Thursday, December 22, 2016

dec 22 2016
 if you  go to an othhepedic doctor, they will find something wrong with your orthepedic , a surgeon will decide you need surgery and a internist type will give you a pill and  none would  notice that your face has turnnd green..well since that electrical accident i have been to a bunch-- but finally someone ( actua;y a cp !!) set me on to the correct line of thought.. aand yesterday i went to see a dr who at least understood the questions i had... he comes with impressive  diplomas on the wall--(i do read those...) he tested a bunch of stuff and did not give me any pills-decided i did not have the usual simple problem-  an said he'd look up my record-- this online stuff is great... but in  boston there are  ( i think )2 systems  lahey with thier    and the mass general cloud bit  which i think my daughter gwen is working on...  i am in both systems. any rate  at least someone is thinking outside the box.....  this is a good thing.  i already feel better.. 
speaking or reading walls.... i always did- and now i do even more... read the inspection certificate on the walls of elevators---it is shocking how outdated they are... and i do enjoy being (mentally)  shocked... because it is the responsibility of hte building inspectors to inspect those elevators..  making me wonder when THE  elevator was inspected... maybe that is worth a trip to the malden town hall-- i am sooooo fond of building you all well know.
it is fun to be on a crowded elevator and read the inspection cert and say  "do you folk realize this has not been inspected in 3 years?"  i do have my  fun...
huge rush today to get that harness off to china-- before any tarriff applies... i still maintain  china has a wonderful sysgtem in how to locate wht you are tryng to buy.. from my go around with the rubber balls of 30cm as opposed to 27 cm  which i needed for the 2" monkey fists to mr moon and the harness...  you would swear the only job he has in the world is to be sure we get everything we need to order from china..  i do not know of a system like that inteh US of A...  ?google?  i tried web harness and got a bunch of stuff like web design..
so.... international DHL seems to be the preferred... and i must go to a "mailing store"  to get the bags an dlabels..
other project of teh day-, switch dogs.... gussie comes to ht ekitchen and laine goes to the "nursery...  not gong to be easy  -- gussie has become very opinionated... about people and dogs... however we will cope.  i would like to banish  all the rest of the dogs to the back deck/"condo"  which would mean we could have access to any one dog at a time if gussie is fenced in the kitchen and laine is fenced itn he room.
several othere dog movenemt problems to solve... rushing

Merry Christmas Carlene, your gifts make to us, makes it a very merry and happy Christmas!
Hi Carlene
Merle and I are doing great!
Getting ready for our first Christmas together, got her stocking ready to be filled and went and picked out the live Christmas tree.  She was on point the whole time helping me with the terrain and keeping me steady.  

We also had a couple business trips recently to Ohio and DC. We got to show off her skills in a Federal building and all the people there were so respectful, they knew not to pet her or distract her.  She was perfect, everyone was amazed.  We sang the SDP praises as we answered questions and showed people and let them know a new litter was coming and to be on the lookout.  No issues with security or the metal detector, she sailed right through, but I guess with all the airports she is a pro now. 

The following week we drove to pick up my daughter Torri from Gallaudet.  Merle is such a great travel buddy, I couldn't do it without her.  

Say hi to everyone for us!
Staci & Merle
Hi Carlene,

This will be John and Jess's second Christmas together. Hard to believe! They are doing so well. It still amazes us how perceptive Jess is. She anticipates Johns movements and is quick to move in and provide support when she knows his balance is off. John's physical therapist was really impressed with Jess and how well she helps John - so she prepared some new routines for them both to follow and then we filmed them. The other day while walking on a sidewalk after the snow storm, John said, "Jess is guiding me around the slippery areas" which she was. It is fun to watch when John needs help getting up from a chair. Jess can be sound asleep, and he calls her and says "up Jess, brace". She wakes up, stands up, stretches (always stretches!) comes over in front of John and braces so He can hold on to her and get up, then she returns to her bed and goes right back to sleep. All in a days work! By now Jess has become somewhat of a celebrity in the local area, where many of the store and restaurant employees know her by name. 

It seems like it is said so much, but we will say it again. Thank you so much to ALL of the workers, trainers, volunteers, and CP's without whom SDP would not exist. Because of all your sacrifice and hard work people like our son John can have a higher quality of life, to say nothing of the extraordinary relationship with a special Great Dane from SDP. Words really can't describe just how wonderful it is. 

Merry Christmas to all from John, Jess, and the Taylor family.