Monday, June 9, 2014

june 9,2014
i am happy to report all systems ( of the pups) are "Go " with the possible exception of victoria who seemed to have an issue in the  pee  department......

that is a new one
they were outside yesterday for sunday stew  in the pen i once put up for my grandson  because my daughter was afraid the dogs would knock him flat -- now at over 6'tall we no longer need the pen for him  so the pups enjoyed being  outside under umbrellas.
the 4 stedmans  were in the V pen--  they are getting bigger.... but i still worry about the hawks--- hence the  banners that make us look like a used car lot.
it is not just the hawks-- but i am told we have a nesting pair of eagles about 3 air miles from here... and this last week, if it wasn't an eagle, it was an awfully big hawk that flew over the chicken coop.
as for  chickens-- so far so good... we have lost one or two of the delivery of chicks... but the rest seem to be surviving...  we have them in a big dog crate  for their own protection  to start with..
now...... for the discussion.... i know perdue  brags about "raised without antibiotics"  and certainly mine are kept on plain grain and table scraps-- but i don't know of anyone who does not start the chicks for a week or so on "chick starter"  which is medicated..  i tried  not using it once .. and lost a bunch...  and i know you can not use it with ducklings--- but most chicks i know of are started on medicated for a couple weeks.  i actually never read the label...

i did finish the irs 990  reject letter..  my numbers were fine-- i had a few (3) yes/no problems.  the interesting part is in your reply you are to make a statement as to why you made the errors.
i could have had a field day with that one, but let it go with "failing eyesight" 

if i have learned one thing with dealing with the irs, it is to give them the answers they expect- and they go away.  all my numbers were fine and unchanged... it was all those tricky questions about tanning booths that i got wrong.

actually-- i have had a very reasonable relationship with the irs income tax part---our accountant once said  "i hope the irs audits you..  they would never believe this otherwise."
I did have  irs  trouble trying to become a 501 c 3  charity... i did not hire a lawyer but did it myself-- like  months of talking to someone in cinncinnatti- who just kept insisting on different answers.
it was difficult-- and to protect it  the yearly 990 is the required form.  which is posted somewhere for public to see...
now there  is an assignment for the cp's-- figure out where it is posted and be sure i am up to date
either  or  
without theresa  we are going to need help keeping track of STUFF.

the  critical piece  is the 33% rule..   the 990 goes thru all sorts of calculations  to prove that you, as a charity , have public support-... in fact  you must have 33% public support  after your first 5 years...
( thanks to the cp's and the chicken bricks  we are 86%  in 2013)

we buried  luna  under the pines with thumper david and mary-- . it is getting crowded up there at the rainbow bridge. 
she was bailey's sister ----tracy has another of bailey's sisters- still doing fine.

today's chores?
i have decided maybe  i am too old o pound  metal posts in... and digging holes with the tractor and  use wood posts  resorting to a bag of cemmet in the bottom  may be the way to go.

***barking??? we have a crew due here to pour cement today and i have to move dogs.