Sunday, May 10, 2020

may 10 2020
HOUSES--  getting down to bare necessities,  you need   warm, dry, running water... anything else means  higher taxes.. the addition of electricity means you can then aquire all sorts of things  that will  then  malfunction. break down or catch fire.  if you have been exposed to one of those $77,000 per year "educational institutions,"  you might be convinced to buy. all manner of things " to make a place that won't disgrace our house and garden friends" a boat... which will give you the excitement of  trying to live in a warm dry closet  that floats... hopefully. .....  if you ignore a boat long enough it will just slowly rot away... as opposed to  getting a horse to which you must attend at least once a day,,  rate of rot would be considerabley faster.  if you aquire enough #$%^& you will be forced to hire people to keep it all running... while you go on safari    while the folk you hired to care for your collection sip ice tea and watch teh "mini safari"  of chipmunks and squirrels.  it is all relative.

my mother told me-- and i never checked up on this but ----   the latin word for  a bunch of  stuff,.. luggage.. baggage  impedimenta  because it all impedes your progress.----   so much for my 2 uears of latin.
for instance-- 10 am... i decide to go get in my car... i have to deal with 3 large dogs who know the word  CAR really well' so once they are loaded inthe back.. i notice ..i don't have my cell phone-- i go back... tehn i go vback for my water bottle and go back for the paperwork i am supposed to be reading... sometimes it is noon befor my rear end hits teh drivers seat.  

talk about forgetting things....... since this is mothers day.....

i remember  when my 2 kids were maybe 3 and 5?  i was  out delivering magazines and needed gas.. so i stopped in a station wherte i knew the owner... his wife came over to tqalk.. and invited the kids to come for some cookies she had just baked...   i filled trhe tank .. and ... you got it... drove away.. i was gone quite a wuile when i began to try and remember who i had  babysittubg at home... it was a while before i  remembered teh gast stationand cookies... .the wife was very nice about it.. and for years told the story saying "i knew she would remember everntually" .
it is very difficult to plan for the future  to put it milddly...   per ADI, we are supposed to have a 5 year plan...  ...    all these financial people want a "5 year plan"  i have always had a terrib le time with gtrying to come up with whayt these accountant types   --expect...  best i can do is just copy someone else's..  since my long term plans rarely go much further than  a month or two.  
here's a  true statemetn..... back when i wqs "joining  ADI, i needed business plans,   by laws and a bunch of things a s a dog trainer i never even heard of...- a friend... in adi.. said " just copy mine"   .. which i did...  that was 2003 and it served th epurpose til  this new board of dire4ctorea who decided to read them !
can you imagine the audacity ?   it worked fine for 15 years   why change it now...??
as far as i can get is  may is in heat.... let us pray for tigger's success next week...  having pups is a statement that  i do believe we eventually will gety over this...
probably not until we have a vaccine??? but thagt is how far in the future we have to plan. 
 the oitetr excitrement is garace ahas a baby chicken epoisode going in on e of the kenbnbels in the icu house....