing with downloads, quicken  can be $20000 off--   it will be an interesting battle...  set for tuesday night.

and then there are problems ---like the board of directors-- we need to trim that up...  historically it has been any group sanding around here  looking for a free meal  when  i get the notice from the country club that i need to eat $800 worth of food in the next week or they will charge me anyway.
time to take that stuff seriously...  i hope theresa will stay on.