Friday, December 30, 2016

dec 30 2016
why am i destined to be haunted by the word SPELL??? most of you know my whole college career was focused onthe 500
words i needed to be able to spell corectly to graduate from colby college ( as a math major)-- for a long time i didn't dare write anything for fear i would sound like the fool for  not putting E before I except after C--- i have suffered with the new world of spell checker changing my words to what this machine often thinks i meant to type-- my spell checker had to be dismantled-- but  now..this devious internet found a new way....

daily i get 10 to 20 emails from one or 2 people who's husbands left them for a younger woman that he takes to california where thye used to go on their wedding and she wants him back and goes to a spell caster -- a dr xxxxxx who will  cast a spell and brings the sob back to her fron door begging for forgiveness..  and the subject line alway contains a quote from a daily doggie- so i am blindsided...

i have tried the  spam  word blocker and when you go thru a ll the stories of all these women saved by the spell caster  the only word common to all is  SPELL--- which means if i block that word spell...  i might miss anyone trying to be helpful- or comical .. so i decided to block  CAST  --
i figured i had it made... and  then  linda brok her arm- and people began to talk about her cast... i  can't win...
no cut and paste----
to college or not to college that is the question--
  i have serious questions about it's worth- other than to add 4 years before you get turned loose on the community.  i worked for a company for 19 years before they knew i had a college degree.... i am not convinced a college degree is worth the $250,000 investment  that it costs now...  after 4 years -- other than that darn spelling test,-- i know i learned what a deadline was  . tuesday at 4pm was tuesday at 4pm.   seems a waste of time to me... i know mike rowe ( dirty jobs) has alot to say about  college degrees that i am in agreement with.

maybe  the story of how the company for which i worked learned of my degree is worth telling..
th company--the Want Advertiser- was basically ebay in printed form-- published weekly-  for the 19 years, i managed teh northern area around boston.basically i guarenteed i would manage the people who would distribute to the stores on TUESDAY and get all the money and charge stuff in to them by friday noon.... most of the time, that meant a frantic friday morning running aroung the farm looking for the brown bags of money and reciepts that 20 delivery people had left somewhere..if all went well- people stayed healthy and no blizzards... i didn't do much, and it paid well. 

time was...  computers came into being and i bought one and did all my returns on tthe computer.. i had learned somewhere to program and it ws easy. after thes 19 years, the  president called a meeting- to look over records-- whatever --- and to compare my  north  results to those  of teh southern area.. done very officially by an accountant ( can you tell where this is going???)  He showed up with briefcase, polished shoes and blue suit.. with an ibm printout maybe ½ inch thick-- the kind with holes along th esides th at you flipped around... i was in blue jeans and i had put all the information  i thought would be necessary to answer any question on one sheet of paper folded in my back pocket.  as this accountant was going on and on,  maybe it was the first "goldie" appearence, but i happended to knotice his total sales of   $123429.87 - i didn't even pull out my paper... but said--" that report is wrong... i don't know why it is wrong  but i can prove it in 25 words or less.."   the book wholesaled for $.86 and there was nothing you could multiply times 86 to get a number ending in a odd number.
so they gave me the job for the entire north and south-- and that is why i had the money to build the barn, arena,and guest house-- along with sending 2 kids to college.. it is also why  i know the location of every small variety store north of boston.
it was a fun job for another 11 years...... it certainly did not get in the way of my other lives...

there are many funny stories about delivering magazines ....a couple priceless ones...