Saturday, December 3, 2016

dec 3 2016
the calendars are a thing of beauty !

 william gets better and better every year...... i hate to say it.. again...
  i did last year at this time too... now why can't we start it in january 
 and  get  it done and "in the can' before dogfest? instad of the massive 
panic  to try and get it done before thankwsgiving...

i have always said the only thing of value that i learned at colby college 
was what a deadline was...  tuesday at 4pm  was tuesday at 4pm...
 and apparently  i didn't learn that too well either.
problem is to try and get the inspirations for the photo's-- i don't see any reason why all you camera people can't help woth that..
someone did send a bunch of donkeys in construction gear---  that has possibilities ... except...... william gets fussy
he wants photos where the danes "expressions"  or "situations"    come across in photos.
heaven knows this year's calendar  is a beaut !!  and the star  is  oscar..
it is oscar who is studying all the pups on the staircase, sitting on a paddleboard with devlin and draped as a  christmass tree.

he is the bailey of the photo world !!  
these photos are soooo good that i would like to make a yearly "string" of them so we can continue to enjoy them
i don't know on which wall-- because our walls are full-- but i will try...

now it is about  my left hand drawer...  for you newcommers 
 "GOLDIE  " is the Ghost Of the Lefthand Drawer  first  appearing as a terrible stench in the drawer
 which resisted all efforts to erase it  from murphys to chlorox to annesette--- 
and all of a sudden  she left--- only to return on  ocassion.  a few months ago she promoted    reproduction in the left hand drawer
when the scissors  all began carrying on  and  with only a 24 hour gestation period, every day there were more and more of them- til i finally  removed 8 of  them..
 now it is black gloves --- i don't know where the first fuzzy pair came from-- maybe normal migration.... but yesterday way  in teh back was the nest with 2 small leather  gloves 
i figure they are born without the fuzz and they  must  grow fuzz as they age... they certainly don't look like the parents.
fuzzy gloves most be  the natural enemy  of scissors --  because the scissors have all  left.
and then i got a notice from DHL--  we usually do UPS  USPS  FEDEX.. so a notice from DHL  stood out.  that is international---- tina organizes my harness project- and i knew she had just sent the sample of teh planet dog  harness revision away to china's mr moon... for approval- i initialy thought it was that sample being sent back for approval... then i noticed teh fine print  39 pounds--hmmmmm-- in 7 cartons... fearing mr moon had made 300 harness that we had not yet  apporved-  mr moon has been  impressively efficient  which is why i ordered from china.... i fact checked-- and the 39 pounds of 7 cartons came from thialand-- so it must be the puzzles that he said he coudl not guarentee til january...  i am not sure... but i think they are 500 piece puzzles of teh  ipswich fire department.. 

i had figured after christmas i would get jeff  ( our resident cabinett maker who made teh chicckne coopo)  to make  a cloth covered board on which to do puzzles with a piece of plexiglass which could be   bolted to it  to hold everything in place as it is moved around before completion... then bolted for real and be able to hang on the wall...  we hae some great puzled of the old calendatr pictures...  one on lmy wall is of bailey in the tree...  love it... an impossible 1000 piece puzzle delivered by  gusie's mom...

so it is back into the cellar to shift teh pile of calendars around so to make room for the  puzzles -- having already moved the great harness into their own lump.  
i don't know how we got into this... but janine has sold 80 books already-- typically she only has 40 printed so far-- and the name is not "helping horses"   
at the last minute it became "lost horses "  ( and donkeys)----  it is a  rescue manual of how to does have in it the funny story aobut janine with the donkey who  fell asleep on th elawn of some fancy house in Arlington VA... that was in her dogs donkeys and circus  book too.....  the dog book was alot funnier... teh lost horses is not a funny book... but 100% real-
it has her inspection of the carriage horse industry in  NYC    she equates those horses to city dwellers  just like the peole are city dwellers...  perfectly happy  and well cared for in their city. they often live to be 25 years old-- where a race horse rarely gets to 5 years old.  it is interesting  especially if you know horses.
my new routine... see how long this lasts... is to get my email computer stuff done by 9 and go down to the barn and pick up  poo in the donkey stall-- it is good exercise   that i am used to ...i just can  not get on that treadmil and get no where.  at least i will produce a better stall and  more likely a darker manure pile.
meaty steven is here today  and we did intend to start  a diet contest... right !

with all the camera people watching i figure it will be great incentive to go !
Dear Carlene, 
It was another wonderful day with my sweet Pixie. Then again how couldn't it be. My sweet girl helped me get to play w her outside and oh did she ever love it. Watching her run so gracefully was just amazing. I haven't been able to walk on the grass w uneven ground since forever and it was just the best feeling ever to know that I can do it w my Pixie helping me along the way😀 thank you so much. 
 She is loving her big back yard on free time. She had some company come over to visit her today one of my best friends and she was spoiled w a huge bone( probably weighs 15lb lol) and a new toy that she just loved. Pixie learned what cleaning day was to she wasn't to sure about the vacuum but she helped me along:) we had a few errands to run. She was a shining star while out and working to as usual.i think she's becoming a celebratory in my town👍. She's happily resting of course on me before its time for some bowling w kids for my sons school. #teampixie#

Carlene White